Wednesday, 16 May 2012

it's nice that the post isn't always bills

bow suspender tights asos purple parcel special stamp
Yesterday I had three parcels in the post. So much nicer than boring old bills and those ugly pizza menus from places I will never order from. The first: several pairs of tights that I bought from Asos – all suspender styles of some sort. I love these with the bow and the pretend straps. And then two gifts that are going to be a bit more mysterious, at least for now. One in lovely lavender packaging (which is a clue!) and the other with a cool stamp. I will have to show you what they are very soon!


Alli said...

Love the stockings:)
And can't wait to see what the other two are.....the suspense is killing me! Lol. Wish I had pretty parcels in the post....lucky thing!

Sharleena Bramley said...

The title of this post made me giggle :)
Lovely tights!

Sharleena xx

Natalie Mulford said...


vio said...

it's so funny!
"tengelmann" is a german supermarket! :)

// take a look: *MICROPHONEHEART.

Lynn said...

Ohhh, a mystery! Isn't it fun to get packages? Have a lovely day!


januarysublime said...

We agree, it is so fun getting post that aren't bills.
Ours mainly consist of good luck cards at the moment amidst our exam period!
JS xx

Debs said...

Intriguing :)

Dasha Gold said...

Didn't get to chat to you sweets, you were sitting right in front of me at Fashionopolis :) Just wanted to let you know I love your blog and I am following you on twitter xx

esme and the lane way said...

Natalie Mulford: hehe oh maybe, maybe..!

vio: haha really?! That is funny!

januarysublime: ugh, good luck with those! Stressful time! It's so nice when it's all over :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

Those stockings are so wonderfully pretty! With the currency exchange difference, I've never ordered from Asos before, but knowing that they stock such cute hosiery, I might have to rethink that stance :)

Wishing you a gorgeous Thursday,
♥ Jessica

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