Tuesday, 13 March 2012

LMFF National Graduate Showcase March 2012

bolte bridge

Last Friday I was chuffed to have a look at the LMFF National Graduate Showcase. I was really looking forward to this, as it is a great chance to see new talent show what they can do before the working world constraints kick in. Here we have a chance to see some strong conceptual work with lots of personality, as well as the exciting looks and styles that could be on our horizons.

With the incredible popularity of Mary Katrantzou – whose work I love, and yes, I really wanted the pheasant dress she did for Topshop, but it was sold out in my size, so sad! – it’s no surprise that dramatic shapes and bold prints are flowing through fashion veins at the moment. Here are the designers whose work I’d like to share with you.

This jacket by Natalia Grzybowski immediately caught my eye. The full peplum-like frill is a great shape that I would love to wear, and the natural world print reminded me of scientific or biological diagrams, bought to life with colour.

Amelia Agosta’s work featured sculpted silhouettes, created using layers of fabric. I thought this dress was really striking, and the demure pale pink and black neckline with the out-there skirt was most appealing – I’d love to know what it looks like on.

More shape and colour from Anna Langdon, whose amazing work referenced Australiana and traditional folklore. I thought these large, curved shoulders with the embroidery were beautiful.

Laura HuiShan Li presented Wind Blown, inspired by the feeling of wind on the skin. The contrast between the toughness usually associated with leather, and the delicate, flowing shapes created with it was fascinating, and impressive.

Juyoung Seo’s intricate work referenced the structure and detail of flora. Individual petals, constructed from layers of different fabrics and detailed with strands of thread, were layered, soft and ethereal.

I loved the knits of Chris Ran Lin. Using both traditional and modern methods, I though they made a great looking showpiece, and the use of the chunky cable-like shapes would look great on everyday pieces, too.


poppykettle said...

Natalie's jacket is just amazing. The pattern matching blows me away! And the rolling folds of the peplum are incredible - I'd love to know how she achieved this. Gorgeous!

Meg Eileen Carroll said...

my favourite of these would have to be the big shoulders. not only are the sleeves awesome, but the decorative flowers are so charming.


Sell WoW Account said...

the jacket by Natalia Grzybowski is really beautiful. i really want to own it. hehe

Mrs Amber Apple said...

that shade of blue is beautiful on the jacket by Natalia Grzynowski! the embroidery detail on the Anna Langdon top is beautiful too! Seems like a lovely trip!

Kit said...

Wow, so much talent! I really like the embroidery inspired by Australian folklore, it took me a moment to spot the kangaroo, which makes it even more beautiful

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

*swoons* some fantastic stuff there.

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I'm loving the different textures.

Miss Bias said...

How amazing was this show?!! This is my favourite show of fashion week. I am in awe of the concepts and creativity that these upcoming designers come up with. Incredible stuff. So inspiring!

Miss Bias : )

MarieBayArea said...

These are truly works of art. Spectacular!

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