Thursday, 11 April 2013

tales of hair, tales of new vintage dresses, a familiar blue dress and a fluffy tail

vintage blue dress kitty f By this time of year, I am getting somewhat familiar with my summer clothes, and I am sure you are too. The fact that this summer doesn't seem like it is ever going to end – and I know, if you are in the Northern Hem. this must sound wonderful, as in the warmth would be nice, or maybe it sounds like we have your spring weather, and I promise I'd hand it over if I could! – means that I am now well into 6 months straight of wearing warm- (or, well, hot-, for a lot of that time) weather clothes. There have been one or two (well, just the one that I can remember) forays into the ways of the not-warm-outside kind of days, but that's it. The summer section of my wardrobe has had quite the workout!

This means that I am even happier about my recent-ish spree (ish as in they have now arrived in the mail) in vintage summer dress finding. It's a hard line, for me, to draw, between knowing that when you find that perfect vintage bargain and fall in love you should snap it up if you can, and being practical and buying what you need for the coming season. I think this way I've done a bit of both, and I will have had the chance to wear these new dresses at least once each before our cold woolly-times.

And new dresses are fun! Hurrah!

But this is from last week, in one of my favourite vintage dresses, one of the two that really sparked my love for vintage mid century cotton frockery.

One good thing about our so-called Autumn is that it is cool enough for me to curl my hair again, and so I've been trying some different sets. I go through phases with my hair, from liking casual curls to more vintage styles, and am feeling at the vintage end of the scale at the moment. I can't wait to enjoy some curly styles over the next few weeks. Especially now, when the colour is fresh! Yep, I'm back to natural lilac! I also have some new vintage dresses to show you and I am very excited! They almost make we hope for this warm weather to hang around for just a little bit longer..! Almost. And just a bit. Has the season changed yet where you are? vintage blue dress kitty e vintage blue dress kitty a floral wedges These shoes are almost ready to be put out to pasture so I am wearing them completely out. They have lasted me two good summers and I love them, but it's time! vintage blue dress kitty g


Meg Eileen Carroll said...

This dress of yours is definitely a favourite of mine. The print and colours and fit and pleats are just so perfect. I love how you are wearing your hair. I have been curling my hair a lot too recently, but I'm on the more modern set of the spectrum, by just plaiting them and then getting some really lovely waves. Eventually I'll go back to pin curls, but only when I have enough time to get them done. Can't wait to see all your new vintage finds. :D

Sammi said...

So lovely! We are not even quite into spring yet here, so I can't wait til we get some warmth! Your curled hair looks lovely here. Can't wait to see your new dresses!

xox Sammi

Grey said...

What a fantastic dress! I admit, six months of summer sounds great to me, although I would probably start whining after three and I'm sure that fluffy cat isn't a fan of the heat.

Mrs Advocat said...

I love your curls! they suit you so well and you always look gorgeous.
Oh my, I am sounding like a stalker, sorry!

Selina said...

Frockery! I love the word frockery!

Roxie Roulette said...

Can we have some your weather? We'd be all too willing to swap over here!

Love the shoes by the way!

Maria said...

I really like the dress, it's so vintage and summer-y!

Rebecca Tan said...

you are so lucky you have more sunshine that we do! here in england its been the worst spring in reported over 60 years! its still raining and last week it snowed again! it's slowly picking up and i'm just bursting to wear my summer vintage too!! this dress and those SHOES!!! love love love! don't throw them away they still look great!

xxx Rebecca x

Becky said...

Ooh, what gorgeous shoes!


Camilla said...

Loved this outfit! You look like a princess! :)


Erica Louise said...

Oh your shoes, please dont put them to rest, they are too good. Your kitty cat is so cute

Sara said...

Lovely dress and those SHOEES, you are such a pretty flowergirl! :)

Kathryn said...

Everytime I see this dress it makes me smile - the colours and pattern are just so gorgeous!

art deco dame said...

The shoes are great and I love the dress,it looks very pretty on you.

Susie said...

So beautiful! Adore your shoes and your cat too :)

Kristina said...

Gorgeous dress! And I love your floral shoes. I am DYING to get some floral shoes!

esme and the laneway said...

Meg Eileen Carroll : thanks! I think it's nice to have different styles curls etc for hair. And yes, pin curls can take a while! Vintage finds coming up soon!

Sammi : I hope it warms up soon! It's like we're all stuck in February, weather-wise!

Grey : hehe it would be alright if the actual summer bit wasn't so ridiculously hot and poor Babycat slept through most of it with her mouth open, she's not a fan!

Mrs Advocat : haha no, not at all, thank you! :)

Selina : it's a good'un ;D

Roxie Roulette : thanks! Oh, I'd swap the weather in a flash :D

Maria : the best kind :)

Rebecca Tan : we've had the exact same but with heat, records broken etc. Although I know I'd be over grey days by now too :) The shoes are too tired, but I don't want to give them up just yet!

Becky : thanks :)

Camilla : hehe thank you!

Erica Louise : we'll see... and yes Babycat is a darling and she knows it! ;D

Sara : <3

Kathryn : thanks, that's good, there's been a lot of times hehe :D

art deco dame : thanks!

Susie : <3

Kristina : they seem to be in at the moment, hooray! <3

Jordan Randolph said...

Gosh that dress is gorgeous!!! I love the colors! I can't say enough about it, except that I am absolutely in love! One reason I love vintage is because it is so one-of-a-kind, and this definitely fits you perfectly.


Stefanie said...

That dress is just so pretty, I love vintage floral patterns, I have a similar dress but it has a lot more blue and I adore, I just wish the weather would warm up faster. :D

Amia said...

Love the florals and your curls are gorgeous!

Ava G said...

I love this dress of yours, and it reminds me of your other dress with blue roses and a white background. The weather is still rather unpredictable in southeast USA. Cool sometimes, almost hot at others. (:


Jessica Cangiano said...

I so adore it when you curl your hair (it always looks stunning that way), especially in vintage styles, so I must say, I couldn't help but let out a happy smile when I read that you were in the mood to do so again these days. Yay! :)

♥ Jessica

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