Saturday, 3 November 2012

a saturday day out: maling road, part one

maling road blogger group tree Hooray, it's almost the weekend! Here is my Saturday from two weeks ago. I won't stop too long to wonder where the time goes etc but it was a lovely day in a lovely part of Melbourne, Maling Road in Canterbury. I was one of a group of Melbourne bloggers invited to spend a day discovering what this street has to offer. We were very lucky with the weather; a beautifully crisp spring day. I wore my 1950's sundress and vintage pink trench coat, with my Gorman rust suede platforms.iolanthe hi There were plenty of familiar faces. Hi, Iolanthe, Phoebe and Calvin!  sevan hi five And some new faces, too. This is Sevan – hello! – and darling Leeyong. betweenUs me hello First things first: time for brunch. I went to Between Us cafe with Sabina. I admit it, I am a total inner-north Melbourne coffee – and cafe – snob. I was so pleasantly surprised, as everything was fantastic.betweenUs_kitchen The owner is a lovely young lady who takes coffee making very seriously. sabeans coffee And it pays off. The coffee was sooooo good. Easily as good as my favourites in the Norf. betweenUs salmoln breakfast As was breakfast. Sabina had salmon.betweenUs poached eggs zuchini And I had grilled zucchini on sourdough, perfect poached eggs and goats cheese. Yum.between us teas We were gifted some teas to try. Don't you just love that packaging? betweenUs tea cakes And then there was a pretty cupcake... betweenUs smile cookie betweenUs_cakes Many sweet treats. I like the look of the smiley cookie. Would anyone know what I mean if I said "aciiiid" ?! betweenUs cupcakes window tea After brunch, we took a walk up the road. We passed Ruby T's, where we saw a dainty tea set through the window.tea set cheryl hello Radiant Cheryl! shop_wall Next stop was Coco and Chloe, just a few doors down. Lots of pastel colours to enjoy in here!pink clock horseshoe umbrella And umbrellas. bangles brolly print The umbrellas seemed to be a bit of a theme. I actually bought a Wet and Wendy on a few days later, after seeing it in here. I'll show you soon!bambi doggy Cutest dog.doggy2 Hello hi hi!grocers I wish my local green grocers looked more like this.grocers ivy light leaves window The whole area is really attractive. The buildings are old, which I love to see in Melbourne. I think cities, especially new ones, should hold on to their historical architecture as well as they can. It gives so much character. I was especially pleased to see that a lot of the shops' interiors were not the ugly, cheapo-modern-done-badly renovations inflicted on so many of Melbourne's older buildings.papers wall gramaphone There is a big antiques market! I was almost nervous about going in, as I could lose hours in a place like this. There was everything from tea sets, to records, to furniture, and it was a bit overwhelming! In the nicest way, obviously.flower window butcher window The butcher has been there for over 100 years. I miss living near a butcher. I'd like to learn more about different cuts of meat to cook at home, such as the cheaper, less fancy cuts. I think making the most use of animals for eating is really important. But, back to the buildings...butcher baaa tile ... which have gorgeous tiles! I loved this one at that butchers. Baa!bike wall This cafe looked cosy, and its bike looks so much like my one! tiles More beautiful tiles. Even the local supermarket has plain yellow tiles. It reminds me so much of the UK. But, even after that huge brunch, we were getting hungry and thirsty and it was time for coffee and cake... which I'll share in part two. me yellow tiles hi


ravenlocks said...

Oh my gosh...that food looks SO amazing! I want to eat all of it :)

And you my dear, look fantastic! You have the prettiest skin. I love that pretty floral blue dress you're wearing.

xoxo Azu

Bethany said...

Gorgeous dress!

April Louise said...

Looks like you had a nice day and your breakfast looked so yummy! I like the horseshoe umbrella and could really do with it here in cold, wet England!

LandGirl1980 said...

AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaCIIIIIIIIID! Indeed I would know what you meant :) Looks like a fab weekend jaunt :-)

Vintagesuburbia said...

That post was really interesting - I have never heard of Maling Road. Just goes to show how big and diverse Melbourne is. Thanks for the insights!

Picturetalk321 said...

Ooh, I have one of those alarm clocks! And given two others as presents! I haven't ever seen the pink one, though; it is lovely!

Iliska Dreams said...

You make me want to visit Melbourne. Will have to add Mailing Road to my places I want to explore.

Anonymous said...

I adore Mailing Road, it's the nicest place. Hopefully you had a walk around the residential streets behind it? There are some amazing old homes there!
And you seem to know Iolanthe quite well! She's an old family friend of mine - how crazy!!

esme and the laneway said...

Anonymous: I have when I've parked round there. SO so English, and so fairy land and posh and lovely! Wish I lived there! :D

Iliska Dreams: it's lovely, do! x

Picturetalk321: haha no wai! Cool! :D

Vintagesuburbia: it's off the beaten track and a bit out in the 'burbs, but really so lovely :)

ravenlocks: it was delicious! And I could only wish to have perfect skin, today it's so bad I could bath in dettol ;/ !!!

ruemiraldi said...

Gorgeous photos....wish I could have joined you for the day.

ruemiraldi said...

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ruemiraldi said...

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ruemiraldi said...

Gorgeous photos, lovely hair, great day out....wish I could have joined you. You might like to check out my vintage pieces on

Alli said...

What a lovely looking day with lovely people. Gorgeous photos :)

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