Monday, 15 April 2013

my new pink vintage dress, sparkling fountains and a sunny birthday

pink vintage floral b As you know, last Saturday – the one just over a week ago – hasn't the last week gone so quickly?! – was my birthday, and here is how I spent my very sunny, very warm and very-not-Autumny day. It made me so happy! I used to dread birthdays for some strange reason but I really quite enjoy them now.

I wore my new vintage pink dress with floral embroidery on the bodice. Ever since I wore my pale pink dress (with the white embroidery – I am getting a collection going, ooo-oooh yay!) (what, two can't be a collection? I'll keep trying, then!) I've had a thing for that colour and that detail, so I was chuffed to find this one on etsy. And it fits like a dream... love love love it! In honour of being a new age I decided to try a new makeup, too, and wore some lip gloss over my usual lipstick. I never usually have shiny lips – forever a fan of the matte finish, it will always will be my number one love, especially in cold weather – but I really like them at the moment. pink vintage floral a yellow shade pink flowers green summer We went for breakfast at one of our all time favourite Melbourne cafes. I say breakfast, I mean lunch, because it was after midday. Birthday girls get lie-ins, that's the rule! It was such a blissfully warm day that we bucked a trend (for us) and sat outside in the beautiful bricked courtyard under the big yellow shades. It's so pretty out there, among all the flowers and lush herbs, but being a firm believer of the great indoors (and a firm disliker of the hot hot sun) I always sit inside and miss out on this. It's now a good time of year to get outside, though, I think! yellow sun shade summery green outdoors summer But then it was too hot and there were bees. Dear buildings, I love you. omlette John had an impressive omlette and I had the avocado toast as you know. Simple pleasures can be the best kind sometimes. swans Then John took me to the flower shop next door and got me the Veronicas that Babycat enjoyed so much. I think she is even more chuffed about this unexpected visit than I am. I love the flowers in the ice cream cones – nice idea! flower cones pink flowers b pink flowers a Very happy with the flowers, too. It was sooooo sunny it made photo-taking very tricky! exhibition building Next, we went to the Exhibition Building on Nicholson Street, to visit the Finders Keepers market. orange exhibition plants fountain fountain b This is such a beautiful place that any chance to see it and I'm there! Plus this market is lovely, and I had a couple of friends who had stalls there and I wanted to say hello. pink fountain But first, a touristy picture by that gorgeous fountain. (I couldn't hear the shutter so didn't know if John had taken the picture, so there is a second one of me impatiently opening one eye to check) (I am SO tempted to post it). cyclestyle bike balloons Don't you love this balloons on the bike idea – and that beagle! My friend Joyce had a stall and looked very busy when I was there so I didn't want to interrupt her. finders keepers The building is just incredible. finders keepers stickers We had a short wait in the queue and then found just the right spots for our stickers. trish hunter vintage kitty It was quite the visual overload. I went to see Trish, who had a neat spot in the Frankie Vintage Emporium! fairy floss There was fairy floss, which is Australian for candy floss. I love the look of this stuff but can never manage more than a mouthful. I remember how when I first started this blog, I posted about wanting fairy floss hair and now I do. This pleases me greatly. I must also do some more high hair with decorations in it – remind me! pink green Afterwards it was time to try to buy some shoes I'd seen online – they're green and are very like late 1940's heels, all round toed and curvy and gorgeous – but we couldn't find the shop, so instead went home for a quiet evening in, watching old films and resting from the outside world for a bit. Heaven! pink dress smile


Ava G said...

I love your new vintage dress! The color of pink looks beautiful on you and your makeup looks great! It's so fun to learn the various names for things in other parts of the world. Here in the USA we call it cotton candy. 😊 The flowers in the ice cream cones are a cute idea.


Jessica Cangiano said...

Your birthday celebration looks like the whole day was a sweet as that classic pink cotton candy! Love the darling new vintage frock, those blossom-esque shades are marvelous on you.

♥ Jessica

Charmaine said...

Beautiful as always! Melbourne looks like such a pretty city! A lot older and grander than I imagined.

Rachel Sullivan said...

Man you always have the most beautiful dresses!


Sammi said...

Ohh what gorgeous photos! And that dress is absolutely dreamy! It looks like you had a lovely birthday! I think it's so much prettier to call it "fairy floss" (or even "candy floss")... we call it cotton candy here, which is fine, but even the picture you posted of it is lovelier than what we have here!

xox Sammi

Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! said...

Happy Birthday!

Stumbled upon your blog when I was reading through the Voices of 2013 Top 100. What a great find! I love vintage dresses and hair.

AhkaVintage said...

You matched the fairy floss to your dress perfectly! Love the new dress :)

Amia said...

Your dress is beautiful and your hair is so lovely :)

Naomi said...

Gorgeous dress! You look so beautiful ~

The Occasional Indulgence

Teresa said...

What a wonderful birthday and you look beautiful in your gorgeous pink dress.

Blythe said...

Such a magnificent dress! What a lovely place for pictures.

Spoonful of Vintage said...

Happy birthday! You look so incredibly stunning in your pink birthday dress! And wearing such a lovely smile through all of your photo's of the day!
xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage

Helen Le Caplain said...

Wow looks like you had an amazing birthday!

Those buildings look stunning... and that candy floss is very tempting but, like you, I can only manage a tiny bit before I'm done.

Elyce Sandri said...

That pink dress looks radiant! I am always a little apprehensive of wearing pink... though you have made me think it is worth a try! :)

Marie said...

Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate a birthday and you look simply stunning!!!

Silversaga said...

You are so beautiful my heart breaks <3

Mademoiselle Maladroite said...

I love your new dress. This shade of pink looks marvelous on you. Absolutely adoreable. Would you mind to share your favourite Etsy shops on your blog?

elke said...

what a great way tot spend your birthday :-) you looked amazing and happy!

Sarah Anne said...

What a perfect day for you birthday!! I'm a summer baby and I just love the weather on my birthday. As usual, you looked absolutely radiant. I love how even your nails matched the outfit. you will forever be my biggest style inspiration!


Emma Cherry said...

Wow, I'm so jealous of your dress wearing right now - Spring is on the way here in the UK and I am happy to be out and about with only a cardi on :) I am so looking forward to the summer, the warm breezes and long lazy evenings :) Not to mention - the shoes!!!! x

Charlie Bones said...

Your pictures are always so breathtaking, I love them so much !

Have a lovely day !
Charlie xx

Becky said...

What a beautiful dress!


Stephanie MabelMakes said...

Gah this dress is so gorgeous! I may have to take this as inspiration and make a similar one for myself! I love everything about it. Glad you had a nice birthday :)

Kristel Klear said...

You look stunning. Love the nails as well btw. What brand / shade is the nailpolish? It looks so vibrant and pretty.

Hannah said...

You look divine, the dress is perfect and love your tousled do. Yeah you better do a Marie Antoinette themed hair do!!xxx

lilyfm said...

you are such a dream my sweet.

Mabel said...

Your dress is so pretty! I agree with you about eating outdoors. It's a nice idea, but......


esme and the laneway said...

‪Ava G‬ : thanks :) Oh I forgot about cotton candy! :D

‪Jessica Cangiano‬ : thank you :) x

‪Charmaine‬ : it has some greta old, beautiful grand bits, and some not so great bits too ;D

‪Rachel Sullivan‬ : hehe thanks :) so many good vintage ones out there!

‪Sammi‬ : I think that is just some lucky lighting! I do like fairy floss as a name, so true!

‪Alex aka WHOA MUMMA!‬ thanks you! And welcome! Lots of those here :D

‪AhkaVintage‬ : haha I did too, it was unintentional I promise! :D

‪Amia‬ : <3

‪Naomi‬ : thank you :)

‪Teresa‬ : thanks lady!

‪Blythe‬ : thanks! Yes, the Gardens there are lovely.

‪Spoonful of Vintage‬ : thanks! I was very happy :)

‪Helen Le Caplain‬ : yes! Oh I know, it's a shame really isn't it! :D

‪Elyce Sandri‬ : it can seem way too girly at first but then it's awesome, and what's so wrong with girly anyway? :D

‪Marie‬ : thank you!

‪Silversaga‬ : <3

‪Mademoiselle Maladroite‬ : thanks :) I don't have any, I just search them all for the right dress :) I wish I did though!

‪elke‬ : thank you! I was! :D

‪Sarah Anne‬ : thank you :D

‪Emma Cherry‬ : hope it comes soon! We seem to have suddenly got winter yesterday, so hopefully the opposite up there isn't too far off :)

‪Charlie Bones‬ : thanks very much :)

‪Becky‬ thanks Becky!

‪Stephanie MabelMakes‬ : if you do, will you share the link? I'd love to see it. I'm always amazed with sewing :)

‪Kristel Klear‬ : thanks :) I think it's a Sportsgirl one, it goes on well but chips off very fast.

‪Hannah‬ : thanks! I should, I want to find little boats for it! ;D

‪lilyfm‬ : <3

‪Mabel‬ : exactly. Nature! No! ;D

Miss Bias said...

Happy belated birthday lovely lady. I'm sorry I missed wishing you many happy returns on the day. I love this blog post. You do look extremely happy and you look so radiant and beautiful. The dress is absolutely stunning. The photos really do look like you had a wonderful day and I truly hope that you did.

I hope that you are well and enjoying life.

Miss Bias xxx

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