Thursday, 29 March 2012

makeup review – bourjois (foundation, mascara liquid eyeliner, highlighter and lipstick)

bourjois makeup me
A little while ago I was sent some Bourjois makeup to try. I've been a fan of Bourjois since my late teens and used to collect their eyeshadows and nail varnishes (I loved the packaging as well as the product) and was excited to have the chance to try more from their range.

These are some of my picks of the bunch, and I have been using them a lot recently. There are some pleasant surprises here, too!

bourjois foundation
FOUNDATION flower perfection in 51 light vanilla
And I am starting with the biggest surprise! I hadn't been using much foundation – just sunscreen and powder – over the summer, as it was too hot to wear it. As nice as it was to use lighter coverage, I have enjoyed getting back to a more made-up finish. The reason this is a surprise? The shade is light enough! It could be due to end-of-summer tanning, however minimal it may be, but this shade is perfect for me. The foundation itself is great, too – good, smooth coverage and a nice texture and finish to it. It goes on very easily and blends well.

Cons? The sponge applicator is really good for most of the face – it's very silky – but it's too small to get into tighter spots ie next to the nose. Also it falls out of the lid if the bottle is on its side. Perhaps if the sponge was deeper it could handle contours better?

bourjois highlighter powder
HIGHLIGHTER blush duo effect sculpter
I just used the highlighter here. Vingtage makeup is so often described as completely matte, but there was a lot of shimmer used in certain decades, too. Marylin Monroe was definitely one to shine! I used a light dusting of highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones and it gave a natural glowing effect. Lovely to use.

Cons? I love that this comes with its own brush and built in mirror – huge pluses for me. If I'm being picky... it only has one brush for two different shades, and two would of course be ideal!

bourjois liquid eyeliner
LIQUID EYELINER liner feutre ultra black
I love this liner. It's a felt tip one, which put me off initially, as I've used felt tips ones before and found they scraped off more product than they put on. This one is much better, and goes on evenly and smoothly. It is also really black. In fact it feels just like a texta (felt tip pen) to use, which is really quite satisfying! It would be good for beginners, too.

Cons? It is not at all tear-proof! I was wearing it the other week and had something in my eye that made my eye not water, exactly, but I had to blink a lot for a bit – do you know what I mean? It made the eyeliner smudge, or, rather, transfer onto my upper eyelid from all the blinking. I've worn it a lot since then and haven't had any issues, but it is worth mentioning!

bourjois mascara
MASCARA volume glamour max definition max black
Great mascara, super volume and thickness. Perfect for those 1960's looks if you layer it up, too! I only use one coat, and it is quite a thick mascara, so it does give a made up finish – which is exactly what I want. It is great, too, for use without liquid liner, as it gives enough definition to make up for the lack of that black line when you are used to very defined eyes. Stays put.

Cons? Is definitely on the thicker side, so I do need to brush it through well to avoid clumpage. I like it though, it feels very Brigitte Bardot!

bourjois lipstick
LIPSTICK sweet kiss rouge glamour
Absolutely love this! It arrived in perfect time for my red hair, and is a great shade for red heads. It is still blue based, but a little warmer – peachier – than my Lime Crime one, which looks a lot more blue, and therefore pink, on me since leaving the raven hair behind. Creamy texture, stays on well, and feels really good to use.

Cons? I need to reapply fairly often, as it is not as pigment-rich as my other lipsticks. Also, I really don't like the packaging for this! Sorry Bourjois, you usually get it so right! It is big and clunky and I don't like the opening mechanism; I'm an old fashioned girl in so many ways and the good old tube works fine for me. It is also a little bigger to carry around in lipstick cases, which is not ideal. It just feels a bit gimmicky, rather than unique and cute, like Bourjois packaging usually is. Still, the product itself is really good.

I used these products with my own concealer, eyebrow pencil, lip liner, eyeshadows and blusher. They are part of my daily makeup now!


faith said...

Seeing as I'm guessing the Bourjois is cheaper than the Laura Mercier foundation I'm currently using (I'm just as pale as you which is why I'm using the same foundation, MAC's NC15 was just getting far too orange for me), I'm definitely going to check it out. Do you know if there's a matching concealer? I have real concealer issues because I suffer from dry, irritated skin and also acne which don't make for a great combination when it comes to make-up! Even with copious amounts of primer, I still end up looking scaly.

Emma Litton said...

Lovely reviews! Everything looks beautiful on you.


Mabel said...

I wish we had this brand in the U.S.! My favortie YouTube beauty guru always uses this brand. You look beautiful :)

Mabel Time

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Nice liquid eyeliner.

Mrs Amber Apple said...

i couldn't help but notice your beautiful tea cup! i love it!

I've never heard of this brand, but perhaps it's not available in the US? thanks for a thorough review! it's nice to know the pros and cons :)

Vixenlady89 said...

love your haircolor!what is the name of color?

esme and the lane way said...

faith: concealers are so difficult! I'm using a Laura Mercier one and the YSL toche eclat at the moment, but the Laura Mercier one might be a bit too orange? Good luck :)

Vixenlady89: thanks! I'm not sure, I don't think it has a name!

sweet harvest moon said...

Bourjois has always been in my make up kit, love the brand,they really make amazing products!
Great post!

Olga said...

I love Bourjois cosmetic:)lovely red lipstick too!

esme and the lane way said...

faith: sorry, I meant to also say in my last reply that I'm not sure if there is a matching concealer, but I hope so! I'll have a look this week and let you know :)

esme and the lane way said...

faith: sorry, I meant to also say in my last reply that I'm not sure if there is a matching concealer, but I hope so! I'll have a look this week and let you know :)

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