Thursday, 28 February 2013

my four winter vintage dress staples (plus two hats and one cat)

4 vintage winter staples f Guess what? It is the last day of summer! Officially of course. In reality I expect to be feeling anywhere from comfortably warm to oh-no-too-hot-not-fair to ooh-I'm-a-bit-cold-actually until the first week of April. But I don't care too much because the season is at last changing!

And, with typical Melbourne weather behaviour, our last day of summer is actually kind of cold. It's delicious! I have four new (to me, as ever) vintage dresses that I can't wait to start wearing this Autumn and winter. They are all Mad Men style fitted dresses (dare we say wiggle dresses?) (I don't know, I can take or leave the term) and were bargains I snapped up while I was lazing about on etsy for hours on end doing very important research with just a touch of shopping during the Christmas holidays.

I put them on hangars for a few minutes to photograph them, as hanging them like this can be bad for their poor shoulders. I am chuffed with each one. And I found a mustard one – so happy! Of course, mustard will look extra good with red hair, which might be just perfect for Autumn..!

4 vintage winter staples b 4 vintage winter staples i I love how the pale powder blue and the cinnamon look together.

4 vintage winter staples e And I stuck mustard's sleeve down the front of black-bow to show off the neckline detail... which also shows off another, temporary, detail, courtesy of Babycat. Fluff! It is reminding me why I don't have a lot of black clothes. Seriously, I could hoover everyday and it wouldn't be enough. Plus I need to remember to say vacuum here so people here know what I'm on about.

4 vintage winter staples d 4 vintage winter staples g Check out the kitteh tumbleweeds. I've got a new Sharp hoov vacuum which I'll be taking for a spin later. It's nice to have a hoover (oh I give in) that works after what happened to our last one; the head fell off the nozzle which fell of the bendy hose which broke off from the hoover itself... all of which made an already tedious job somewhat more difficult. Then John finally gave it a firm tap (whack?!) on the floor – totally in the name of maintenance, nothing to do with frustration, oh, no – which jammed half the brush into the head so it scratched the floorboards and... yeah, I love my new hoover. It actually works very well and it beeps, too, which mildly confuses Babycat which I find to be an amusing bonus.

4 vintage winter staples a She doesn't care so much.

4 vintage winter staples h 4 vintage winter staples c I'm also looking at what accessories will go with these dresses. My vintage blue veiled hat is a good contender. Black of course will be good with the mustard, and I think warm browns with the blue will be nice, too. And, should I be embarrassed, I don't know, but I've already started looking at stocking and tights to match... can you tell I'm excited?! I wonder which one I'll wear first. Which one is your favourite? 4 vintage winter staples j


Esz said...

Omg WINTER and AUTUMN I am soooooo looking forward to it! Your dresses are amazing, they will be perfect for the coming season. Mustard is such a great colour.

I'm pretty much set too - got my new suit made. I've even bought a HAT off ebay - its late 30s early 40s tilt hat in forest green. YAY!

Iliska Dreams said...

Our cat, Tira, hisses at the vacuum; she hates it. I often looked at a more fitted style dress, but have never bought one, I always think this style looks great of women with a bit more shape than I have to offer.

Meg Eileen Carroll said...

These dresses make quite the contrast from your usual beautiful floral dresses, and I am loving these block colour dresses. I am so ready for cold weather over the stinking heat. It is no fun being at school in 30 degree heat, let alone 35 degrees! :D

Charmaine said...

This was a great post! I love your cat!

shipshapeandbristolfashion said...

The blue dress is particularly beautiful, and I can see the black one being worn with a neckerchief and little lace or leather gloves. It's odd hearing that you've just had the last day of summer as we're only just edging to spring in the UK, so it's still duffle coats, tights and jumpers here!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Each of these classic, sophisticatedly lovely frocks is beautiful and so, so versatile. A solid coloured dress is akin to a blank canvas in my books, ready and waiting to be embellished to your heart's content in a multitude of different ways, time and time again.

♥ Jessica

Michelle said...

Don't mean to laugh at your 'hoover' difficulties but you write it so well and funnily!

The cinnamon dress is gorgeous.

anniina said...

They're really beautiful indeed! Oh, I wish it was summer. It'll at least be spring soon... :D

dreamingofavonlea said...

I love the bow on the black one and the cinnamon one and...heck they're all gorgeous. You'll have great fun wearing those I'm sure. And I think it's perfectly acceptable to get excited about outfits. I started planning my holiday ones (for May) in January! Lara x

alittlevintagestory said...

Oooh they all look so pretty, but I'm liking the bow detail on the blue one. xx Fran

picturetalk321 said...

The cinnamon as it's in 'my' colour palette so I could wear it too :) But actually the powder blue is also lovely. I look forward to all the fun combinations you'll be trying. How lucky (foresightful?) to have your wardrobe all picked out and to look forward to. I never did that for winter and am *still* scrabbling round, looking for stuff to wear. Let alone spring...

Eve said...

These dresses are so gorgeous! I love mustard. Where on earth do you find such amazing dresses!

x Eve

Vickie said...

gorgeous colours - love the mustard one. Not sure I'd be able to wear a mustard dress, but it's a colour I'm liking at the moment, especially with slate blue.

ruby golddust said...

i adoooooooooore the blue one!!!! oh so 40's! and very "notebook" :) i'd love to find one similar for winter!

also! do you mind me asking where you found your blue/purple veiled hat? and is it a hat? or a fascinator? i have a vintage peck&peck "hat/fascinator" (for lack of a better word!) and i'd love to find out what they're called!? it makes me think of it, as a swan-crown, ha!


Natasha said...

I like that the mustard one looks so casual. The neckline on the black one is also great. Oh I know all about the pet hair tumbleweeds. We have three dogs and they shed soooo much. It's pretty cold here today too, but we've had some incredibly hot days lately. I want winter now.

Marie said...

Goodness these are all pretty divine...don't actually think I can pick a favourite!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice dresses -- but I did want to say, your cat is really cute!!!

Julie Mitchell said...

Perhaps you should have a part of the website that has an Australian/British slang dictionary with the equivalent or explanation in American English :) I read a lot of British books, watch a lot of British (and Australian ages ago) TV and movies and read blogs, so I've figured out what most of the slang means anyways. :)

Also, I love that powder blue dress ^_^

HeartsAndCrosses said...

Those dresses are so cute

A little bit Unique


beate grigutsch said...

lovely dresses!
and its right - a girl need a good "staubsauger" for all that pailettes, feathers, catfluff....... ;-)

esme and the laneway said...

‪Esz‬ : ooh your hat sounds gorgeous! Can't wait to see it!

‪Iliska Dreams‬ Haha I think cats hating the hoover is the law – Babycat just likes to surprise us once in a while :)

‪Meg Eileen Carroll‬ : ugh, that's terrible, your school has air con, right? :0 Thank god the heat has broken at last, that was a miserable month!

‪Charmaine‬ thanks very much! x

‪shipshapeandbristolfashion‬ mmmm duffel coats, heaven! Our Autumn reminds me a lot of the UK Spring so we'll have cross over for sure! And we'll all be happy the season is changing..!

‪Jessica Cangiano‬ I think so too – that's the plan!

‪Michelle‬ : I'm glad! ;D The cinnamon one made me very happy – not too brown and not too orange! x

‪anniina‬ thanks! Hope you get warmer weather soon x

‪dreamingofavonlea‬ see, prepperation is key! :D x

‪alittlevintagestory‬ : thanks!

‪picturetalk321‬ : I do get the benefit of getting thigns in early... but then I am over the season halfway through! Haha we'll never win! x

‪Eve‬ : thanks! Heavy duty etsy research :) x

‪Vickie‬ : it can be tricky to wear but makeup helps a lot. It's such a good colour!

‪ruby golddust‬ haha the hat's from etsy but I want to call it a swan crown now, that's awesome! I've never seen the notebook, I think it might be time...

‪Natasha‬ isn't it nice having some cooler weather at long last?! I can't imagine a life without pet hair fluffs everywhere. It's worth it :)

‪Marie‬ :D

--Chantel : she is, and she knows it too! ;D

‪Julie Mitchell‬ : haha that's not a bad idea. There are a few that were a surprise to me!

‪HeartsAndCrosses‬ : thank you :)

‪beate grigutsch‬ ahhhhaha I love stausbauger! :D x

Stefanie said...

What wonderful dresses and that mustard yellow one is amazing. I find it hard to find well fitted wools dresses for me but I have the fabulous mustard yellow coat, almost velvet like and I don't care if it doesn't go well with my skin I like it too much not to wear it. :)

Ami said...

Can you pretty please do a post of you wearing the beautiful blue dress sometime!- I want to make a dress based on it and would love to see it modelled! :)
Gorgeous selection :)

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