Friday, 6 July 2012

so many little things are so very good and I really do love winter

instagram june12 a
It's been far too long since I've done an Instagram post, so here we are! I didn't take many for a while there but I am now totally back into it. So, we are playing catch ups, really. Follow me, I'm laneway_esme! This is what I was enjoying about three weeks ago (!!!) – when we were halfway through the first month of winter.

We begin with our temporary bedside table. No, we haven't gone all book art installation or the like, but we need a bedside table and have made do with these! It actually looks really good and is really stable. Practical, too; all those books within reach from bed! We've since moved out of that room for a bit and don't have this stack anymore – but more on that another time. And to the right is one of my new-to-me vintage skirts, drying in some gorgeously warm, and quite rare, for us here, winter sun.

instagram june12 b
Lately I have been really craving raw spinach. One to indulge more than my chocolate cravings, I think! With roast pumpkin and leek, rice and shaved ham hock from a soup I'd made earlier (how terribly Blue Peter of me!) and topped with honey, goats cheese and walnuts, semi sundrieds and olives. This, and variations of this, is a firm winter food favourite at my house. Unfortunately Babycat's food favourites are my plants, when she can get at them. At least I learned a new word, though: teethypegs!
instagram june12 c
Brushing out fresh pin curls one morning I found I could have the perfect page boy hair style. I wasn't in the mood for it, though, and pinned it up big and high like those 1970's films on Victorians. It was good, as it didn't get in the way of my delicious avocado and poached egg breakfast at Penny Farthing that morning. Or was it afternoon..?!
instagram june12 d
That day's outfit (and the high hair) – honestly, it is not normally this warm in Melbourne's winters! In fact, I remember that it got really cold just after lunchtime, and we definitely did need coats. We'd already bought our new furniture though. This is one of our two new-to-us mid century bookshelves. Love them!
instagram june12 e
And this is the other one! Babycat adores them, and believes that we got them specially for her to walk through. And on the right is a cheering heart biscuit. They're so good!
instagram june12 f
I am slowly getting a good collection of plants at home, and hope to have a nice green tangle before too long. We don't get enough daylight in the living room, but this sunny corner above the fridge is looking pretty good! And finally, what feels like proper winter weather has begun. Rain, rain and more rain. Oh, and cold! That's such a familiar Australian leaf to me, that makes me think of unbearably hot sunshine, floating in a wintry puddle. And I finally have some brw2n closed toe shoes to replace these old battered ones, and can skip through the rain with dry tootsies! x


Madalynne said...

I love winter too! It's really odd to read your posts describing winter when it's summer here is the states. It's suppose to be above 100 degrees on Saturday! Oh how I wish I was where you are!

Kristian said...

Fun times!

I especially loved the page boy look. Hope to see that with a full ensemble sometime too!

Sarah Dee said...

I just love your instagram feed!


Esz said...

I love all the brown tones in these pics :-)

Our kittehs love to get their teethy-pegs into plants too. I can't actually have any plants in the house cos they get destroyed. Puss made a huge mess of my basil by digging out ALL the potting mix in the pot. Not to 'do her business' or anything - just because she was curious. ;-P Cats are weird aren't they!

Nika Chick said...

I really like that page boy hairstyle, it fits you so well. Although if you put your hair up, it looks great as well. I like your hair :)

Amelia Oz said...

The instagram of your cat is the best one! I'm sorry, the tower of babel book stacking and food porn shots are great and all, but... oh goodness just look at that face! hehe! we have a winner :)

Sleekit said...

Your instragram pics are tres pretty!

Have a good weekend

Sleekit x

Jessica Cangiano said...

Lovely array of images, I'm especially fond of the awesome shot of Babycat nomming away on that green shoot. Too cute for words!

Wishing you a gorgeous Friday & weekend, dear gal!
♥ Jessica

Tegan @ Teganias Thoughts said...

gorgeous photos, like always. I always love your cat too, so cute!

Lulu said...

gorgous photos! You and your home look so beautiful. Babycat is just adorable as ever! xxx

beate said...

great photos!
but - i´m really happy that we have summer here. winter in our corner of the world means snow and -15°C. so its hard to dress nice in this climate. but for the moment i can wear all my flowery summerfrocks :-)

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Aaaaaaaaaaahhahahahahaha Baby cat with the grass in her mouth. *wipes away tears of laughter*

Helen said...

Heart biscuit- surely a jammy dodger!!

These pictures are all so lovely, the book stack bed side table is a great idea

look see said...

I've really enjoyed following you on Instagram - these are awesome photos!

Dial V for Vintage said...

Lovely snapshots! I really love the outfit in the 7th picture, perfect winter/autumn colours! Oh and your kitty is the cutest, I just want to cuddle her! :D

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