Monday, 12 November 2012

rust and sheer black and blooming spring

sheer stripe skirt cape tobacco deep rust tights a What I wore on Saturday – my favourite black skirt with sheer panels from asos, rust coloured tights, my asos elbow patch jumper and cape, and my gorman shoes.

I love inner Melbourne. The rows and rows of Victorian worker's cottages on small blocks with ornate iron lace work (I think that's what it's called) and flowers in the tiny front yards. This street had two houses almost completely obscured by fluffy colourful blooms.

I think this shows a big part of what it's like living in Melbourne. See how bright and sunny it is? We are well into the half of the year that has blinding, burning hot sun, but it isn't necessarily hot, or even warm. On Friday night I didn't wear that sheer dress, but had to rug up in full on winter attire as it was freezing cold and raining. We had the heater on when we got home, and again on the Saturday morning. But then as Saturday went on, the temperature rose and... well, it wasn't too warm, but it looks it!

sheer stripe skirt cape tobacco deep rust tights d sheer stripe skirt cape tobacco deep rust tights b I got this skirt a few months ago and have worn it loads throughout winter. I've realised I didn't enjoy clothes very much for the past few months, and it's because I was – and still am – missing a few key pieces in my winter wardrobe. Now that Spring is (apparently, technically, but not always actually) here, I am more and more interested in cold-weather wear. Lots of 1940's crepe dresses, wool capes and black. All winter I wanted it to get warmer so I could wear my vintage sun dresses and now I want it to be cold again.

This is a good place to start for me, for writing what it is like moving from London to Melbourne. I haven't really wanted to write about it at the moment, as I don't like this time of year here. I love Autumn in London; the dark evenings for Hallowe'en and then bonfire night, and the settling in of the cold winter for Christmas. Here it is supposed to be the opposite, of course – hot summer days – but instead it is summer one day and winter the next, and all we've got to look forward to is months of extremely hot weather. I get even more homesick in Spring here than at any other time of year. sheer stripe skirt cape tobacco deep rust tights c sheer stripe skirt cape tobacco deep rust tights epretty floral melbourne street


Charlotte said...

your hair is gorgeous!

xx Charlotte
Tuppence Ha'penny

Jess said...

You look incredible! This is one of my favorite looks of yours (I've been following you a while, I'm just a little shy when making comments). Your hair, the tights that match the gorgeous shoes, the sheer skirt, the cape, everything is perfect and goes together so well.

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Loving the cape <3 xx

Spoonful of Vintage said...

I totally LOVE matching tights and shoes! It helps me to create the illusion of longer legs! haha.
I know what you mean about summer one day winter the next, I live in New Zealand and the weather is nuts here too this time of the year!
xox Amie

Kati said...

What a fantastic outfit! The colours go so well together and that little cape is just the bee's knees!

Maria Verymuchalive said...

You look stunning as always!

I completely understand your feelings about winter. I live in Moscow and autumn slowly but surely moves to winter and I always have no idea what to wear when it's cold. Hope your weather (as well as your mood) will get only better!

xx Maria

Jessica Cangiano said...

Fantastic outfit! Rust is such an underused (underworn!) colour these days. It sort of feel out of vogue quickly after the 70s, but I think there's such a great depth of warm to it and that it deserves a lot more play.

♥ Jessica

Debs said...

Homesickness is hard. I hope something will come along to cheer your heart. :)
x Debs

ConstantlyAlice said...

Your hair looks positively amazing <3

Alice Linnéa said...

Suddenly i have an urge to to an put on my red tights. Beautiful. Love to you from Sweden. <3

Rachel Proffitt said...

Well, if it makes you feel better, the change from England to the USA can be just as hard!
The traditions are, of course, very different. No bonfire night or fireworks.
It is a lot hotter here in the summer and gets colder in the winter... vintage clothing doesn't necessarily like either of these things either :/
That being said, there are other wonderful things ;) I do enjoy Thanksgiving (yummy) and the odd 80*F day in January can be fun too ;) (though not as usual as you there).
I also like our longer growing season, though I hate the fact some of my favourites can never grow here because it gets too hot too soon :/ Oh well!
You look lovely though, and I really love the cape!

Naomi at The Occasional Indulgence said...

This is so pretty!

ourdailydress said...

Ah, the Melbourne weather. Think off all the sunshine though, when it finally arrives! I think I recognise that street too - I love all the tiny front gardens in Melbourne.

Teresa said...

I know how you feel about spring. The weather is so up and down and even though I love the spring sun it always means the long and hot days of summer are just around the corner. :(

esme and the laneway said...

Spoonful of Vintage: I've heard that about NZ – and that it's really windy, too! :)

Maria Verymuchalive: haha thanks! I think I sounded extra sad because I hadn't had a coffee when I did the post ;D

Anonymous said...

Marianne you a so beautiful!
What foundation do you use?
I also have very pale skin and find the lightest of makeup to look orange. Ick!

- Aimee

Katherine Steven said...

Really looking awesome in that outfit! during winter months its really looking awesome to dress up with winter cardigans and skirt!

AngeliqueDama said...

In love with your heels:)

The Silver Cage said...

It is hard to imagine feeling homesick when surrounded by such beautiful spring flowers! Perhaps I just find it hard to understand because here on the east coast of the US we are heading into winter, and it will be about another four months before I see any flowers again.

norafinds said...


Far out, it's the perfect vintage meets modern outfit!!


Melanie said...

I love your shirt :) The design is so unusual !

Melanie ~

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