Tuesday, 29 May 2012

my May

instagram may12 a
Here is the month of May as seen through my phone. I love Instagram and think I need to take more pictures for it! Here's what I've been up to that I haven't shot with the "Big Camera"...

We had some absolutely beautiful Autumn days here in Melbourne. I remember this one in particular as it was an especially good day for me, but more about that another time! I have been relishing wearing mustard now I have the double header of Autumn and Being A Red Head – yes, it deserves capitals, it's a thing and it changes so much when it comes to good colours for me in clothes and makeup. I am having a ball with it!

instagram may12 b
I am very pleased to find I can still wear pink. I got a new pink pot plant, and a new grass green rug from Ikea. The plant doesn't live there any more – the middle of the floor is hardly ideal – but for a while we used plants to hold down the edges of the rug as they were still curly from being rolled up (trip count: two by me, none by John – and I'm usually so sure footed!) and it was like an indoor garden. Lovely.
instagram may12 c
I went to Fashionopolis (thank you Nuffnang!) and loved the unusual flower arrangements. The eggs on the grass were so unexpected and such a good touch! The next week I saw this beautiful basket full of flowers. Wouldn't it be nice to take that home?
instagram may12 d
That same weekend I was prepared for the rain, and had the most amazing breakfast. Possibly my best breakfast experience ever. Even better than usual!
instagram may12 e
And last weekend I bought the most amazing vintage apron from Dear Gladys in Northcote. I feel a post coming on..! I also saw these amazing Art Nouveau tiles on a shop front. Aren't they beautiful? Makes me wish I lived in an older house (more than I already do!) and could unleash my love of this kind of thing a little more than I currently can in my mid century modern home...

And that's been my May! Are you on Instagram? Come and follow me, I'm laneway_esme. I promise I'll take more pictures, too!


Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

Sigh, if only I could create that eye in your second picture! Lovely!

Marie @
Lemondrop ViNtAge

Melissa Jaine said...

Beautiful sweetheart!
And yes, Instagram is *rather* addictive :)

angelaseeangelablog said...

I love your apron! Gorgeous photos darling. Too bad I have a blackberry not iphone, instagram seems like a lot of fun!


Sara said...

Nice photos! and that yellow pussy bow blouse is so cute !

autumn, coffee and inspiration

Debs said...

Great May shots :)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh what a glorious month in pictures dear woman, yes there's nothing like a first class brekkie to set you up for the day and I love you in pink with the red hair:)). I'm desireedares on Instagram - I'll pop over and follow:) xx

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Super-cute pics of you esp the apron and hoos ones.

Ugh, I am so lazy and techonogically (yes, that's how I spell it) challenged, I have to work it out/set it up eventually - Instagram, that is.


Peachy Keen said...

Great pictures, I'll be sure to find you.


Hannah said...

Yeah I am addicted to instagram, love your snaps xxx

Martina Visnjic art said...

Beautiful pictures. That apron is so cute!

Lady Jardin - Vintage Views of the South Coast said...

Lovely photos! I might have to go see if I can get it on my phone now, bit behind with those things! heh

By the way, I've just given you the 'One Lovely Blog Award' over on mine:


It's a way of me saying thank you for sharing all your beautiful pictures and keeping me motivated to make an effort on the cold dark winter mornings we've just shrugged off in England (finally sunny again!). I'm sorry I've not been able to comment much over the last few months (crippled hands to blame) and wanted to let you knwo I had been reading and enjoying it greatly! So a very big thank you to you, all the wayy from sunny Brighton in the UK.


Jessica Cangiano said...

Fantastic roundup of shots! I can't decide which one I love more, the gingham apron or the hooded raincoat (your curls there are gorgeous!!!).

♥ Jessica

Sarah Dee said...

I'm following you on instagram! I love your pics ;) My name is dottidee


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