Wednesday, 2 May 2012

a saturday, a red vintage dress and a helpful cat

red vintage saturday flowers b
Ok, I know we are now halfway through the week – happy hump day! – but here I am catching up from last Saturday. At least we can think about the Saturday coming up, as it's not too too far away!
red vintage saturday kiss red vintage saturday smile
As you know, I tried wearing a pale pink lipgloss instead of my usual bold lip colour. It just felt right. I also wore my red, pink and autumn-y shades 1950s dress, with the buttons at the midriff, and my floral wedges. It was a bit warmer than expected, and, after such a cold, rainy and grey week, it was nice to celebrate a bit of warmth and sunshine. We went out for breakfast (at around lunchtime, but hey, we're not going to get picky, right?!). Don't pay any attention to my roots!
mixed business lattes
And this is the best way to start Saturday.
red vintage saturday breakfast
Especially when followed soon after with mushrooms on toast. And even more so when sitting in the sun! Yes, even I do it sometimes. It's so lovely when we're well out of summer and it's actually pleasant.
red vintage saturday mushrooms
Mushrooms, hazelnuts, rocket, and, I think, goats cheese. Yum.
red vintage saturday beef sandwich
But I did have food envy for John's roast beef sandwich. I also had a bite of it. It's alright, he got some mushrooms. Fair's fair.
red vintage saturday leaf
The leaves in the courtyard were most obliging and placed themselves in just the right spots, coordinating with us perfectly. Nice one, leaf.
red vintage saturday skirt
I love this dress. Abolutely one of my favourites. You know how I was mentioning dress types yesterday? This is another one for me: full skirted 1950s and 1960s dress in colourful prints. I keep almost buying more pink and red ones... This one has been shortened (not by me, by a previous owner) which I really like for winter, but I do like the orignal lengths, too. I only have one red dress like this at the moment, and it's lonely! I forgot to bring my lipgloss along so I had matte lips. Boo.
red vintage saturday eeee
But one is always serene and composed when wearing vintage.
red vintage saturday cute half table
Cute half table on the way home.
red vintage saturday babycat helps red vintage saturday flower vase
Babycat helped me pop the flowers in vases. She's very good like that.
red vintage saturday table house
We were having some family over for afternoon coffee and cakes (which is why I'd been baking brownies, chocolate biscuits, cupcakes and scones. The biscuits were probably the best, and the scones. The brownie was more of a cake slice.) so we rearranged the house a bit to fit in eight guests. I quite like having the dinner table back in the kitchen. It's better than the three (yes, three) bikes that usually live there! Not exactly the best picture in the world, but it gives you an idea of what it looks like here at home with me – although the blue duster (see it?!) is back in the cupboard. It also shows where the kitchen windows are – they're not like other windows!
red vintage saturday table tea sugar
I was happy with how everything ended up matching.
tea table tea pot
My rustic biscuits. I have no intention of making them perfectly round, yet.
red vintage saturday wink
The afternoon went really well, everyone ate too many sweet things and drank plenty of coffee – my in-laws are Italian – and we talked and laughed very loudly. Then we gave our lovely neighbours the extra cakes (I over-catered, and I'm proud of it!) and decided to head out with some friends for espresso martinis. It did get a bit cold, so I added black and pink zigzag seam stockings and wore my grey coat for the first time! But now it's dark so early, I'll need to use the flash... I'll start experimenting with that. Promise. :)


Esz said...

Sounds like such a lovely Saturday! I like how your house is coming along :-D We went to Ballarat on the weekend and found some bits and bobs for our place (an old fire extinguisher being one of them!)...and I found treasure in the form of stockings and girdles and fabric. Yay for country trips!

I hear you about the 'dress types' too. Definitely noticed your penchant for florals! And buttons are always awesome - whether functional or not :-D

Hehe - Did Babycat also help destroy your lovely flower arrangement? I cant keep vases of flowers because cheeky Puss managed to smash a RESIN vase I had - I don't even know how you can break those but she did. So ceramic and glass would be even more disastrous! Have to stick to fake flowers....

ourdailydress said...

Cats are so handy. Mine just brought me a half-eaten cricket. Thanks Sookie! I think this red floral dress i one of my faves.

Lisa said...

I loved this post! The yummy breakfast, the tea, the flowers, the dress...Don't you want every day to be like this? I would! lol!

And I absolutely adore that dress! I have two dress addictions. one: like you, 50's/early 60's prints with sleeves. two: 50's cotton day dresses, especially with any kind of print! And blue!

Charmaine said...

What a gorgeous dress! Looks like a lovely afternoon.

Hannah said...

Beautiful dress, the colours in it are gorgeous. Sounds like such an idyllic weekend! x

Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

What a gorgeous dress, and you look so beautiful! Love the table setting :)

Valerie EnrĂ­quez said...

What an incredibly gorgeous post! You look beautiful and the abundance of pink tones and flowers is making me so happy! I love a good tea time, and it seems like you created the perfect setting x said...

Love everything the dress the food the flowers and Babycat!!! Miss you darling

Little Miss Cyclist said...

That half table is adorable! Where did you see it?

Jessica Cangiano said...

Such a charming outfit and perfectly splendid looking Saturday. So full of beauty, life, and kitty cuteness! :)

Wishing you the most marvelous of Mays,

LandGirl1980 said...

What a grand Saturday indeed! Me does love a nice bit of pinky table ware :)

wardrobeexperience said...

awesome dress and lovely photos....

markedbeautyblog said...

That red dress is divine! And those flowers are gorgeous.

Babycat, you are very adorable and helpful!

Sharleena xx

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Looks like Baby Cat's flower arranging classes are paying off. :D

Miss Claire said...

You look perfectly lovely, and cats are very helpful like that!

I just wanted to send you a big thank you for choosing my entry into the iconemesis comp :) I've had a bit of a sad day and receiving the email telling me I'd won made it all better! So thank you.


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love your dress =) You're so stunning! X

Emma Litton said...

Sounds like a wonderful Saturday. That dress is darling on you. And all the sweets on your table look super yummy.


Roxy said...

Keep up those pink lips! All the food looked very yummy.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Just stunning :)) xx

Laura said...

What a perfect day! Those mushrooms look incredible - yummmm. I love all the florals in your outfit. I gravitate towards the same styles of dress...I like other things, too, but floral 50's-60's dresses always endure the longest in my closet :)

sweet harvest moon said...

Oh my, such a pretty dress! Your table looks beautiful

Teresa said...

Such a pretty dress!

I think I need to find and eat some mushrooms on toast like that next time I'm in Melbourne. :)

Dial V for Vintage said...

The cookies look yummy, you decorated that table in such a simple but wonderful way! :) How cute is your cat, helping you with the flowers! :D She seems like a really friendly and cuddly cat :).

MarieBayArea said...

I love all the food, family, friends, and fun you mention in this post. You're pink lipgloss is so pretty on you and you're dress is the best.

Ceri said...

What a fabulous day. :) And you look so beautiful.

Evil Lyn said...

That is one lovely dress! And I really like your new hair!
Evil Lyn

Liz Tregenza said...

i adore the print of this dress so vibrant and it suits you so well too.

A French Diary said...

this dress is INCREDIBLE !!
I love when vintage garments seem to be made just for you :)

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