Tuesday, 22 January 2013

big collars and little collars and a bit of shade in the summertime

bw collar buttons vintage dress a I woke up to grey skies this morning and to be honest I rather liked it. After day after day of sunshine it is nice to have a bit of something different, and while I know we are only about halfway through summer here, I really am starting to look forward to winter. Or maybe that's not strictly true: I've been thinking about winter, and winter clothing, since November or so and have been gathering a few warm things for when the skies will be grey here far more often.

One thing I am really, really looking forward to come April is wearing some black, some pencil skirts and some mid century wiggle dresses. Things far more strict, serious and grown up than colourful summer fripperies. As much as I love to
see my clothes rack heaving with a rainbow of vintage cotton prints – and that section of the rack is looking
wonderfully, upliftingly stuffed these days – I look forward to the contrast, too. I love living with seasons, and the
changes they insist on. bw collar buttons vintage dress b One such dress that I can't wait to wear is this black wool fitted number, with intricate embroidery on a cream collar. I can't imagine wearing this now, as it would be so warm, and I can't imagine ever wanting to layer up again. Of course I feel like this twice year, at each extreme, and soon enough will be more than happy to be quickly getting into full slips and warm wool dresses after reluctantly wrenching myself out of a toasty bed.

I think this dress might have inspired me and mah nails. I am really getting into the fancy nail art trend and deicided to add a little something to my fire engine red. I love red heart tips on pale pink, but in keeping with my dark, bold mood of this morning, I tipped the red with darkest purple, the colour of sticky fig jam, and made a little collar and added some buttons, and topped it off with a lilac... well, I guess it's a top button! I am new to this free handing nail business but I intend to get a good amount of practice in. Funnily enough, I painted my right ring finger with my left hand better than the other side – I'm right handed. Something to do with concentration? Whatever, it's something to do while watching films – if only I could find Betty Grable's Pin Up Girl! Anyway, it's time to go and make dinner, so I'm off to get cooking and presumably chip my polish – which'll give me a good reason to practice straight away! x bw collar buttons vintage dress c


Meg Eileen Carroll said...

Oh that dress looks gorgeous. I've got a wooly vintage dress which is waiting for the cold winter nights as well, but enjoying the sunshine in this moment. Also, you have no idea how excited I was to see you following me on instagram. I'm just new to it and it's so much fun (way to many selfies and pictures of my food. oopsy!) :D


Mrs Advocat said...

I understand, I find that it is pretty hard to dress up during the height of summer as the heat makes you prioritise comfort to style. At the same time, living in Scandinavia it does not really matter what you wear as you're always covered up in coats and cardigans so the short time in between is usually perfect ;)

jardine said...

gorgeous collared dress! such pretty intricately wrought details. oh maidenhair ferns, so light and lovely. thanks for posting

jardine said...

gorgeous collared dress! such pretty intricately wrought details. oh maidenhair ferns, so light and lovely. thanks for posting

Loulou said...

I agree ... It is a pleasure to live with seasons. So funny that you're currently pining for cooler days, and I for warmer, less snowy days! The beauty of the Internet is to be able to see such differing points of view around the world!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Absolutely adorable nails! Collars on your fingers = brilliant! :)

♥ Jessica

Becky said...

Aaw your nails are so cute!


Teresa said...

The collar on your dress is AMAZING! Love it. I can't wait for the cooler weather too. :)

GracefullyVintage said...

That dress is divine!!! I'm off to New Zealand for a week! I get to escape the Australian heat! X

esme and the laneway said...

Meg Eileen Carroll: selfies and food shots are what make Instagram great! :D

Mrs Advocat: true, and you end up wearing the same thing over and over again. I love me a pretty colourful dress but I like a bit of variety, too! :)

Anonymous jardine: I know, the details make me not want to think about them, they would have taken so long! My poor maiden hair plant, it's not looking too healthy these days! I hope it plumps up a bit again.

Loulou: absolutely! I love seeing the other side of the world :) Although I often avoid London blogs atm because they make me too homesick and sad.

Jessica Cangiano: hehe thank you!

Becky: thanks! They are, of course, chipped and retouched already ;)

Teresa: oh I knowwwwww... imagine if each season only lasted 6 weeks and we had double the amount in a year!

GracefullyVintage: oh how nice! NZ looks so lush <3

kaarlijnx-x said...

ahw, lovely pictures and I really like your cute nails x

Melanie said...

Your nail is super cute!

Love xx
Melanie ~ www.mlncrd.com

BaronessVonVintage said...

that is truly the PERFECT dress....peter pan collars, black and white = WIN!

ultrahedonist said...

Oh, I'm surprised to see this dress! I have one with an *identical* collar and yoke, but it's short-sleeved and made, I'm quite sure, of cotton. I love it and wear it year-round!

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