Tuesday, 5 February 2013

strong brows, red lips and a snowstorm

red lips d Why is it you always want what you can't have? Or, in my case, do what you shouldn't really do? Ok, so I am making it sound far more dramatic than it is. I am talking about doing my eye makeup. After another allergy attack I don't want to put anything (other than my steroid cream) (yes, full on beauty glamour skin care right here) on my eyelids but I do want to paint my whole face. I am making do with strong brows and red lips and enjoying wearing my sunglasses that little bit longer until my peepers get better. And what do you think of the snowstorm on my mirror? I think it's missing winter! red lips e red lips c


Kristina said...

oh dear, hope your eyes feel better soon. i have very sensitive eyes as well and more then the usual eye infection!
you look beautiful with and without eye makeup!!
kristina x

Hep~Kitten said...

Iunderstand how you feel I have sensative skin to but you look lovely without a lot of makeup :)

Hannah said...

You can afford to not wear eye make up with your stunning face. The last shot is eerily beautiful xxx

Stefanie (utterlywhimsical.blogspot.com) said...

Nothing like bright lips to distract tired or in your case an allergy attack. Its exactly what I do when I look tired, put on the brightest lipstick I own and voila, I instantly feel better. :) Hope you get better soon. :)

Meg Eileen Carroll said...

I've had the very same thing on my eyelids. I thing that I find works as a preventive is lucas paw paw cream on it every night. Also, at least you are not forced to wear no make-up to school 5 days a week and have to try and sneak the tiniest bit of a cat-eye whilst remaining under the radar of strict teachers. it's a hard life (yep, a bit over dramatic for me too) :D

b and e said...

wow you always look stunning! I adore the teacups for makeup

Mrs Advocat said...

i am sorry to hear that, but red lips and sunglasses is a great trick to keep looking like your glamorous self!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Oh dear, I'm very sorry to hear that your eyes have been troubled by make-up again. I have crazy sensitive skin and am no stranger to that either. In fact, as we speak my right eyelid (which for some reason is even more sensitive than the left) is being pestered by a bit of dermatitis (caused by an eye shadow) as we speak.

Sending healing wishes your way,
♥ Jessica

Rebecca Tan said...

You're so funny! I have the same problem sometimes! (I've got eczema!) but never the less you still look amazing,

I came across your blog only the other day through mermaidens....and i AM IN LOve!!

xxx rebecca from the cinnamon slipper

Teresa said...

Beautiful photos and I'm so ssorry to hear about your eyelids. xo

esme and the laneway said...

‪Kristina‬ Oh no, isn't it annoying! All good now. Stoopid sensitive skin, right?! ;D

‪Hep~Kitten‬ : thanks! I do LOVE a face full though. It's probably good to have a break to keep perspective on it all! ;p

‪Hannah‬ thanks but the murky mirrors do a lot hehe :D

‪Stefanie (utterlywhimsical.blogspot.com)‬ thanks, all good pretty much now :) Strong lip colurs are the best! :D

‪Meg Eileen Carroll‬ : ah but you're so young, enjoy being fresh faced during the school years! It makes wearing makeup more fun and more dramatic :) Mine's just an allergy from my eye makeup remover, and it clears pretty soon. Do you know what causes yours?

‪b and e‬ : thanks! I needed something to keep all the little pots and tubes in order!

‪Mrs Advocat‬ : haha yep! Shame I can't keep the sunnies on indoors ;D

‪Jessica Cangiano‬ : oh no you poor thing, hope your eyelid is better soon. Do you have creams for it? It's weird isn't it, I'm sure my right eye is more sensitive too..!

‪Rebecca Tan‬ : hello and welcome! :D If only skin would behave all the time, right?! Gah!

‪Teresa‬ : thanks! No big deal, and I now know not to use a particular brand of eye makeup remover for sure! x

queenshaboo said...

I get them too, but in the eyes rather than on the eyelids, I'd prefer your type of allergy to be honest.

Just discovered a makeup line that only uses fruit pigments and are totally natural as well as being vegan and cruelty free, so I thought I'd pass it along (I'm not affiliated to them at all so this isn't an ad). http://www.100percentpure.com/

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