Sunday, 10 March 2013

how is it one week into march already and a lilacy peach hello

lilac peach hello Hello! I hope you're having a nice weekend. We had a lovely time away at the Mansion and I have a LOT of pictures to share! I can't wait! I also can't wait to have another full body one hour long massage but more on that another time..!

I've since spent another night away from home, this time at a friend's house as we were working together and had a very early start – 4.30am alarms, anyone?! It was still really nice but it has meant I haven't been at home much, and have been checking all things internet on my phone for what feels like ages, which explains why I might seem a little distant at the moment. We now have tomorrow as another holiday (I could get used to this!) as Monday is a public holiday here in our part of Australia – woo hoo! It's been incredible to spend some time just relaxing with John, seeing friends and having a kind of whirlwind time but by Tuesday I won't know what's up or down!

Something I else I wanted to tell you is news as part of my ambassadorship for Sharp: good news! They are running a campaign at the moment, the Plasmacluster 40 million campaign, and it has been extended to March 17th. There are 1,500 sets of Plasmacluster products to be given away and you can find out more here.

It is still – still, oh, honestly – outrageously hot in Melbourne and everyone is over it and feeling tired and ready – oh, so ready – to get into Autumn, or at least the kind of summer weather that is comfortable. I just got a new vintage winter dress and I want to wear it already... of course I should have still been working on my summer dress collection but I am excited for a new season. This one is green boucle, has a peter pan collar and I am in love with it. Yes.

And finally, thank you THANK YOU for the feedback on the vintage wardrobe post! You have given me lots of things to write about and I'll be on it very soon! x

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