Tuesday, 2 October 2012

my september

september12 instagram p
Wow, September has gone so fast, it feels like we should be only half way through. Here is my September on my Instagram. I'm @laneway_esme, come and join me!

I got my nails done at Miss Fox, and liked to match them to my swan jumper, vintage gloves and hair scarves. Important, you know.
september12 instagram b
Then I tried my hardest to get over a cold so I could go to Tasmania for a night. I was so excited for it but I felt so, so tired, too, and it showed!
september12 instagram c
But, who cares. Tasmania! I was really chuffed to see this huge ship in Hobart. It goes to Antarctica, and cuts through the ice in the ocean...so amazing. I'd love to go there one day.
september12 instagram d
Hobart is so beautiful, and so different to Victoria. We ate some delicious venison, the best I've had, I think. I must do this at home while it is still cold.
september12 instagram e
More beautiful food. We had fresh Tasmanian Oysters, and they were, without a doubt, the freshest, most incredible oysters I've had. Heaven. We then ordered room service for dinner and thought it wouldn't be enough. Ha! We made a good effort with it. I love the simple greens, and the pate was so good, too.
september12 instagram f
My beautiful friend Bonnie of double days, and Babycat, both finding comfort.
september12 instagram g
I attended a Nuffnang launch with some great Melbourne bloggers. It was good to see Cecylia and Candice again. I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to... something, I don't know what, and my right eye swelled up so much I could barely see. Emergency hairdo over one eye was called for.
september12 instagram h
Then lots of grey rainy days. I couldn't get well again, and still kept having weird allergic reactions to things. I decided some organising therapy was called for, and set my kitchen jars in order. It works, if you didn't know already. It made me feel better!
september12 instagram i
Risking wearing makeup again after a bit of a break, and enjoying some vintage alaia and yummy porridge and rhubarb. Crunchy brown sugar on top, divine!!
september12 instagram j
Spring weather arrived on a Saturday! So yes, there is that vintage dress again - a new favourite – and I wore the flower crown I made a few years ago, having unearthed it from one of Babycat's secret stashes of things she collects.
september12 instagram k
That Sunday I had the pleasure of going to SocieTea at Werribee Mansion. It was a beautiful way to spend an afternoon and I enjoyed it even more than I expected to. Post coming soon!
september12 instagram l
Cocktails in the afternoon with tea works well for me.
september12 instagram m
I wore the yellow vintage dress from a few posts ago, and will show details soon. I wore the flower crown again. I am starting to add to my vintage hat collection, but flowers are good at the moment!
september12 instagram n
I added to my vintage clothing collection and got this blouse. I love the star neckline and the powder blue. Blue has been a bit of a theme for me lately. I now have blue place mats on the red gingham table cloth, and I think they look good with roses from SocieTea, an armful of parsley from my mother-in-law's garden, and sage flowers from my own neglected herb patch. I plan to do some gardening and planty things soon.

I am tempted to plant wisteria, but it does sound like a lot of hard work to maintain. It is so beautiful though, and I love how it is blooming everywhere you look at the moment. Not that we are having great spring weather everyday. Here I am protecting my curls from rain, wind and hail last Saturday. Grannies know what they are doing!
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daria said...

oh, the beautiful dresses, the beautiful dresses!

Jessica Cangiano said...

September felt like it speed by at the speed of light on this end, too. Love your roundup post, it's wonderful to revisit many of your delightful posts again before launching into a new month.

♥ Jessica

hayley x said...

that last picture is stunning! :) xxx

Becky said...

You look so pretty in that final picture. The swan jumper is adorable!


Lahryssa Byrd said...

What a fabulous life =]

Alli said...

That new blouse and the flower crown....sooooooo adorable! :)

Trina said...

I noticed you mentioned some more allergic reactions, and just wanted to say I've had similar problems in the past, but noticed they improved once I stopped dying my hair. It's like my body slowly developed worse and worse reactions every time I dyed it (I know it's a bit of a scary thought to go dye-free! but perhaps worth it in the long run)
On a less dreary note, Luuurve your fabulous and beautiful blog:)

irene wibowo said...

love those photos. :)

Irene Wibowo

esme and the laneway said...

Trina: oh, no! I think I've narrowed down the allergy to my eye make up remover, and I've been using it for years..!

Lahryssa Byrd: the magic of editing! :D

Katie Frank said...

so many awesome photos <3 totally love this post :)

Trina said...

That's a relief (since your hair looks lovely!)

Dolly Von Sucre said...

Lovely photos as always! Did you get the blue blouse from etsy by any chance?? I was eyeing it there a few weeks ago! ;D

Chic Noir said...

You are incredibly stylish. If people ever needed a reason to abandon shopping at the wear and wash once places like forever 21 and H&M, your blog and fashion sense is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Melanie said...

I am your new follower on IG :)

Melanie ~ www.mlncrd.com

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