Thursday, 6 December 2012

intermissions and good news

pink flowers peppers pink yellow flowers holly lodge Hello! The good news is that the malware issue is all sorted now. It seems there was never actually any malware, just the suspicion, but of course it is better to be safe than sorry with this kind of thing. Thank you so much for letting me know there was a problem as I wouldn't have known about it otherwise – it was unlikely I would have seen it from my end.

More news: I have finally taken the annoying word detection off for commenting. I've been getting feedback about it for a while that it was getting really difficult (not to mention irritating, which I totally agree with, it is both!) to use, but more recently it has been stopping commenting completely. So it's gone! I am a bit nervous about what will happen regarding spam but it is important to try and make things better. Especially for commenting from you, which is not only a joy for me, but also a way for you to communicate with other readers. I love that that can happen here, and would like it to take place even more. Again, thank you for your feedback on this. It is a huge help!

societea yum yums Finally, thank you so much for your patience with my posting lately! All over the place. I can only blame a small part of it on technical difficulties, but things have now changed pace again for me and I have lots of posts to share. Lots of pictures to edit, too. I love doing this so I am VERY excited about it! I have lots of events, adventures and good times coming up. x wombat hill flowers


Esz said...

Have you thought about adding Disqus for comments? I use it (dont remind me about being a bad blogger eek), and heaps of other big blogs like Tom & Lorenzo. Its really good cos you have your profile and can Like and respond to other commenters really easily. Definitely the easiest commenting system to use from my experience :-D
And thanks for getting rid of the word detection - always painful those things!

esme and the laneway said...

Esz: I have! I just don't know how to do it. I also want to move over to wordpress and host my own images and of course have my own website but I don't know how to do it all, and haven't had time to get past the wishing stage all year! I hopefully will get this all done early next year... and I hope with Disqus!

Melissa Gaggiano said...

I am also considering crossing over to Wordpress or something similar. Not wanting to diss, but have had some issues with Blogger in recent months.
Loving your inspirational work.
[Air Kisses]

Miss Fairchild said...

Wordpress is fantastically easy to use. I highly recommend it. My hubby also used to design custom wordpress website/blogs so if you ever need a hand let me know. He might be able to give you some advice.

LandGirl1980 said...

Yay! I can seeeeee you again :D Silly non virus. I switched to Disquis this year - super simple and great help from them when my existing comments took ages to transfer over. I would sort out moving to WP and then change when your all sorted :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

I'm all for security, but I think that Blogger really needs to go back to the drawing board with their captchas. They weren't too bad until a few months ago, but when characters from foreign alphabets (that I had no easy way of replicating on my Canadian English keyboard) started popping up in some of them, I removed that step from the commenting process on my blog. I still have comments set so that they have to be approved by me first (this is both to help weed out spam and also because I like to try and return a comment on the blogs of those who visit me, and if I do so at the time the comment is approved, it makes for a very smooth back and forth commenting system), but at least my readers are spared those eyebrow raising captchas. All this to say thank you for doing away with that step here, I appreciate it and am sure many others do as well.

♥ Jessica

esme and the laneway said...

Melissa Gaggiano: I've not had problems with blogger yet (touch wood!), but I keep hearing about wordpress being better for self hosting... I am terrified of moving it all though!

Miss Fairchild: oh you're lucky! :D Thanks for the offer but I think I'd chew his ear off! ;p

LandGirl1980: sounds the like best plan. Just...scary! What if it doesn't transfer?

Jessica Cangiano: that sounds like a really good idea. I hadn't seen the captcha for ages until I was commenting on a blog that still had it, and it took me several goes to get it right... ridiculous! Then again, spam can be a real problem so I guess there needs to be some way to weed it out. Plenty of it gets past the captch though, so here's to captcha free life! :D

look see said...

I know what you mean about the commenting - I took word detection off and haven't had any spam (but I don't have nearly as many visitors as you!!)

Love that it's easier to comment and love these pretty photos! :)

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