Tuesday, 23 October 2012

silver screen dames and colourful bathrooms

laneway_esme pinterest october12 Woo! Finally! Finally I get Pinterest. I'd had the account for ages and couldn't get too excited about it but last week the penny dropped and now I see why you lose yourself in it. I am so picky about my pins (I love everything this room – but the colour of that vase, noooo, no pin!) but now I've been finding them. This is what I like at the moment: 1930's silver screen ladies and beautifully colourful rooms, the great hair of Rita Hayworth and Betty Grable and 1940s swimsuits. More here! And tell me: who should I follow?


Sarah said...

Ooh, such lovely photos! How do we follow you? x

Jessica Cangiano said...

An online friend sent me an invitation to Pinterest a few months before I finally tried it out (in the summer of 2011), and boy, was I hooked from the first pin onward. Now, about a year and a quarter later since I started pinning, it's become one of my favourite websites, sources of inspiration, and ways to unwind after a long, hard day. I hope you have a blast there, too, dear gal - and am so eager to see everything you pin.

♥ Jessica

Rachel said...

Yay!I must follow you! What is your user name on there?

Wild Tea Party said...

Simply love this mix of photos... I have avoided pinterest because I know it would suck up far too much of my time.

Oh, and I am looking forward to reading your post on your favorite foundation etc... I am a fellow pale person and I'm going mental finding something that will work on my skin. I used to have the perfect foundation colour and Clarins discontinuted it. Everything I try these days is too yellowy-orangey based for me. And could you tell us perhaps what (if any) primer you use too? Thanks :)

look see said...

It's very addictive, isn't it? You can follow me if you like! http://pinterest.com/lookseebynaomif/pins/

Elyce Stefani Sandri said...

Here are few of my vintage lover favourites!

http://pinterest.com/rococovintage/ (etsy shop)

and why not follow me why you are it ;)
http://pinterest.com/elycestefani/ (i'm a little lonely on followers, but i still love it!)


esme and the laneway said...

Haha I am a banana brain, my Pinterest is here http://pinterest.com/EsmeLaneway/

D'oh! ;D

Jessica Cangiano: So you got it straight away! Nice one! :D I am SO hooked now ;)

Wild Tea Party: that is what puts me off, sometimes, too..! SO so so much time ;D OH and I'll see if I can shoot for that post right now, we still have daylight!

look see: yay thank you! Off to find you now! :D

Elyce Stefani Sandri: ooh thanks, I recognise so many of these names so I am off to find them all, and yours too of course! :D

Selina said...

Here is mine. I have a vintage and old hollywood section


Anonymous said...

Mine is this one:


I will follow you for sure!

Best wishes

An Scenic World said...

Hey, Miss Nancy Beaton as a Shooting Star is my all-time favourite photograph! More points to Esme and the Laneway. And I know I'm on very much the wrong post here, but would you -- if you have time, because you're busy with real-world things, naturally -- be able to post a tutorial on pin-curling your shorter hair? There's nothing out there on it and the results you get are an absolute dream.

Crinoline Dame said...


Riikka said...

I'm freshly hooked on Pinterest too! My account is over at: http://pinterest.com/harleans/

Following you! :)

Incendiary Blonde said...

Great photos - I love love lovvvveeeeeee that swimsuit with the flamingos on it!

Kimberley Jakoda said...

Such pretty ladies, they all look so gorgeous. Oh pinterest is taking over my life sometimes, but it's indeed so much fun!

Aourell said...

It's great to discover all these new pinterest accounts :-D

Here is mine:


RetroGran said...

I love pinterest! I try to convince everyone I know that they NEED it! :-D

Here is mine:

Im going right now to follow you and all of these other lovely ladies that have commented. I cant wait to see all of the goodies that have been pinned.

Retro Gran

Alice, Pretty Confused said...

I love that dark blue bathroom, so pretty! I'm a complete Pinterest addict too, although I do get frustrated when the original source isn't included in the pin (and even worse when the source is google image search). I used it to store my style inspiration, crafty stuff and recipes. It's just so much better at categorising my inspiration than any other site I have tried xo

Bethany said...

I can't get into Pinterest. Maybe I just can't figure out how to find cool stuff.


ConstantlyAlice said...

Following (of COURSE!) Can't wait to see what you pin! Here I am:


Katie Frank said...

you look like mix of them all <3


Anonymous said...

You should follow someone who would teach you to reply to comments on your blog maybe. Almost 3000 followers and still ignoring most of the comments they leave you. Shame on you princess.. Remember the time when no one cared about your blog and you barely got one or two comments(if any)?

Log Lady said...

Me! ;)



Samala said...

apart from those listed, I love http://pinterest.com/elegantmusings/ too. Gorgeous inspiration!

aprettymess said...

im following you now, yay <3

here's my pinterest:


i am so addicted, it's terrible! i find i use more time pinning crafts, recipes, and hair styles then i do actually making any of them real haha
happy pinning =)

Kalaurie Karl-Crooks said...

Heres my pinterest, I think you will like :)


esme and the laneway said...

yay, more to follow! Thanks guys! I was getting the dreaded 404 page when trying to follow anyone on Pinterest last night but it's working again now :D

An Scenic World: me too! It was on the living room wall when I was growing up. And yes I'd be happy to do a tut on shorter hair pincurling - would you prefer a video or photos? :)

Bethany: honestly this is how I was for aaaaaaaages!!! :D

Samala: me too! Love Casey's blog, too :)

aprettymess: hehe I totally know what you mean! Just think, we are well prepared with all that research, right?! :D x

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

Wow lovely pics :) I've considered getting printerest, but I've already got polyvore and tumblr, which are kind of similar. I could just scroll through tumblr for hours. Not very productive, but visually satisfying. does printerest have gifs? I love reblogging those.

Nina said...

you might enjoy some of my boards too: http://pinterest.com/ninanewtricks/

esme and the laneway said...

Natalie_vintage_girl: I don't know about gifs, I haven;t seen any yet but I have seen film clips, so maybe..? I have lost HOURS to tumblr and I don't even have my own one (I did for a short while but couldn't get into it properly) because scrolling through them, following the links... best time! :D

Nina: I am sure I will! Off to follow you now :)

Mrs Advocat said...

Those are great photos, and I am really enjoying following your blog as my husband would love to move back to Australia ASAP and its nice to know what I am geting into. cheers!

An Scenic World said...

What a living room! We had a plain white plate. Nobody could remember who put it up or why, but there it stayed.
A video is always always lovely :) But I can imagine that it takes ages, and photos are equally good. I hate to be that indecisive pain who says, "Do whatever you like!" but, uh... do whatever you like!

Tors Grantham said...

I think I've been following you on Pinterest almost since you started your account, and I'm so happy to see you've been posting on there! I've repinned several I think! I'm here: http://pinterest.com/girlmeetswolf/

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