Thursday, 19 April 2012

dinner on saturday with oysters and sparklers and the stripiest socks and one very familiar dress

vintage dresses
On Saturday I had a nice breakfast, took photos for a review and a giveaway, as you know well! I then went out to dinner. I think I have exhausted my summer clothes now, as although we are halfway through Autumn (!) it is still warm enough for summer clothes – in fact, it's the perfect summer weather now, for me!. I know I have worn all of my summery things sooo many times, and sometimes it's hard to chose what to wear, even from a full wardrobe. Some of these are summery but only good when it cools down even more here; that's Melbourne for you! It's still a bit too warm for my 1930s and 1940s rayon dresses, and I can't wait to wear them. Anyway, I said I'd get lots of wear out of my asos gingham dress and I was right! Definitely a good buy. I wore it with my floral wedges, which I love so much.
gingham dress a gingham dress
My friend is an amazing cook. I am learning to take photos in artificial light, and I don't think my camera likes it very much! Getting the white balance right is a challenge, but one I accept! I hope to get better though, as I want to share things that happen after dark, too. So, to start, we had oysters. I used to hate oysters, and any seafood really, but dinner with these friends got me on to fresh, straight up oysters, just with a squeeze of lemon. They are a favourite now. This plate was for the five of us... and it didn't take us long to eat them all!
I can get through a few...
oysters a
Of course they go very well with champange.
champagne a gemima puddleduck
A surprise friend from England! I used to read about her when I was little.
pork belly pmmegranate salad
And the main course – pork belly and pomegranate salad! Delicious. Thanks Miss J!
stripy socks
It got colder at night than I expected, so my friend lent me some socks. I think I need my own stripy socks in my life now. Complete with individual toes. It feels better than expected. I might just put them in a style post! Or I might not. We'll see ;) I do need new slippers for winter, though... and that is something I will post about! Note that there is nothing weird going on with my little right toe, I just hadn't put the socks on properly..!

After dinner there were sparklers, which are something of a tradition for us, and I took my camera with us outside but was to enthralled with making sparkly swirls to take any pictures... I'm easily entranced. Then there was an AMAZING dessert, too, but by this point my camera was well and truly done for the night. And that was my lovely Saturday!


Beck said...

Your dress has such a unique cut!! Love it.
xo Beck

P.S You're brave to eat oysters. I live in a town famous for it's oysters but they're one thing I've never been able to eat!

Hannah said...

Adorable dress, I envy the weather you get! I do not like seafood, wish I did but not quite grownup enough yet hah xxx

markedbeautyblog said...

Oysters, yum!! I also just want to dive into your clothes, haha!
Sharleena xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Esme!
I would love to see a post that showed us the rest of your home! I understand if it seems a bit intrusive, but I'm sure your decor style is in keeping with your fashion style!
Love and Peace,

LandGirl1980 said...

Ahhhh - good old toe socks!!! I have several pairs of these for winter use. They freak The Beard out. He says seeing toes in socks is "just not right".

esme and the lane way said...

BeckL brave, no, fresh oysters, nice small ones, are truly amazing! And I'm not a seafood person! :)

Hannah: it's nice but I miss snow! hehe I think it's coz we're lucky to have really, really fresh seafood here, that doesn't have that fishy taste, unlike what I grew up with in the UK..? Still can't eat most fish though, yuck! ;)

Hannah: see, it's an AUS thing! :D

Evangeline: Hiya, I was just thinking about doing that and took some pics already, so I will do some soon!

LandGirl1980: haha that's funny! They are a bit odd looking but aren't they so warm???!!! :D

Lynn said...

Sounds like a lovely time. A special friend in my life has recently gotten me to eating oysters. It's a slow wade out into a water I did not like before, but I find I am enjoying oysters too! Love the socks, They are fun with flip-flops.


Anonymous said...

That's so good to hear! Look forward to it :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

Sock toes are such a blast. I'd gone about 25 years of my life without every trying them, but then a couple of years ago a friend from Hong Kong sent me a cute pink pair for Christmas. Needless to say, I've lived in them both winters ever since! :)

You look so lovely in the gingham dress. I adore red and white gingham, too, and have both a skirt and dress in the same shades of this classic pattern.

Wishing you a gorgeous day,
♥ Jessica

Adele said...

So envious of your wardrobe...
You always look so polished! What's your secret?!

megannielsen said...

heheehe oh my gosh i laughed so much when i saw the socks!! Mostly because of the the right little toe hehe yup i think we all need some toe socks now :)

Meanwhile, i love that dress - the two different size ginghams works so nicely together!

In The Heyday said...

Lots of lovely prints in your wardrobe...Swoon!

The Dainty Dolls House said... all these bits and pieces!! You look radiant as well..stunning!! I found you glad I did, I love your posts..I hope you have a super weekend doll!! xx

Margaux said...

This is the most wondeful dress ever!! :-)
Ypur blog is so perfect !!!

Evil Lyn said...

OMG I had no idea you´re a red head now! Looks beautiful on you! I also went back from black to red again. Now we can share red-hair-advises:)
Evil Lyn

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