Friday, 18 January 2013

how I met babycat and my photogrpahy tips – an interview at mermaidens

marianne Happy Friday! I just did an interview with the lovely Kailey from the dreamy candy-hued world that is the mermaidens blog. Find out how I met Babycat, what music I've been listening to and some of my photography tips here. Thanks, Kailey!


Iliska Dreams said...

Did you get a haircut? Or is that an older image?

Hannah said...

Lovely interview, you are inspiring me to take better photos as I am currently crap at doing so! x

Shell KittyAndBuck said...

Ah, I love Kailey, she's such a sweetheart, heading over to read that one now :)

Teardrops Are Falling said...

I found you through Kailey's blog! (:
Your hair is so beautiful!! ♥


Teardops Are Falling

Sara Corpsie said...

good day miss Marianne :3
I found your light, scone-like-delicious blog through miss Mothmouth, a blogger that I much admire. just to say that I do love how everything in your blog reminds me of drinking white wine and eating fresh shellfish, in a sun bathed balcony with a view to the Mediterranean sea... does that make any sense?
well, I enjoy very much watching life from a different perspective. yours is lovely. <3

sara xoxo

esme and the laneway said...

Sorry I thought I answered these but it obviously didn't get saved.

Iliska Dreams: it's an old pic, from July or August, I think :)

Hannah: I've got a long way to go till I'm happy with mine too. Always progress, right? :)

Shell KittyAndBuck: so lovely and such a good blog, too :)

Teardrops Are Falling: hello! And thank you! I am scared it is about to fall out, hence getting ready to go red again, but I want to keep the pastel blonde for a bit longer :)

Sara Corpsie: and hello, Miss Sara! I'm so flattered to be included on Motmouth's blog! I love your description :D I wish we had Mediterranean – or any – sea views here, but we've got more than enough sunshine. x

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