Wednesday, 20 February 2013

green and coral and the city

coral and green a Here is my Monday. Sunday was a complete write-off because it was too damn hot to do anything more than stay indoors with the aircon on, pop the odd paracetamol to keep my temperature down to something reasonable and watch old films. Come to think of it, that actually sounds quite enjoyable. And I got to watch Funny Face for the first time, too, so not an entirely terrible day!

coral and green c I am continuing my colour-combo-making fun with more head scarves. I have always loved this rich olive green with
a bright coral, and for some reason it only struck me just the other day that it perfectly matched this favourite dress
of mine.

grassfire b It wasn't a nice afternoon though. There was an out of control grass fire uncomfortably close to us and I watched the huge plume of smoke get closer and closer from my bedroom window. It was so strange seeing the updates on the emergency info website list suburbs a short drive away as being in danger, and having such a strong smell of burning in the house. The sunlight filtering into the bathroom and hallway was a deep orange, instead of the usual blinding pale yellow, and when I opened the back door it took me a second or two to realise that the weird dusty black things landing on me were bits of ash.

grassfire a coral and green d coral and green b Later in the evening I was meeting up with a friend who has recently moved interstate and was back in Melbourne for a quick visit, so I sweated my way into the city and soothed my smokey throat with good gin and tonics and oysters. The fire threat was over (for us) by yesterday morning, but I didn't have any internet for a while – so no morning blog post! It has been surprising to see the fires so close to us here in a big city. I'm so glad it's over.

coral and green e vp oysters



I absolutely adore your blog& style!Keep up the good work hon!

Melissa Jaine said...

Oh my goodness! My Sunday here in Adelaide was also spent under the air conditioner watching television ... but, I've never thought of taking paracetamol. Awesome tip! :)

hannahnoon said...

The scarf and the dress are a perfect match! I also love scarves, they spice up any outfit :)

Vickie said...

your hair looks gorgeous like that, love the scarves.

& having fires even kind of near is definitely weird/uncomfortable/scary.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Beautiful colouring pairing with the scarves. I wish I had two in the same hues to follow your lead.

I'm very sorry that you guys have had to contend with fire so nearby to where you live. I completely understand what's that like, as the area of British Columbia where I live is notorious for forest fires during the warmer months. In 1994, when I was ten years old, an especially bad one (called the Garnet Fire) struck the hillside on one side of our town, destroying over 5,500 hectors of land and many homes in the process. I will never, so long as I live, forget the site of seeing a whole mountain side lit up like the flame on a giant birthday candle.

♥ Jessica

Natasha De Vil said...

That is such a beautiful colour combination. I really must start experimenting with colour combos more!

xStroutx said...

You always have such amazing hairstyles. I wish I knew how to do such fantastic things with my hair!

The fires sound scary! I'm glad to hear that you're safe now.

cuteNroll said...

you look so pretty!


alice c'n'r

Nancy Wilde said...

Such a striking red lipstick! Woah! You look showstopping, once again :)

Becky Bedbug said...

I love how perfectly your scarf matches your dress!


Amanda Louise said...

I love the combination of the coral and green for your hair scarf. So beautiful!

Sofie said...

Where do you get all these beautiful vintage dresses?! They are stunning!

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