Monday, 8 October 2012

looking forward to spring

brigitte dress bare legs For my second Veet giveawy, I asked what you were looking forward to with Spring. I always feel out of step at the start of autumn and the start of Spring, as I still expect to be going into the other extreme season of the year. I think I’ll always feel upside down, no matter how long I live in Australia!

That doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying this time of year. Quite the opposite; I’m loving it! It feels so, so good to shake off the cold winter greyness.

And I loved reading about what you were looking forward to, so I thought I’d share it.

sophia picnic life ‪Elizabeth said... This spring I am looking forward to dresses without stockings, and lots of pretty prints. I am counting the days until pick nicks are a regular event on my calendar.

emerson merrick peonies b source

‪Rebeccak said... I can't wait for peonies!! :)
 blackberry-froyo source (via

‪Kristina said... 

I am looking forward trying as many frozen yoghurt toppings as possible! :)

lilac hair silver brows ‪Sway said... I'm looking forward to trying out a new hair colour this Spring - I've done pink, bright red, and blue, so I'm thinking it's time for lilac :)
Also looking forward to trying so new yummy recipes - I've challenged myself to make one new recipe every week until the end of November! Eeek!
Sway xx

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‪Christina said... For me, I would love to start coming out with more vintage clothing. This is a great interest to me because this era had started the fashion trend, of women wanting to look beautiful in their own fashion. Therefore, I will take a challenge of gathering vintage clothing, taking risks of being the unusual in this world of certain catagorized women, and live a life of adventure because fashion is truly an adventure.

marylin diving board

Rebecca Bird said... I would really like to start wearing some cute dresses. I've just lost almost 10kg, so I'm not quite so embarrassed to show a little leg! My legs are blindingly white though and a little hairy from hiding away in the safety of pants for so long!

grace beach ‪Patricia said... This spring, I'm looking forward to losing the hangups I have around my appearance and doing/wearing what I want. Spring is usually a pretty awkward time for me - as winter ends and I shed layers of clothes, the pressure to look a certain way intensifies. This spring I'm throwing caution to the wind, breaking out the garish prints, and wearing whatever the hell I want! 



I must admit, the last two strike a bit of a cord with me. I think we all have insecurities with our looks, about one thing or another. It helps to know we are not alone with this, though. It's nice to feel good about how we look, of course, and to take care of ourselves, but it is such a shame when this becomes the thought at the front of our minds. If only we could shed our self-consciousness and really enjoy ourselves!

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Alli said...

I love the lilac hair.....soooo pretty :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

Up here in the wilds of Canada we're knee deep in all the marvelous things that autumn entails, but let me tell you, dear gal, you've suddenly rekindled my desire for spring's return something fierce with this delight post! We've got a few more months to go on that front for sure, but there's no reason I can't start anticipating spring's glorious-ness again already right now!

♥ Jessica

Sway said...

Oh my sweet Baby Jane! The picture you used for my Spring wish - lilac hair - is so beautiful! Now I'm even more determined! I love that you added pictures to the ideas - such a lovely post!
Sway xx

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