Thursday, 14 February 2013

vintage bow prints and a hi hi!

1940s bow print hi You know, after such serious (looking, anyway, it never really is) pouting yesterday, I think it is time for some laughing. Hi! This is from yesterday, just before I headed out for some much-needed sparkle (and a good dose of feathers) (I'll show you) (no it's ok, I'm not talking about my M-i-L's chickens this time) (for a change) and braved the late summer heat in the city. Hope it's beautiful where you are! Here it is hot, it was hot, and it is going to be hot for a good while longer... I think an evening visit to the ocean for a swim is in order! Or to eat an ice cube on the couch. It's a close second, obviously.


Jade D said...

Its beautiful bit far from hot. Smow lots of snow. So you can what your last comment did
shivers down my spine lol.

Jessica Cangiano said...

You look so radiantly happy! What a sweet, joyful shot.

♥ Jessica

b and e said...

Beautiful as usual! I'm going to have to check out how you do your hair like this! I'm finally moving into vintage hair after being a lover of vintage clothes and well, everything else (makeup will be conquered after hair... I've never been amazing at either!).

Angelica said...

Wondderful smile <3

Becky said...

How are you so adorable? Can I just be you, please?


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