Wednesday, 5 December 2012

my new shoes from marni

marni boots shoes d I's hard to believe it after the mini heatwave we had here last week, but for the last couple of days Melbourne has been really cold. Ah, hello, summer? Cold as in we have had snow in the mountains and I am this close to putting the heater on. And less than a week ago I had the air con going..! marni boots shoes c In some ways it has made me very happy, though. Not just because it is actually far more comfortable than 40C, although that is definitely something. I am extra happy because it has been cold enough for me to wear my new Marni shoes!

Or are they boots?

Booties is a word that I think I'll reserve for babies' wear. Cute as it is. marni boots shoes b I LOVE my Marni shoes. For a while now, I have had less-but-better running through my head like a kind of mantra, and have found it especially applicable to shoes. marni boots shoes a This pair has everything I love, from the round toed, almost orthopedic stylings to the high wooden heel. Alright, so I am not that far from the cute territory; look at the dotty bunny! marni boots shoes h When I was lacing them up I wanted to take some pictures of them in their pristine, unworn glory. (Babycat's fluff has already made itself at home on them. I think that took all of a day.) marni boots shoes g And I like them so much I just had to lay on the rug and snap them on the sofa. marni boots shoes f And finally, I just wanted to prove that yes, I did do up both! x marni boots shoes e


Esz said...

Always always inspiring the major shoe envy!!
Where did you get these babies from? Yes I will haunt the shoe shops you visit (online) ;-P

lauren, curious constellation said...

I don't think I have ever experienced such envy over shoes but it's happening right now. Gimme gimme! (:

Alli said...

You really find the most amazing shoes! Love them :)

Mrs Advocat said...

Those are great, love the 'chunky' quality of Marni, great for shoes and accessories!
Coming from London, how do you find shopping in Oz? We might be making a move down under soon, and we are trying to decide whether to ship or to replace things

Sara said...

Ah how beautiful shoes! I fell in love..!

Katie Frank said...

yay, these are awesome! <3

Jessica Cangiano said...

Awesome cutouts on these chic shoes. The nail head looking metal embellishments are fantastic, too. They instantly make me think of all the nail head and stud adorned dresses and handbags of the 40s.

♥ Jessica

esme and the laneway said...

Esz: hehe thanks :) These are from, much nicer to my wallet!

lauren, curious constellation: :D x

Alli: thanks! x

Mrs Advocat: I'll always love that chunky, bookworm thing. Shopping here compared to London... depends what for, and where in Aus! I would suggest you ship anything you absolutely love, and also be prepared for things being way more expensive here. And then we have way more expensive shipping fees, too..! That said, you can find some amazing vintage/mid century furniture here for pretty good prices if you know where to look! x

Sara: me too, I looked at them for months before I bought them and I'm so glad I did click buy.

Katie Frank: <3

Jessica Cangiano: I haven't seen nail heads on 1940s things, I'll have a look! I think our range of vintage here in Aus is often quite limited and conservative.

Mrs Advocat said...

Thanky you! seems we might end up in Sydney as there's where my Mr. is from and he misses the Manly surf :)

AngeliqueDama said...

In love with them<3

Melanie said...

They are really gorgeous :)

Melanie ~

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