Friday, 8 March 2013

well it was techinically autumn so I had a bit of a sleeve

blue floral glitter j A bit of time travel today, as this is what I wore last Friday. It's sunny, it cools down a tiny bit and because I'm so used to wearing the summeriest (oh hey, that's actually a word!) of dresses, I opt for one with elbow length sleeves, even though it's still plenty hot and the smallest of sleeve would be most comfortable. Ah well. It's this time of the year when I realise I really can still grow my summer dress collection from the point of need and not just want. It's practical!

blue floral glitter b blue floral glitter c blue floral glitter f blue floral glitter e blue floral glitter dblue floral glitter a Anyway, I wore my blue and white floral 1950s dress with the sleevies, a pink belt from another vintage dress (and kept checking that my radiant glowing was not causing the colour of the belt to run onto the dress. This has happened before) (it's safest to wear a belt when it's under 30C, it seems) and my silver glitter platform shoes. It was either those or the blue sandals, but a bit of sparkle for the evening is nice. In fact, I had thought I'd need to take my sparkly cardigan with me. Ha, ha, no. Not yet. We have days and days ahead of over 30C so I'll be wearing my vintage cotton dresses for a good while yet! blue floral glitter g blue floral glitter h

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