Wednesday, 22 May 2013

green smoothies and afternoon cravings

green-smoothie a For once I have taken to a trend – I have totally got into green smoothies. My lovely friend Iolanthe made one when we were down in Dromana, and I had a bit to try and I loved it! I've always loved smoothies (who doesn't?) but the thought of the green business seemed potentially icky and also, well, a bit faddy.

I've always wanted to try juicing, too, but as I am allergic to both celery and carrots I feel a bit limited with recipes. However, the one I tried with Iolanthe was before it had the celery added, and it was delicious. I love them now, and have been playing around with recipes to vary it up and get some different things in them. Ginger is lovely!

Today I made a favourite. It's really simple and really yummy too. And I love knowing that I am getting a good amount of raw leafy greens in there! It's quite thick but quite creamy, too, and makes a really lovely sweet snack, and a good replacement for my daily biscuit cravings.

To make this, you need:

one banana, one apple, one orange, and several good handfuls of baby spinach.

Pop the banana and apple (sliced) in a blender with a small glass of water. Wooj wooj. And the orange and wooj again. Then start adding the spinach, slowly blending until the spinach gets sucked down the middle and chopped up (it's like it's being eaten by a tiny, noisy monster) and then woooooooj for a bit longer to get a nice smooth consistency. I transfer mine to a jar, and if it is a bit too thick and goopy (I like substantial but who wants goopy?) I add some more water and shake it all together to mix.

And that's it! It looks rather green and lively if you haven't had a green smoothie before but trust me, it's yummy! And I just love how virtuous I feel by upping my daily fruit and veg intake. Double goodness! I look forward to drinking it outside on crisp sunny days when I've got my backyard sorted. Soon! green-smoothie c green-smoothie d


Jessica Cangiano said...

So wonderfully refreshing lookng! If you're a fan, salad sprouts are another lovely, very subtly flavoured green that works a treat in smoothies.

♥ Jessica

Alice Hunt said...

Awesome colour and I'm keen to try! I'll let you know if there are strange side affects such as growing antlers etc.

Authentic Alice said...

mmm I will definitely be trying this!!

Just uploaded some new posts to my blog.

Take a look

Miss Fairchild said...

Green smoothies are the best! said...

I love green smoothies! They always make me feel super healthy... at least for a bit!

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

I love them! Im actually enjoying one right now! One of my favorites is spinach, cucumber, lemon juice, banana and peach. I feel very yuck when I forget my breakfast greens

elke said...

Everyone seems to be into these smoothies. I must admit they look like something you drink for a 'dare' ? So, very brave of you! For now, I'm sticking to roasting, mashing, wokking, grilling, mixing,... but it's interesting. It might work for my childrens vitamin levels :-) They do eat green (and blue) icecreams... :-)

esme and the laneway said...

Jessica Cangiano: yes I am – thanks for the tip! :D

Alice Hunt : hehe that would actually be rather impressive!

Authentic Alice : thanks!

Miss Fairchild : yes, luv them! :) : haha yes, so true..!

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage : oh I hadn't thought about cucumber, thanks for the inspiration! :)

elke : haha they look so, so gross but they taste like normal smoothies. I don't know if they'll go down as well as green ice cream though..! :)

Annie Pancake said...

I've been making smoothies too, recently, but like you I was totally holding back on the green part as it just seems icky, especially as I don't like salad at the best of times. The fact that you've said it is still sweet though, encourages me to sample some spinach tomorrow!

Ella said...

I love green smoothies, they're one of my favorite breakfast 'meals'.

A really tasty juice recipe is ginger, apple, orange and mint. You should give it a try one day, it's very refreshing.

Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

love the colour! I bet it tastes as good as it looks! :)

kaarlijnx-x said...

aaah it looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing! :)

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