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recipe: chili wasabi fish(i)

mirin wasabi fish chili a I've been wanting to post some recipes for a while, and so here is a start. I've been really enjoying cooking again lately – something to do with watching Nigella's shows again, I think – and this is a quick and delicious dinner that is good for the warmer weather. It also includes one of my favourite textures, crunchy! In particular, I love the crunchy cold-and-hot of iceberg lettuce wrapped around little spring rolls, but this is a much healthier way to enjoy it.

I get a lot of my fruit and veg from a local organic farmer's market once a week, but often run out by Wednesday, the day before pickup. And, annoyingly, the markets have closed by the time I finish work. Sometimes, a quick trot around the supermarket is called for.

This is my take on Nigella's Japanese Prawn Salad. This time, I replace her frozen prawns with Birdseye SteamFresh fish – their Hake – and add noodles and plenty of veg, using a Birds Eye Steam Fresh vegetable pack, as well as some fresh chili. It is so quick and easy to put together, perfect for a midweek dinner, and using the Birds Eye SteamFresh packs makes it even quicker. It saves on chopping, too. Topping and tailing string beans is a bit of a pet hate of mine, and I often try to speed it up using scissors, even though every time I do it I can see it isn't actually any faster, so I do love to skip this tedious part of cooking! It is also satisfyingly, deliciously good.

The Birdseye SteamFresh vegetables come in packs of four steam pouches, in a few different combinations of vegetables. I used the Broccoli, Corn, Peas and Green beans but any of the combinations are good – I think the Carrot, Peas, Baby Corn and Water Chestnuts would be great here, too. Each pouch is 2 of the recommended daily five serves of vegetables, which isn't too shabby for a super quick meal – and the lettuce and fresh coriander adds to the goodness factor. The fish is 97% fat free, cooks in less than five minutes and come in the following flavours: Lemon & Parsley, Garlic & Spring Onion, Thai Coconut Curry. I used the Lemon and Parsley pack as I felt this went well with my other ingredients, although I would have used the garlic and spring onion one if my local supermarket had stocked it.

To serve two for dinner, and two for lunch the next day, you need:
– iceberg lettuce
– noodles
– one or two fresh chilis, depending on how hot you like it
– a mix of veg of your choice
– tofu, fish, or prawns
– mirin
– wasabi paste
– garlic oil OR one or two garlic cloves and two tablespoons of olive oil
– a big bunch of fresh coriander
– three spring onions

Mix about two shot's worth of mirin with a good squeeze of wasabi paste – I love the heat of wasabi and am very generous with it, but use as much or as little as you like, to taste – to some chopped garlic and olive oil in a big bowl. I love garlic and used one unusually large garlic clove here, but I have made this with garlic oil, and no actual garlic bits, too. Stir in a good splash of water and – I use scissors for this – chop in the spring onions. Taste and add more of anything you think you want more of!

Pop two of the four steam bags of the Birds Eye veg into the microwave as per the instructions and put the kettle on to boil. Start the noodles cooking (oh how I want to tell you to let them luxuriate in a busily bubbling bath, or some such), and when the veg are ready add them to the bowl. Now it's time for the fish to go in the microwave, so in they go, and chop, wash and spin the lettuce. Scissor in some of the coriander into the mirin wasabi sauce, and, when they're ready, drain the noodles. To serve, start with a layer of noodles in a bowl, top with the lettuce, and then add the vegetables and their sauce. Chop and add the cooked fish, add some more fresh coriander and top with slices of the chilli. Quick, easy and done!


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To enter,just tell me: What do you like to do with your spare time during the week?

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Anonymous said...

With my spare time during the week I like to run on the beach :) That recipe looks delish!


Portrait of Curiosities said...

In my spare time around working I love to bake and play my classical guitar ... in the park preferably... the guitar part that is :)

GracefullyVintage said...

Well now that I am finished with university I'm really loving having so much time to practice sewing. I've been making lovely garments from 40s and 50s patterns! It feels like a real treat after a long semester! :)

Clare said...

Right now? These days my spare time is mostly trying to renovate our bathroom... but what I LIKE to do is knit and take a lot of baths. Not usually at the same time.

clake [at] iinet [dot] net [dot] au

Jacquie said...

s p a r e time is a bit of a rarity but when I'm lucky, I love to meet a friend for coffee and a movie or I like to sit with my laptop with a nice cuppa and browse some cute blogs (like yours!)


ourdailydress said...

Yum, that actually looks amazing! But healthy. A rare combination.

In my spare time I like to have a cuddle party with my animals. This usally involves playing some wii with a cat at my shoulder and another on lap, with to dogs being patted by my feet. Most excellent all round.

Esz said...

With my spare time - I love to sew like a demon! The well of motivation for this is so deep I can't see the bottom and I'm glad!
It's relaxing as well as making me feel productive. And creating a garment that I know no-one else in the world will own is intensely rewarding. What is even better? Making things for others!
So I've set things in motion to spend my free time making my own collection for others to enjoy :-) A small range of 40's separates and a dress or two. I can't wait to get started :-D

Lilacism said...

I love to read and journal!! :)

Meg said...

At the moment much of my spare time is devoted to gardening. I'm trying to make the most of the sunshine before it becomes a sweltering deterrent!

Joanne said...

Find a quiet spot and completely zone out reading a mag & eating something sweet,bliss!


RubySlypprz said...

Toodle around on my accordion, serenading Annabelle the dairy cow. Hurrah for creative & quick recipes, but BOO for plastic packaging.

An Scenic World said...

I love to read whatever's lying around whilst drinking soda water... I don't know, the whole experience is just so much improved by the bubbles.


Aloysia Adinda Nareswari said...



Iliska Dreams said...

In the small amount of spare time I get I like to be creative- photography, art, sewing, baking or even blogging. Anything that involves imagination and creation.


Magz and Mez said...

As I am still a student, I spend most of my time strengthening my hobbies and talents such as blogging and writing! :)

Kim maxwell said...

I would love to lay on a beach towel at the beach and read a fantastic book, that would be heaven, I will get there one day???

kim m

Jess said...

Baking is one of my favourite hobbies! I'm actually best known for making cupcakes and other delicious nomnoms! I wish I knew how to cook savoury food haha



VioletteCupcake said...

I like to pick a friend and a coin to drive around town with, and play heads or tails at every street to decide which way.

Sometimes ending up in little nooks and dead ends, but sometimes we discover the most tucked away beautiful parks and places!

LD said...

well at the moment, i do a few things. the weather has been great so i've been going short walks with my dog, started writing a novel based in the 40's (a love story of course) and catching up with some friends via blogging, or coffee :)

NEW BLOG- geekfashionista.wordpress.com

Elyce Sandri said...

Honestly... I love to drink hot chocolate, eat cake and day dream. Mmm now I am craving chocolate hehe!

Louise Elizabeth said...

My favourite thing to do in my spare time is gardening! My boyfriend and I planted a veggie patch in early spring and it has absolutely taken off! Now for the tomato plants to produce some fruit and I will be in heaven!


Louise Elizabeth said...

(I'm not sure if my last comment went through, so I'll try again. Sorry!)

My favourite thing to do in my spare time is gardening! my boyfriend and I planted a veggie patch in early spring and it has taken off! I can't wait for the first tomatoes to emerge! Yum!


Kathryn Nickel said...

I like to sew my own clothes :)

MichVee said...

With my spare time, I like to do jigsaw puzzles. Inpired by my elderly father who completes 1500+ piece puzzles and he's colour blind!!!

MichVee said...

Oops, email is kookla123@yahoo.com

look see said...

My spare time is taken up with photography, drawing and playing with our cat Jenkins.

Liz said...

One of my hobbies is finding my sense of style - I love reading fashion blogs for inspiration, trawling through online shops for pieces I like the look of, visiting markets on the weekend for unique pieces and playing dress-ups with my existing clothes! Hopefully, one day I will complete my quest for the perfect wardrobe!

Thanh said...

Youtubing! I can be entertained for hours on YouTube with all the weird and wonderful videos random people post on there!

email: loocy_luu@hotmail.com

Debs said...

Spare time? haha. If I had spare time I would totally learn how to dance hip hop style. I always wanted dance lessons as a kid and it just never happened so one day, I'm sure it'll happen. :)

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