Monday, 11 March 2013

autumn mondays

wm rose garden Happy Monday! It is very much a happy one here, as it is a holiday. John and I had a sleep in, turned the air con up high and watched a 1940's film (The Phantom Lady) – I'm really enjoying film noirs at the moment. Oh, for it to be cold enough to wear a small hat, stockings and a calculating expression. I also had an interview with a journalist for a little vintage story and I'll share that when it comes out.

I've been letting down the hems on a lot of my vintage dresses for the coming Autumn and winter. It's amazing how many are hemmed more than once, as in each time they're turned up they're stitched, so all I have to do is unpick them. Easy! Now I'm going to watch another film, make thankful expressions in the direction my air con and enjoy the rest of the holiday. It's a pretty nice start to the week! wm rose garden b

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Sally said...

Such lovely pictures and colours... I can't wait for the spring/summer here... it started and then declined back into gale force winds and snow yesterday but it did make for amazing bedtime listening- the wind was howling!

Looking forward to your autumn pictures. I'm trying to do a 'Signs of Spring' photo blog every weekday. It's a nice little challenge. I did it for autumn too (When Autumn Comes).
I'd love to see what autumn in like in Melbourne!

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