Thursday, 7 March 2013

my first ever vintage wardrobe purchase

long gloves a These are the first vintage things I bought in Melbourne, and, I'm pretty sure, the first vintage I bought deliberately, ever.

I'd been in love with vintage clothing and old films and books and buildings and what not for as long as I could remember, and had wanted to dress in a vintage style for years but didn't know where to begin. I wasn't even sure what, exactly, this vintage style was, or what eras the things I liked came from, but I finally decided to make that all-important first step and bought... gloves. Love ivory leather gloves.

Not the most practical of buys, then.

long gloves b Ever since I visited Steinberg and Tolkein, the amazing vintage shop on London's Kings Road, in my mid teens, and slowly squeezed through all those racks of flapper dresses, sparkly cardigans, floaty tulle and beautiful prints, I knew this was what I wanted to wear. But I was on a budget of little more than zero and even one of these items would be a big spend for me, and so I didn't get anything. I planned to go back and buy a 1950s sequin cardigan, but I never actually did.

And so, years later in Melbourne, I finally made a trip to a Northcote vintage store and made my first vintage wardrobe purchase. I presumably thought that getting accessories would be a good way to start, as I could wear them with lots of things, whereas with, say, a dress, I'd have one part of one vintage outfit and then have to wait and save to build things up. And I loved the romance of these gloves, and those earlier eras and codes which I couldn't – still can't – actually relate to. Of course I haven't worn them much but perhaps this winter I can. I think it would be good to do them justice!

long gloves c I want to write some more posts about this, how to put together a vintage wardrobe, what to look for and to avoid – you can learn from my mistakes, right?! – and what has inspired and shaped it all over the years. Anything in particular you want to know? Just ask!

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