Saturday, 2 February 2013

my dinner table and chairs, vintage teal vinyl and chrome and herding cats

teal 1950s diner table chairs a Recently Penelope asked me about my dining table and chairs that you could just glimpse in this post. So, here it is! It is a 1950's diner style table, in that it has the chrome legs, with deep teal green vinyl matching chairs.

I'd been casually looking for a nice – and most importantly, small – dinner table for months and months and was chuffed to find this one when I wasn't looking specifically for one. In fact, I was looking for a coffee table, and found this table and chairs set and two mid century book shelves – all bargains, luckily! – instead.

teal 1950s diner table chairs c I hadn't really thought of getting something in that 1950's diner style, not because I don't like it – I do – but because I'd only ever seen the longer, rectangular ones before, and they'd just be too big. However, it was the colour of the chairs that instantly got me. I love that shade of greeny teal. It makes me happy just to look at it. The fact it was round confirmed its perfectness for me.

It has become one of Babycat's (many) favoured sleeping spots and John and I are always scooping her off – but if you've ever tried to discipline a feline, you'll understand that it's a never ending task, and more of a life long pastime! I love the subtle line-y pattern on the table top and don't want a million tiny kitty claw dings in it. I've already learned to live with the couple she's made already.

teal 1950s diner table chairs f Anyway, it's the perfect size for the two of us, great for a four person dinner party and can comfortably, if cosily, fit five adults – we've tried, and succeeded – and I think it could even fit six if we all promised to be polite with our elbows. For bigger groups we just gather 'round the coffee table, so we're sorted! teal 1950s diner table chairs e teal 1950s diner table chairs b teal 1950s diner table chairs g


Iliska Dreams said...

I bought a rectangular one in the same style. I had to have mine as the seats are a gorgeous rose print!

Sharleena Bramley said...

Such a gorgeous dining table, I would love one like it!

Sharleena xx

wende said...

I love it... and the touch of yellow in the lemons is perfection.

Hannah said...

I just love the colour of the chairs! x

nancyworegreenstockings said...

I love that it's perfectly round and I don't think I've ever seen a round chrome dinner table before! The colours are so lovely too! What a great find! I'm also loving the bookshelf in the pictures - it's so big and sleek.

Becky said...

Wow, I'm so jealous! This is beautiful!


Ivy Black said...

That is a beautiful set and I love the colour, no wonder it makes you happy to look at it.
Have a lovely weekend.

Selina said...

Teal! Wonderful colour. Highly underrated

Anonymous said...

What a lovely dining table! I live in a one bedroom apartment so I've been looking for something similar. I found a table I liked and that would fit but it wasn't for sale! Babycat is gorgeous. I love that cats know they are not supposed to sleep somewhere but they just don't care.

look see said...

Such a great table, and the colour of the chairs is lovely :)

Ashley Brewer said...

Oh that's a fabulous table! I *love* the teal!

esme and the laneway said...

‪Iliska Dreams‬ sounds beautiful! x

‪Sharleena Bramley‬ : thanks :)

‪wende‬ : thanks, I do like to think about these things..! ;D

‪Hannah‬ : bestest blue-green x

‪nancyworegreenstockings‬ : thanks, that was one of the mid century bookshelves we got. Maybe the round tables are quite rare as I haven't seen another one either!

‪Becky‬ : :D but there will be other beautiful tables and chairs out there too!

‪Ivy Black‬: thanks, you too!

‪Selina‬ : isn't it! I feel a teal resurgence is in order.

‪Anonymous‬ : haha so true. Babycat would flick us the bird with her fluffy paw if she could give enough of a damn ;D

‪look see‬ : thanks – dream colour :)

‪Ashley Brewer‬ thanks, us too! :D x

Jessica Cangiano said...

Your dinette set is absolutely stellar. The rich, peaceful hue of those teal chairs must be a lovely way to start each day anew at breakfast time.

♥ Jessica

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