Friday, 29 March 2013

some recent vintage op shop finds for the coming winter

vintage long peach gloves Here are the fruits of my recent op shop trip with Trish. I found much more than I expected, but was super-strict about what went into the little shopping wagon. I was thrilled with what I did find, though. I love vintage gloves, especially the longer cocktail ones, and look forward to wearing these early 1960's peachy ones when our Autumn eventually descends. mary bard book I love, LOVE old books, but as we have limited bookshelf space – limited space in general, really! – I have put the brakes on a bit when it comes to buying them. However, when I found this one by Mary Bard, I squealed with excitement and HAD to get it. Mary Bard is the sister of one of my all time favourite authors, Betty MacDonald, who I also discovered via a beautifully illustrated and tattered 1950's dust jacket in an op shop. I've already read it (I've had a big ol' relapse and have been bed-ridden with lergie) (am getting better with reading a few pages and then sleeping, reading a few more, and so on) and it was as good as I'd hoped. violette book b I also love books about real people in the second world war. This one is about a heroine from South London, Violette Szabo. It has photos too. I love learning about how everyday life was back then. This one is well thumbed and has soft, thick pages and that amazing old book smell. violette book And, finally, I found a beautiful dinner plate. I like to have mismatched vintage plates, in all different patterns, mixed in with my reliable Ikea bits and pieces. It's nice to open the kitchen cupboard that holds all our crockery and be met with so many different colours at eye level. Very cheery. This one is really lovely. Soft white with a pink edge, like a sea shell. Perfect for the mounds of roast vegetables, slices of pie, and warming stews that I look forward to cooking this winter. pink vintage dinner plate


AhkaVintage said...

The gloves are amazing!

Vintage Girl said...

I'm prepering for the spring now. It's almost april but here in Poland it's still freezing and snowing.
I also love old books and smell of the old paper.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Splendidly lovely finds! I adore vintage gloves, too, and much like yourself, have a passion for the longer (opera) length ones as well.

Wishing you a joyful Good Friday & Easter weekend,
♥ Jessica

Becky said...

Those books look amazing!


Vickie said...

that plate is super pretty - I love old crockery :)

Hannah said...

Wonderful finds, the plate is so pretty! xx

Teresa said...

Gorgeous gloves and I'm never able to pass up lovely vintage book finds either.

I hope you're feeling better!

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

Cute Stuff :) I especially like those gloves.

esme and the laneway said...

Vintage Girl : I hope it warms up for you very soon! It's weird how the weather refuses to change in both halves of the world.

AhkaVintage: thanks – I'm pretty pleased :)

Jessica Cangiano : these aren't quite that long but I do love them, and their colour :D

Becky : they are, I'm really enjoying them :)

Vickie: isn't it the best! :D

Hannah: thanks!

Teresa: they're hard to resist! I'm sloooooowly getting better, so bored of it :<

Natalie_vintage_girl : thanks! Yes, they were a good last minute find :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Betty Macdonald is my favourite author too! didn't know about her sister being an author, going to have to do some serious searching for her books. beautiful everything as always.
Thanks from kirsty.

Anonymous said...

Betty MacDonald - when I was 11 I came across a battered old copy of Anybody Can Do Anything. I love her writing - so full of life and humour. I hope Mary's books are as good!

Josephine said...

I highly recommend These Wonderful Rumours! by May Smith. The wartime diaries of a young school teacher. Lots of great colour of the time and her personality shines through. xx

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