Friday, 7 September 2012

looking forward to spring, vintage 1950's and 1960's sundresses and the need for a large wardrobe

1950s and 1960s vintage sundresses a
I am sitting on the sofa with too many internet tabs open (mainly beautiful vintage things I want on etsy) and am very disappointed that I am here at all, in some ways, as I should be heading out to an MSFW show and then a (non-fashion) party, but I have a cold and am house- and couch-bound. It is also really cold and windy and a bit rainy outside, so I thought I'd make the most of things and look ahead to the warmer weeks that aren't too far away.

For now there are still plenty of great winter things I want to wear and it looks as though I'll have a good number of days to wear them, but I do look forward to wearing some vintage sundress from the 1950's and early 1960's, complete with colouful prints and full skirts. Ok, I know, I am cheating a little here – spot the modern dress (it's the one on the far left, if you're new here) – but my collection of these is a slowly growing one, one I am absolutely working very hard on. It takes time to find them in the right size, in good condition (one of these here actually needs a bit of work before I can wear it, boo), that you really love, and that don't cost a bomb.

Melbourne having such extreme weather means that we get to enjoy a fairly long, cold winter and even longer, very hot summers, so we can't say we don't get to enjoy variety in our wardrobes! It does mean that my wardrobe needs to be a bit larger than what I at least think I would need, based on memory, of course, if I still lived in London; the short and possibly not too warm summers mean I could get away with just a few summery frocks. As it is, I am currently eyeing off a 1940s dress that is very much for cooler days, and have just bought a beautiful vintage cardigan, but I look forward to turning my attention to summery goodies very soon.

Looking at these, I see I have blues and oranges well represented, so I think yellows and pinks and bright greens might have to be coming next! What are you looking forward to wearing in the new season?

1950s and 1960s vintage sundresses b 1950s and 1960s vintage sundresses c1950s and 1960s vintage sundresses d 1950s and 1960s vintage sundresses e


Tiny Paper Aeroplanes. said...

I'm in Tassie and the weather is completely the same here! Rainy one day and sunny the next! But I do love that you can be wearing sweaters one day and sundresses the next!

Tiny Paper Aeroplanes. said...
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Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh what a shame about missing out tonight, I hope you get to other shows when you're feeling a wee bit better. What a lovely sneak peek - so much colour and variety! Enjoy your down time and have a lovely rest:).

RuskinDays downunder said...

I can't wait to wear the blue dresses I bought from Savers (forgive the blog link):

now I'm just looking for the right pair of shoes!

Pia Storm said...

Oh such beautiful dresses!!

Meg Eileen Carroll said...

ooo, your posts are not good for my mental health, my brain implodes with jealousy at the sight of those dresses. what am I looking forward to? september holidays, meaning casual clothes and a trip to queensland (oh la la!) and also an opportunity to wear some pink velvet ASOS shoes. you have me so excited for the upcoming spring :D

Jessica Cangiano said...

Here in Canada we're on the cusp of waving goodbye to summer and embracing autumn's beauty once more, which I'm pleased as punch about. As the nippier temperatures return once more, I'll eagerly be diving back into thick tights, turtle necks, heavier weight dresses, and oodles of soft, wonderful layers.

♥ Jessica

majorstranger said...

Where's the dress on the far left from though?! I love it!

BlondeBrittany said...

Can I come and raid your closet one day.. your seriously have the best dresses!
In love with the floral strip dress! Do you have any tips on finding great vintage dresses?

Babes in Thriftland said...

Is there any way you could put together a list of your favorite Etsy sellers? I love vintage but have the hardest time knowing wear to look!

stuckinazoo said...

love the splashes of color in these dresses! they're all so lovely. summer is ending here, so in a few weeks autumn hues will be everywhere. I'd prefer it if summer would stay here forever!

Naomi at The Occasional Indulgence said...

I love that striped/floral one! Can't wait to see how you style it.

Lynn Dylan said...

Love those dresses!!

Lynn Dylan

Teresa said...

Such a pretty spring dress collection! I love the orange one of the right.

Pretty florals and spring. *sigh*
Though I hope this crazy wind goes away soon!

Nettie said...

As we're going into fall her in NYC, I am very much looking forward to wearing cardis and tights and WOOL! I have so many fall things that I want to sew and hunt down.
I have just bought a SLEW of fall footwear (two pair of oxfords: black shiny and black suede-ish, two pair of ballet flat: purple and black and best of all: my first pair of Melissa's!) that I can't wait to bust out, too!

Kristian said...

Gorgeous dresses!

Hannah said...

Such beautiful dresses, we are about to hit flipping freezing weather which fills me with excitement as I get to wear capes and gloves! xxx

Katie Frank said...

These dresses are beautiful *.*

Becky said...

Wow, those are so beautiful! I really need to start collecting vintage dresses again!


Jodi said...

ohhh these are sooo cute... love the patterns and colors!!

Wild Tea Party said...

I'm feeling likewise... I can't wait to pull out those vintage floral sundresses. Last summer in Sydney wasn't nearly as hot as normal, and some of my stuff remained completely unworn because they were simply too summery, which is crazy, but the spring weather here has been so warm I've already been going bare legged.

And I love that striped and floral sundress you have there, what a beauty!

Cheray Natalie said...

hope you feel better!
Melbourne is being so unpredictable at the moment! (i mean - after 3 freezing days and even a freezing morning it's beautiful and sunny again!)
those dresses are stunning! i'm in love with the "fall" coloured ones <3
i bought so many dresses just as summer was ending so i can't wait to wear them again!
bring on spring!
Cheray x

Stefanie said...

This dress collection is so much pretty. Ahh the floral striped dress is perfection. Im super excited for Autumn, Im on the hunt for cozy knits and layers, and gloves, and coats, oh and scarves. Its all too exciting for me every season, every time.

Hope you feel better soon :)

Harlow Darling said...

Ohh this reminds me, I swear the vintage orange and yellow floral dress with longs sleeves that you have worn on the blog has a dress twin!
We have a vintage fashion exhibit on at the Brisbane museum and when I saw the dress I was almost certain that you'd given yours on loan!
The thing is though, the exhibit doesn't allow photos...and I don't know how I'd be able to convince them to let me take photos to blog about it...eep.

esme and the laneway said...

Harlow Darling: oh I want to seeeee! I've seen other twins of my dresses before but not often... the exhib sounds great. I should try to get up to Brissie to see it! :D

Anonymous Stefanie: thanks! I know, I love the start of a new season!

Cheray Natalie: and today was beautiful and warm, tomorrow is meant to be cold... keeping us on our toes ;D I love it when that happens, yay getting to wear "new" things that have been on wardrobe hold!

Wild Tea Party: it looked really rainy up in Sydney last summer! Hopefully this one will be a bit better :) oh, for perfect, mild summer weather, right?! :D

Becky: I believe it is a worthy collection! :D

Hannah: yay capes! I forgot to wear mine this winter, boo!

Nettie: your shoe haul sounds amazing... (and love your use of slew!) I think NY in the snow would be amazing, but I can't imagine how cold it would be!

Teresa: ugh, isn't the wind just ugh. Hate it! :D

majorstranger: it's by oasis and I got it form asos :)

Babes in Thriftland: I don't really have any, I just search through etsy quite a lot. That way I can get a better idea of what is available, prices and so on... it can take some time but it is worth it :)

BlondeBrittany: haha thanks! Tips: learn what suits you best, what you feel happiest in, and then be prepared to spend a lot of time looking on etsy! ;D x

Tiny Paper Aeroplanes.: I just got back from Tassie and it was windy sunny one day, cold and rainy the next – so change-y! Beautiful though :) x

Pull Your Socks Up!: if only, but I got sicker, still gross now, d'oh! The timing of colds can be so cruel :D x

RuskinDays downunder: wow you had some finds! :D

SJP said...

Beautiful dresses - I love the 50s style one second from the right : )

irene wibowo said...

love the dresses.. :)

Irene Wibowo

Picturetalk321 said...

Gorgeous frocks.

Kristi said...

What a beautiful collection!


Monica said...

Where did you get those dresses??

Grace said...

Wow! I just discovered this site--you and your blog are so gorgeous! I am also drooling at your beautifully filled closet!

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