Monday, 25 March 2013

saying boo back at ghosts and other scary, good things

new things Sometimes I think about blogging and all the amazing things it has led to. All the things I never even dared to dream I would, or could do. So many things that were too scary, too impossible, too hard or just too good.

On Saturday I went on a blogger meet up, an Op Shop Crawl, with fellow vintage and second hand and left-of-centre fans. It was amazing to meet all these warm, funny and like minded women and I was chuffed to be invited and involved. It isn't easy to meet new people when you move to a new country after the age of, oh, probably 10, and blogging has opened such an amazing world for me – it's wonderful!

I always hated having my photo taken – a ridiculous way to live, really – and never thought I could be comfortable in front of a camera. I always wanted to take photos but it felt like this big thing that I never really got started on, and now I do it every day – and can see them improving all the time. Even if it is just of the little things that make each day good.

Public speaking had always seemed like something that came waaaaay down on the list of things I would even consider wanting to do, well below, say, eating my own hair. About a year ago, I spoke to a room full of beauty PRs about blogging and brands. I didn't post about it at the time as I was so busy with another, non-blogging thing but I wish I had, and it turns out I didn't faint on the spot or explode. In fact, I enjoyed it, and would definitely do it again.

And if I thought having my photo taken was hard, can you imagine how speaking into a video camera was for me?! I NEVER thought I could do something like that but here we are; I did it for my Sharp project, and it turns out I LOVED it! And I want to do more! It has been such an amazing thing to see how trying something and being brave and taking a risk can be so, so worth it.


Frocks and Frivolities said...

It is always fun do discover what you can really do!

Mrs Advocat said...

I am still not comfortable i front of the camera, and it doesnt make it easier when my husband continually tells me to relax!
Youa re doing it so well, I love your blog!

Rebecca Tan said...

Loving the shot! as if you hated having your photo taken! you are so photogenic!!! really glad you're into it now....I still get embarassed when I'm taking photos for my blog in public and people must think...."wow she loves herself doesn't she? what a poser!" haha cringe! ah well in the name of blogging! xxxx

Photostorming said...

I'm also very shy when it comes to
camera and video but it's still good
to overcome this feeling thanks to
my blog :) Great picture by the way, smells summer!

Jane George said...

fabulous! how could you not like having your picture taken when you look like you do! i am scared to fly and last year i travelled to the ukraine by myself it felt like a weight had lifted...its great living out of your comfort zone! x

margaretvspauline said...

I'm so proud of your beautiful transformation, your beautiful blossoming. I aspire to overcoming my own obstacles, albeit gradually, as you have.

Speaking of overcoming obstacles, you might be pleased to know I have finally started a blog of my own! It's early days and experimental, but here it is at long last!

Even before I started this blog I was so grateful to the vintage blogging community for making me feel welcome. Meeting you, Andi and Candice has brought loveliness into my life.

Hannah xx

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