Friday, 1 March 2013

weekend away to daylesford, part four:
beginning a sunny morning at the spa and then enjoying a long lunch

lily pond lavendar bees Happy first day of March – and our first day of Autumn! And, happy Friday! Now let's go away for a bit to country Victoria, for part four of my trip to Daylesford. Here you can read parts one, two and three.

peppers gardens c The reason it took me a while longer than I had expected to post this was because of the fire season, but now we know that we must visit our smoke-affected spots and show our support – and it's hardly a chore! They're so beautiful and not even a long drive from Melbourne.

peppers gardens spa a Part four of my weekend away is of our second day. First, we were treated to a spa session at the beautiful Mineral Spa at Peppers Hepburn Springs. It's really lush but of course I couldn't take too many pictures inside where the pools are, so you'll have to trust me – or go and see for yourself. This is the view from the baths. There is no glass so you lean out looking over the gardens. I haven't done many spas but it's so nice I think I should definitely do more. It feels so nice to leap from a warm sauna to the cold pool to the warm one! And drinking the herbal teas in the pool chatting away with girl friends is a pretty damn fine way to spend a sunny morning... yep, could get used to that. spa view a argus peppers lunch a lunch four a I was the last one to arrive. Hi Leeyong, Sarah, Sarah W and Iolanthe! beet root chips Then, relaxed and refreshed, it was time for lunch at the Argus Dining Room. Who knew beetroot chips were sooooo yum and easy to eat?! We couldn't stop. One of us is gluten-free, and the options were, I'm told, amazingly good. I was feeling brave and ordered the crab – I am not the biggest seafood fan but want to try more of it – and loved it.

eldlem lunch chilled gluten free a my crab pome salad egg c egg b egg a crab lambpud And finally it was home time, driving through the old streets with blooming flowers spilling over garden walls in the warm late Spring sunshine. flowers home b I had the biggest smile on my face! And apparently some Babycat with me too. Here's to weekends! flowers home a flowers home d flowers home c flowers home e


GracefullyVintage said...

Looks lovely! Your skirt is so pretty!

Q's Daydream said...

So very lovely! You look perfect as always.

Jessica Cangiano said...

What an enchantingly gorgeous garden! It reminds me a fair bit of a famous garden have in the city of Victoria (the province's capitol) called The Butchart Gardens here in British Columbia.

Have a fantastic weekend, dear gal!
♥ Jessica

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