Friday, 22 March 2013

march, one year ago

buterrfly Hello and happy Friday to you! I hope you had a good week. I decided it would be fun (or confronting?!) to look back and see what I was up to this time last year. And it is kind of fun, if also bit funny, and it's quite strange for me to see how much things have – I have – changed in that time! You can't feel it as it is happening, or really notice it, week to week but over a year you definitely do. I'm very happy to be here, now!

bed hair I went to the hairdressers and took the first step of going red. I think I knew I wanted to get to blinde eventually but was very excited about the red along the way! I loved – still love – red hair and I know I will go back to it at some point, when doing my regrowth every 30 seconds (or thereabouts) gets too, too much. Here it was still darker than I wanted but going from dyed black hair over bleached white hair back up lighter again is no easy task! I liked seeing the beginning of it all. vintage watercolour dress blue f bourjois makeup me c Even if I had my eyes closed half the time..! dita target launch a I went to see Dita von Teese at the lingerie launch – and saw the kind of red hair I wanted, too! como-house-f We went to a vintage sale at Como House. Nothing there for me, but the house and grounds are beautiful. rose dress g vintage watercolour dress blue i My collection of full skirted dresses was slowly, slowly growing. They're not easy to find here but they are perfect for summer (and spring, and autumn, and sometimes winter!) here. I'd had these two for ages and was wearing them more and more often, and finally committed to the decision to find more, too! check pants bike j And our Autumn here really is beautiful – it's finally cool enough to enjoy being outdoors again. This is our friend's cute pooch. I can see now that last March was much cooler than this one. tulle for curtains I started to spruce up the tiny bedroom where I keep my clothes. (This makes it sound like I have a LOT of clothes, and all I can say is, I wish that was true!) It feels like it was the start of so many things, and ages ago and not that long ago, at the same time. It's so wonderful how our blogs can show us time!


Aubin Thomas said...

I didn't even recognize you in the first red hair photo! It's amazing how much a hair color can change someone's look. I wonder what you'll look like a year from now?

AhkaVintage said...

Weird that I remember a lot of these posts! The blonde/ pastel certainly suits you - but the red was pretty amazing too!

Helen Le Caplain said...

And so from two beautiful dresses you've gone to just a few more ;)

Lovely snaps!

Mrs Advocat said...

Is that really you on the first picture? cant recognise you with layers!

Libertad said...

aaaaw lots of memories! I remember when you started to be a redhead too, so clearly <3 Redheads would always be my favourite ones <3!

Naomi said...

I love the dark red hair! And the red floral dress is so pretty!

The Occasional Indulgence

India Wood said...

It's lovely looking back at yourself to see how you've changed!

I really love all your beautiful dresses too, I can't stop admiring them! xx

Becky said...

Your red hair was gorgeous! I love your hair as it is now too though!


Hannah said...

You suit every colour hair do! A girl can never have too many full skirts me thinks xxx

Kirsten said...

Oh wow wow wowee! That's such a pretty hair colour. How did your hair hold up going from black to red? I am wanting to do it myself in a few weeks. I love red hair and pale skin!


Jordan Randolph said...

Beautiful pictures--love the hair color and the dresses!! Absolutely gorgeous!


bris*chispas* said...

I love the red hair! You look just like Scarlett Johansson with it :)

Ava G said...

I loved your hair red! I think the pastels are interesting too. The red and black floral dress is beautiful!


esme and the laneway said...

Aubin Thomas : I know! sooooo different.

AhkaVintage : thanks haha it's funny what just one image can spark. I never had the red hair I really wanted, maybe next time, when my hair says NO to more bleaching! ;D

Helen Le Caplain : well I already had a few but yes, the collection has grown, with my hard work and dedication ;D

Mrs Advocat : yes, and it was the best hair cut I've ever had for doing vintage styles. I am going to get them done again very soon!

ibertad : redheads are the best <3 well red heads and white-blondes!

Naomi: thanks! It was soooo dark compared to now x

India Wood : thanks! They are fun to collect and of course to wear :)

Becky : thanks very much – I am happy to be able to do both :)

Hannah : I agree – especially in a crazy extreme climate like Melbourne's. We need the cottons and then we need the wool...

Kirsten : it was fine, but it is a long, tough job – I went up to red in two stages, then cut my hair short and began the blonding... to go red should be fine but I always think patience is a good thing here, so good luck! x

Jordan Randolph : thanks Jordan! (How gorgeous is your avatar pic?!) x

bris*chispas* : haha I can dream!

Ava G : thanks! I'll be red again some time soon, but never black haha x

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