Thursday, 6 September 2012

MSFW12 wednesday night, pastels, full skirts and giraffes

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Last night I went to see the day 3 show of MSFW. I went along to the 9pm one, which was great – plenty of time to get ready and have dinner after work. Um, it should have also meant plenty of time to shoot some outfit pics before I left, but there was An Incident, it didn't happen, but now I know for Friday: do it early!

I am extra sad I didn't take any pics because I wanted to show (off) my Betty Draper/Grace Kelly hair. I decided that rather than sleep with my hair in pin curls and have another wakeful night dreaming that rats were nibbling my head, I would set it in the morning and wear it under a scarf all day. We had some gale force winds yesterday, so it was a doubly good idea. These winds actually stopped while I left my house, only to pick up again when I got off the train at Flinders Street... and were back up to walking-is-difficult by the time I was going home. So, yeah, windswept hair is an under statement!

The night itself was good. Melbourne looks so pretty on a clear night and the Town Hall is a beautiful venue. On the short walk there, I saw this guy making a giraffe on the footpath with water and a mop. Sadly, I didn't see many familiar faces in the crowds, but I liked the parade. I'll let you enjoy the professional photos of the show itself, but will share some of my favourites: I loved this colour combo (peach and lilac!) and the capelet by YB J'aime, and the full skirts with peplum tops by Jayson Brunsdon.

I am now home today with sniffles, eating lots of vitamin C and drinking tea (and making silly rhymes, ha) but I look forward to the shows tomorrow night – and I will, I will, I WILL do outfit shots. Yes!

And anway I can't get too sick: I have a great long weekend lined up, and fly to Tasmania on Sunday to visit MONA! I am SO excited!

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Sushi said...

Looks like a lovely show, what pretty dresses! Looking forward to seeing what you wore :) Are you going to any more of the runway shows? x Sushi

esme and the laneway said...

Sushi: haha when I wear it again I will DEFINITELY gets pics! New dress, two wears, not one photo! ;D Yes I'm going to Friday's 9pmn, you?

Jessica Cangiano said...

Love the inky, evening light hues running through these chic images. Looks like a splendid event - wish I could have been there, too.

♥ Jessica

ourdailydress said...

Melbourne Fashion week looks lovely and man am I impressed by that man's mop skills!

PS. I dye my hair lilac tomorrow. As a fellow My Little Pony hair-er, wish me luck!

brandnewarmour said...

Mona is incredible. Some tips - take the ferry there and back (sunsets from the last ferry out are beautiful), start on the lowest level and work your way up starting at the cocktail bar... It's so overwhelming though, we were there 2 days and saw 1/3 of the art. I'd also recommend Arthur's Circus area in Hobart for general super prettiness, and Gargistes for dinner. Enjoy, you will love it!

Sarah Burford said...

Dear Marianne, I love your site and would like to present you with the 'One Lovely Blog Award',
If you'd like to claim your award and spread the blog love,please visit me here Sarah.x

Sushi said...

How was Friday night's show? I went to Saturday's show as well but loved Tuesday's the best :) x Sushi

Zoƫ Yule said...

oooh, very dramatic! Love that peplum, and the giraffe! Any update on the pin curling of the new length?? Mine is almost exactly the same length, and I'm dying to know how you get it nicely curling at the ends without complete frou!

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