Tuesday, 4 December 2012

going to melbourne houses, vintage skirts, laneways, and cats

black jumper vintage skirt g Last Saturday, we had a very house-y day. Not in a stay-at-home kind of way, but a visit-and-get-ideas way. It was lovely. I am sprucing our place at the moment and love looking at interiors!

chorizo burger blue bird cafe chorizo burger blue bird cafe b First up, though, a good breakfast was needed. We went to Blue Bird cafe in Collingwood, where John had a delicious (I know because I got a good bite, obviously) chorizo burger, and I had fresh fruit salad and muesli. I'd forgotten how good fruit is here in summer, and can't wait to stock up on more.

fruit muesli blue bird cafe Then we had a look at The Cool House, by the Cool Hunter, in Collingwood. the cool house collingwood Lots of bright colours in an amazing warehouse. wall of flowers I liked the rainbow of flowers on these shelves. flowers the cool house b And think they went well with the modern pieces. flowers the cool house It also reminded me I want to plant something in my teeeeeeny tiny patch of dirt at the front of my house. Maybe blue hydrangeas. coral bottles I loved all the strong coral. coral salad bowl Like this salad bowl and – I'm having a mind blank – tongs? Salad stirry-and-servey-things! coral cushion The cushions match nicely. the cool hunter cool house I like the colourful paper balls in the high ceiling space. I think some here at home would work well. collingwood tower Collingwood is one of my favourite suburbs in Melbourne, with lots of beautiful old buildings, some of which are pretty run down. I'd love to have a look inside this tower. Now it was time to head down to Prahran – pronounced Pa-rann if you're not familiar! – to have a look at The Design Files Open House. tdf open house view from upstairs More bright colours... tdf open house shelves ... and that gorgeous coral shade again... book art nj tdf open house ... I love these. tdf open house trees Even the garden was super colourful. windsor view And this is the view over Prahran. So classically Melbourne, with corrugated roofs, chimneys and palm trees. black jumper vintage skirt a And then it was time to prance about in a laneway in St Kilda, which is a very important weekend activity! I was wearing my vintage skirt with rust coloured stripes and blue and black flowers, my Gorman rust suede platforms and an asos black jumper with a white collar. After a few hot days, it was wonderful to have a cooler spell. black jumper vintage skirt b I saw a photograph of my aunt-in-law, from the late 1950s, where she was wearing a similar skirt with a collar and jumper, and she looked amazing. Direct inspiration for me. black jumper vintage skirt c black jumper vintage skirt d I pinned my hair up in a casual up do, and curled the front sections. It was pretty windy and after several hours of driving and walking, it definitely was getting very casual! black jumper vintage skirt f Pastel peach nails inspired by Marnie, which we watched the night before. black jumper vintage skirt k I love ivy, and would like to get a full wall of it, like this, growing at home. black jumper vintage skirt i black jumper vintage skirt j cat laneway A cat wanted to know what we were up too. black and white cat But he wanted to sit alone in the sun even more. I understand. Clever cat. We were ready to go home and sit down, too. After an exhausting few days, it was nice to relax. And that was Saturday! black jumper vintage skirt j black jumper vintage skirt h


Eva Wu said...

That’s awesome!
Congrats and great job on the styling!
You always look gorgeous!

Miss Fairchild said...

Great outfit.

Elyce Sandri said...

I am so sad I missed the Design Files Open House! Was too busy this weekend *sheds tear*. It looked amazing in photos... maybe it is a good thing I missed it, I am sure I would have left brimming with ideas and an empty wallet!!

Kati said...

Seriously, I sometimes can't believe how pretty you are!

Two Happy Hearts said...

What a beauty-filled day! There are so many beautiful colors and details that you captured. And you just look stunning!

Meg Eileen Carroll said...

Your posts of outings make me yearn for the day that I live in Melbourne. I love the shots of the flowers on the wall, so colourful!! Also, I know you can't see it in this post, but do you know the name of the type of neckline of the dress you are wearing, I just love it so much and have no idea how to track down a dress just like it :D


Jazzie said...

Lovely photos! I love your sweater. It really is so interesting to see how different Melbourne is compared to Brisbane!

Alli said...

I love those flowers in that shop....especially the blue/pink/purple shade....pretty.
And the shots of you in front of the ivy are gorgeous. That vibrant green is a brilliant backdrop, and you look beautiful as always :)

Spoonful of Vintage said...

Oh I LOVE gathering home d├ęcor inspiration! So lovely that you can get out and about to take in all of the ideas!...and I'd totally recommend planting hydrangeas, They are really easy to dry and last for forever so they're everlasting flowers in a vase :)
xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage

Tors Grantham said...

Lovely pics as ever! I highly recommend a hydrangea, I have one in my front garden and I love it, it's always so beautiful to look at. One thing about the colour though, from what I understand the soil pH determines what colour flower you get, this means you can get colour changes as the years pass - mine's gone from pink to purple in the 4 years I've lived here!

Sydney said...

you look so amazing in that cosmopop lip color! like it was made for your skin tone! i love it

Franca said...

such beautiful bright colours!

Miss Maple said...

I love that skirt every time you wear it. And the combination with a black jumper and white collar is great. I think you can match that with a lot of different skirts. Last time I found a blouse with this kind of collar too at H&M and I wore it with a black cardigan and a polka dot bow. If you want to have a look at my outfit you can find it here:

esme and the laneway said...

Eva Wu and Miss Fairchild: thanks!
‪Elyce Sandri‬ there'll be loads of photos online, at least – and far more detailed than mine, so you can enjoy it without the crowds, and the empty wallet risk! :)

‪Kati‬ I really should post some of the bad photos of me, there are plenty! ;p

‪Two Happy Hearts‬ thanks! It was nice to see so much of Melbourne in one day!

‪Meg Eileen Carroll‬ Melbourne can be pretty. It's just a jumper with a collar and a skirt, and asos has a few similar jumpers atm :)

‪Jazzie‬ I think the sweater is about to die, boooo! They are soooo different. I loved Brisbane and want to go back soon!

‪Alli‬ thanks! When we saw the ivy we knew it was photo time ;)

‪Spoonful of Vintage‬ ooooh thanks! I am wary of planting anything in case it dies straight away ;p Drying them sounds like a great idea, too!

‪Tors Grantham‬ they are such gorgeous flowers. And I think I read that somewhere about the pH, too – it's interesting yours changed over the years, like they're eating the acids/alkalis! Slurp. My front garden (big exaggeration, ha!) only gets morning sun but I'll see if they grow :)

‪Sydney‬ thanks! It's a nice change from the red but I'll always go back to it :D

‪Franca‬ yes, really cheerful!

‪Miss Maple‬ cute! <3

cecylia said...

you really are the most beautiful creature in the world. xx

Jessica Cangiano said...

I know just what you mean about how it's sometimes easy to forget how magnificent locally grown fruit can be during the colder months. The area where we live is one of the fruit growing capitals of Canada (apples, pears, plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots, grapes, etc), and though we make do with what's in the shops during the cold months, as soon as you bite into the first peach of the season again, it's like a little slice of heaven on earth on your tongue.

♥ Jessica

esme and the laneway said...

Jessica Cangiano: it's so easy to do, isn't it? Although a lot of our fruit is from thousands of km away..! We try to stick to the more local stuff but I love having the option of all Aus fruits! x

Iliska Dreams said...

Love a pretty vintage skirt. So many styling options.


Melanie said...

I love the rainbow of flowers too ! And your lipstick is gorgeous, I love the colour ^^

Melanie ~ www.mlncrd.com

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