Tuesday, 29 January 2013

an australia day in vintage, a fly by and a faux bang

blue floral aus day a Saturday was Australia day. I did the Strayan (that is Australian in Australian, for those of you outside Straya – which is, yep, Australian for Australia) thing and took myself off to a picnic to Drink Outdoors and Play Sports. To be honest I was really tired – I've been tired all weekend, how dull – so I needed a coffee first to get me going. And, more honesty: I was more excited by my hair than by looming Outdoor Sports. I found my pale yellow rat (lovely name for it) after months of thinking I must have chucked it out, and was in the mood for some vintage hair styling. I did my first faux bang in ages, and was pleased with how it turned out. It had a gentle sideways S shape that I decided to work with rather than fight against – oh, freshly washed slippery hair, you know how it is – and even put a small peachy coral flower on the up side, another first-in-a-while! blue floral aus day b I've also been getting into nail art and have been doing fanceh nails myself. I used tape for these but as always, the nail polish blobbed under the tape in some places. I have decided to stick to practicing my free hand painting, tape-free.
I might just wave my hands quickly at arms length when showing them for a while; movement + distance = oh that's
quite good! blue floral aus day c I had a side boo next to my faux bang. Wow, what a sentence. It's ok, it does make sense..! I also have sore eyes form an allergy and a wish that hair pins were made in clear plastic, or at least white-blonde colour. Wouldn't that be useful! I also finally got an orange lip liner to wear with my orange lipstick. I love wearing it, and I love orange with blue. I've also been filling out my eyebrows, expanding – literally – on their early 1960s' shape. blue floral aus day l blue floral aus day d It was one of our weird mid summer days that are kind of dark grey but glarey at the same time. I wore my new vintage blue floral cotton dress with the elbow length sleeves – funny how slightly longer sleeves can make a dress seem so much warmer. I never expect it to be cold at this time of year and I wished I'd worn tights, and it's interesting seeing how different bright colours look on a gloomy day. I'm still madly in love with my orange polka dot shoes – they go with so, so much! – but I promise I will start wearing other shoes on the blog again, soon, too. Promise! blue floral aus day f We played badminton and it got rather strenuous. Even I upped my game and actually moved my feet off the ground in my enthusiasm to hit the shuttlecock, but not quite this much! Note the beer in hand on the left there; most Strayan. blue floral aus day e There was a flyover, and after a few minutes I had to get my camera. They came in really close, and it was actually really impressive; I wish I got some shots of when they were so close to us. How do they remember those long routines? I love the noise they make, and they flew so low the ground rumbled. It was actually pretty exciting... who knew?! blue floral aus day g I'd put my badminton racket down to get my camera and it was promptly snatched up by this chap – but with tattoos that good there was no pouting from me. And how good is that lobster shirt? blue floral aus day h blue floral aus day k My hair survived my sporting antics pretty well. Considering it was windy, too, I was rather pleased. Still, that was enough Outdoor Time, so we headed home for dinner and I painted a ladder – and more on that soon. I almost said happy Monday, but yesterday was a public holiday and so: happy Tuesday! One day closer to the weekend! x blue floral aus day j


Panty Buns said...

Your hair came out looking beautiful. I love the look of the faux bags, coral flower and your fancy updo. You did your lipstick and mascara perfectly and your vintage blue floral-print dress is very pretty. You needn't move your hands quickly at arms length - your nail art is lovely. Are your badminton playing companions part of a ballet troupe by any chance? It rather looks like it in at least one of those photos (beer in hand no less). It's still Monday here in the U.S. where I am, so thank you for the Happy Monday and a Happy Tuesday to you!!!

Esz said...

Your hair is cool! I have a rat thing I use - it's wool roving (used for felting) as it's the only thing I could get that is red-red and wont show under my hair!
Also - pins - I've looked for red ones on ebay and there's a few that can be found - be wary of cheap looking non-hairdresser ones as they don't hold hair very well. But they do exist!

And - in response to your Gorman obsession - my boss is the same - she can't get enough Gorman shoes! :-D

Harlow Darling said...

Haha I love that you say 'Straya!

As for hair pins, there actually are ones that come in a pack of 3 different blonde shades, one for a white silvery blonde like yours and then two other shades. You can get them in Woolworths, which you have in Melb...right? And if not, I could send you some because I always have like 5 unopened packs of them :D Let me know!

Meg Eileen Carroll said...

I love your faux bang, it's certainly been a while. ALso, your nail art (which I've seen a fair bit via your instagram) is superb. Looks like a super fun austalia day. I spent it listening to the triple j hottest 100 count down and dancing the night away. best australia day ever :D


Debs said...

That would have to be the best action shot I've seen in a long time! Love the beer - yes so strayan. Your outfit was perfect as usual, but that lobster shirt comes a close second. Actually you're lucky. Where I was on Australia Day, 90% of the male population was shirtless - not pretty!

Steph said...

hi esme - just stumbled upon your blog via the sweetest occasion's round-up of up-and-coming blogs and i can honestly say i'm hooked. there's just such a great vibe here, makes me wanna stick around!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Your hair looks magnificent like this! I never had the volume of hair needed with my real hair to create that marvelous "u" shape to my rolled bangs . The wig I have now has cute bangs, but they're not really long enough to roll, so I'll just have to wait until one day when I get a wig with longer hair to hopefully (finally!) create the perfect rolled bang.

♥ Jessica

Katy said...

Marianne, your hair looks beautiful! I would love a tutorial pretty please :) hope you had a fab day for Australia Day!

Katy xox

Hannah said...

Your hair looks beautiful, unclear kirby grip and all! xxx

Danika Jane said...

So so pretty!

norafinds said...

Lovely! I celebrated my straya day at the tennis court and followed by pub lunch! :) Unfortunately I didn't look as cute as you :p And I got a sun burn ahahah!

Happy straya day


Miss Jojangles said...

Oh my goodness! The hair, the nails, the shoes, THE DRESS! You look simply gorgeous and it sounds like you had the most fabulous day! I'm so envious of the sunshine in all your pictures! It's absolutely freezing and grey here in England! Super love your blog! X

Helen Le Caplain said...

What a great outfit - love the orange colour pop and your hair (you're much more patient than I am!)


Mrs Advocat said...

Oh yes, my Strayan husband was remembering strayan day all the way here on the other side of the world

RDYN! said...

You seem to have a great Straya Day. And I'm in awe with your hair, it looks amazing!

I love the colour too!

Megan Colwell said...

Please please please let me know when you do a how-to on faux bangs. I LOVE it!


Stefanie said...

You would think white blind or clear hair pins would be invented or if they are more readily available. Ph and those shoes are just too cute not to wear everyday. :)


So lovely! There must be clear hairpins out there somewhere.

Ann said...

Sometimes I feel like turning my back on the retro style I've been into since I was a teenager, because I think it's getting boring in my mid-20's... But then I stumple upon things like you and your hair - beautiful! Once again I'm inspired to keep on looking like I do.

Becky said...

Clear hairpins would be revolutionary!


Teresa said...

You hair looks wonderful and so do your nails!

(I secretly cringe every time I hear "straya" but I giggled at you saying it ;)

Lynn Dylan said...

Marianne, you are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! As always! I have been into blues lately too, but mostly in my paintings and around the house. Have some recent Laura Ashley fabric that I thrifted -- say about 11 yards for 1.59? Yes. For the whole lot! They made great curtains and desk curtain. Blue's a great color!


Elle said...

Light blue and peachy orange is one of my favourite colour combinations as well, and it looks beautiful on you! I think it may factor into my spring and summer colour palette...


esme and the laneway said...

‪Panty Buns‬ : happy Monday! :D haha no, no dancers, but I think they enjoyed that :)

‪Esz‬ : your boss has excellent taste ;D Your rat thing sounds interesting, I just use those nylon tiny loop ones but I should try a firmer one. This one is going ok though.

‪Harlow Darling‬ : we have Woolworths but I haven't seen these pins, I'll have another look. Thanks so much for the info! And the offer :) I might take you up on it and buy some from you; matching hair pins is a dream!

‪Meg Eileen Carroll‬ sounds perfect! x

‪Debs‬ : oh I don't know, I don't mind a topless male or two..! :D

‪ ‬
‪Steph‬ : Hello and welcome! I havem't seen this round up so thanks for the heads up, I'll have a look for it :) Glad you like it! x

‪Jessica Cangiano‬ : can you roll that bang in a kind of long loop, like Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity?

‪Katy‬ : thanks :) I've an old one on Youtube, when I had black hair. :) I should do a new, better quality one now I've got a camera that does video, though. x

‪Hannah‬ : hehe thanks!

‪Danika Jane‬ : thanks x

‪norafinds‬ sounds good until the sunburn! :< hope it's better now. Boo to the strong sun!

‪Miss Jojangles‬ thanks – but I'd happily swap you a sunny day for a cold English grey one, it gets a bit monotonous here..! x

‪Helen Le Caplain‬ : thanks – it doesn't take too long once you get the hang of it. :)

‪Mrs Advocat‬ : haha hope you guys had a good one! Does he get in to the Triple J 100 ?

‪RDYN!‬ thanks! I hope I can keep the blonde/pastel a bit longer, but I'm worried it's about to fall out. It did a bit last time I did my roots which is why I'm thinking of going back to red. :o

‪Megan Colwell‬ : there's and old one on my youtubes but I will do a new, better quality one.

‪Stefanie‬ : I know! SO much demand for them!

‪MOUSEVOX VINTAGE‬ : thanks – and it sounds as though there might be, hooray!

‪Ann‬ : totally know what you mean. Anything that feels like an obligation gets tired very quickly so it's nice to be able to do what you want with hair and style, rather than stick to one thing because you feel you're committed. I get tired of doing vintage hair sometimes and then bam! I'm back into it :D

‪Becky‬: and they might just exist... excited! :D

‪Teresa‬ thanks! Haha the straya is done with tongue in cheek, honestly :D There was a giant Aussie flag thong there, headbands with "go Australia" on them, all to be laughed at.

‪Lynn Dylan‬ wow that's a bargain! Awesome! :D

‪Elle‬ thanks :) And perfect spring colours! x

Jemima Granny Chic Gal said...

Such a beautiful dress! A news reader on BBC had a royal blue dress with a bright orange skinny belt yesterday morning, most fetching I felt. I think it has a dutch feel to it. I draw the line at wooden clogs though..!

Nancy Wilde said...

You are such a babe! You look like a porcelain dolly, lady :) I love to see a blonde with those faux bangs, it looks flawless! Those victory rolls look perfect too. Not to mention the rosy cheeks! TOO BEAUTIFUL!


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