Tuesday, 8 January 2013

blue ruffles and that summer feeling

vintage blue ruffle dress a vintage blue ruffle dress b Hello! Happy Tuesday! This is what I wore from what feels like an age ago, but it was somewhere between Christmas and the New Year. I love losing track of what day of the week it is when on a break – I think it's definitely a good sign of being very relaxed! Much needed after last year, but more on that another time.

I was planning on having a few more photos in this post. We visited the gardens around the Melbourne Museum (I can never remember what they're called) and had some nice photos of the beautiful fountain, but something went wrong. When I was downloading my photos from my phone to the computer yesterday, it deleted the photos but didn't download them (oh hooray), so I've lost a whole week's worth. I think they must still be stored somewhere but I don't really know where, so I've accepted that they've gone, at least for now, and have been practising my serenity without giving up all hope whilst really looking forward to getting my camera back from the repairers. I think that's some pretty good multi tasking. These are the only two pictures I have of the day from my Instagram. I'm @laneway_esme if you want to follow.

Anyway, I really wanted to post about this dress. I've had this vintage blue ruffled number for a few years now, and have been enjoying it even more this summer. I'm in such a carefree mood and feel like wearing ruffles and full skirts and colourful cottons. It's funny, as I did do some vintage shopping over the holidays (you know, I managed to squeeze some in) and I got a couple of wool wiggle dresses, very simple and serious. I am looking forward to wearing them but at the same time, I feel like wearing the complete opposite for the rest of summer, and want girly and light-hearted and flouncy and gingham. Who knows, maybe some ric rac! I'm even looking at square dancing dresses, which I never thought would happen. I think it makes sense, though, to have more than one mood for the year's wardrobe. What about you – do you find have very different moods with summer and winter dressing?


Amanda said...

Ooh, some of the square dance dresses are super cute. I got one, wore it a few times, and then removed the poofy sleeves so it was a little more wearable in an everyday way. I always get compliments on it!

Two Happy Hearts said...

Beautiful! I love that lipstick.
And I totally agree - certain weather changes my mood & the way I dress ;)

Nika Chick said...

Your dress is totally stunning! Love this fabric and sky color. It was made for summer, definitely!

Mancunian Vintage said...

What a lovely dress (and pics!)

It's strange seeing the holiday between Christmas and New Year including sunshine (I'm in Manchester, UK) and it's more usual to be muffled up (in vintage coat, hat and clothes natch)

Hope you have some luck with your missing pics when it comes back from the repairers :)


Jessica Cangiano said...

I may have said this before, so do forgive me I'm veering into broken record territory, but I adore the sense of cheerfulness that radiates through so many of your photos. The second one here is just the perfect embodiment of warm weather bliss!

♥ Jessica


My husband spoiled me to no end this Christmas by giving me my first iPhone. As such I'm now on Instagram (@chronicallyvintage), too, at long last, and am off to follow you right away.

shipshapeandbristolfashion said...

It's so nice seeing what you wear since it's summer over there - I definitely dress differently in winter - I have a lot more of a nesting instinct, picking layers and separates over dresses. x


These are so great - I can almost feel the sun on my face from looking at them!

Winter and Summer dressing is kind of one in the same where I live (Northern California), so I don't really think of dressing in terms of seasons anymore. I kind of miss the changes, but consistency does make for simpler shopping habits!

Nikki said...

Beautiful day in Melbourne Marianne. Love the dress.

Eva Wu said...

i love how professional your blog and your outfit posts look

Kailey said...

Ever since I found this dress on etsy:


I have been OBSESSED with square dancing dresses - sometimes they miss the mark, but sometimes, they are truly lovely! So I definitely know how you feel :D

esme and the laneway said...

Amanda: That's a great idea, thanks! You've convinced me and I just bought a square dancing dress that will be wearable with and without its puffy sleeves :D x

Two Happy Hearts : thanks! It makes sense, doesn't it, especially wih more extreme seasonal changes,

Nika Chick: thanks! xxx

Mancunian Vintage: thanks! It's still weird for me, too, after all these years. I do miss a cold weather Christmas and New Year! The photos are somewhere hidden in apple land :< but I should have another camera soon, phew!

Jessica Cangiano : thanks so much! I am glad they do that, it's what I hope for :D And I will look you up on instagram right now! x

shipshapeandbristolfashion : ah that sounds cozy :)

MOUSEVOX VINTAGE I can see the pros and cons for both! It would be nice to wear dresses all year round though :D I know you can add tights and coats here but it's not quite the same! :D

Nikki : thanks! If only I could have had the pictures of Melbourne in the post too. Ah well, drama's almost over.

Eva Wu : you tease me! ;D

esme and the laneway said...

Kailey: wow, it's amazing! I love the collage of them all, Kimbra looks amazing too!

Sarah said...

In the summer all I feel like wearing is black and ruffles, and my whole wardrobe goes very goth; In the winter it is so dark and gloomy that I want to brighten things up, and all of my clothes are brightly coloured. At least that's how the last year or so has gone, who knows about this year!

Kalaurie Karl-Crooks said...

Gorgeous frock.


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