Friday, 24 May 2013

weatherboard houses, autumn sunsets and new habits and plans

blue-weatherboard-house-melbourne Eeeee I've been wondering how to bring this up for a few weeks and had a few different ideas but let's do it this way... oh, no, I've already made it sound a bit more exciting than it is. Or have I? Because I am really excited about it!

I have taken up running.


There's a bit of a story behind it – about early mornings, sun rises and realisations, the good kind – but I'll save that for next time. For now, I wanted to share what I see when I go for my runs. Yes, I have to bounce on the spot for a bit during the walking interval but that's ok. Beautiful sun sets in the crisp, misty Autumn air, the trees dropping their Autumn coats on the floor and replacing them with their stark winter get ups, pretty houses soaking up the last of the golden warmth while they can. It's so amazingly good to be outside!

I am just beginning, and am getting up to running 5km. I have been doing it for four weeks, and can't believe the progress I've made already. When I started I honestly couldn't believe I'd even be able to trot along for 30 seconds, and now I can easily do three sets of five minute runs with little walks in between. Of course this isn't much for a lot of people but for me it really, really is – I've never been a runner, even when I've been pretty fit, and I am the unfittest (that should definitely be a word!) I've ever been in my life at the moment. Or at least I was four weeks ago!

Anyway, I'm loving it, and actually look forward to going on my runs..! I am due to run two sets of eight whole minutes (!) this evening and I am a bit nervous as it is a big leap, but I'm really excited, too. The feeling of doing them – and easily – has been amazing so far so I have that to look forward to.

Also, these two pictures from my instagram are doubly good for today, as right now I am feeling really nesty. Super nesty. I want to paint the bedroom, do the backyard, and spruce up the shelves and the door in the kitchen. I am feeling all inspired to do some vintage interior decorating at the moment and I can't wait to get started! I really love blue, and want some pale blues about the place. And, finally, it's cold enough to start the backyard project! Oh, to have a little outdoor spot that is nice to be in, with a little table for breakfast in the sunshine, or, with where the sun hits our backyard, evening drinks... yes! grey-sky-autumn-leaves


MarieBayArea said...

Beautiful photos. That house is adorable.

elke said...

good for you! i used to run, but it was to severe for my back. running on a track was no option. i felt like a hamster in a treadmill... i took up karate a few years ago (imagine ugly unflattering kimono, wall length walls and a very clumsy and sometimes scared me:-) ) and my health has improved so much.... so hang in there! keep on running :-) the build up is the hardest part. once you reach the 30' you can sort of keep on going :-)

Marie said...

Oooh, well done! That's fantastic and it sounds like you've made loads of progress in just 4 weeks. Are you doing a couch to 5k programme by the way? I've been tempted to go for it myself, even though (like you) I've never really been a runner even at my fittest.

P.S. Gorgeous photos too by the way!

Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

these are very beautiful photos! But I wonder now.. where do you live, as you have autumn already? Down here summer just properly kicked in! And your photos made me miss the autumn :) anyway. I love running! Not running anymore, but definitely will catch up! p.s. my achievements aren't that great as yours. So well done you! :)

Sarah said...

I've read your blog for ages and never posted a comment but had to on this one - you sound exactly like me this time last year! Never thought I could run, then discovered I could last Winter. All of a sudden I loved getting out of bed at the crack of dawn to go running through frost and fog. Crazy! Are you using the couch to 5k program? All the best for your 8 minute runs - you can do it :)

Missy Piggy said...

This is going to sound weird, but I'm intrigued by what you wear running? I say that as you are always so glamorous...I guess you have daggy trackie dacks too (right)? I need to take up some exercise...not sure what my "thing" is yet.

Miss Fairchild said...

YAY! Running is the best once you become addicted...which you seem to be. I am going crazy not being able to run til I can afford to have new shoes fitted...but better that than getting an injury that won't let me run for months (it happened last year and sucked!). Good luck for your 8 minute runs!

Jessica Cangiano said...

How wonderfully exciting - I can really sense that you're thrilled about this new element of your life.

Way to go on taking up running, dear gal - I hope it proves to be everything and more that you're hoping it will be for you.

♥ Jessica

Anonymous said...
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Hope said...

I've never commented before but I had to say congrats on the running. I just finished week 7 of couch to 5K and I also thought that I wouldn't make it through the 8 minute runs but I did and you will too! It's kind of an amazing feeling when you can run for 2 miles when you were never a runner.

Melanie said...

I love the freedom of running especially when I have a great play list to motivate me. I have just been browsing your flicke photos and your style evoloution has been amazing and a great visual story. xx

Fiona said...

Awesome coincidence - I've just started Week 5 of a 5km running app. It's the best app I've ever bought; I feel like I really can't stop until the nice man tells me to slow down. :) Very effective! If only I could switch it to a Sean Connery voice.

Sarah said...

Congratulations on the running! I'm really impressed that you're doing this because this has always been something that I've wanted to do but never really made it happen. I'd like to keep hearing about how your doing and how you stay motivated. Also, I love the early morning photos! Autumn is such a beautiful time of year!

esme and the laneway said...

‪MarieBayArea‬ : isn't it :)

‪elke‬ s: haha love the kinono description! :D Thanks, that's really good to know (re. the 30' stuff) as it seems so hard but it's AMAZING to get that support! :D
May 24, 2013 at 4:32 PM

‪Marie‬ : I am! I love the couch to 5km app – it's made is much easier than I thought it would be. I definitely recommend it; I am LOVING it even when it's hard – the hardest bit so far has been getting off the couch, as soon as I am outside it's wonderful! :D

‪Just Dont Tell Anyone‬ : I live in Australia so our seasons are opposite to yours. :)

‪Sarah‬ : thanks SO much! I am doing that couch-5km one and it's brilliant! Thanks for sharing this – it's amazing hearing how you have done this. I can't imagine getting up early but then I never thought I could run for more than 30 seconds so... we'll see! Well done on your running year! :D

‪Missy Piggy‬ : haha good question! I got new running clothes (nothing fancy, but nice colours) and a proper fluro coral sports bra (love it!) to run in, and have promised to treat myself to fancy (and better looking, ha!) running tights when I get to 5km :D I should do a post on this for sure!

‪Miss Fairchild‬ : thank you! Hope you get your shoes soon :)

‪Jessica Cangiano‬ : thank you :) it really does feel amazing, and I love being surprised! :D

‪Hope‬ : thanks so so much! I love hearing these running stories. Cngratulations on your running, that's amazing! Here's to 8 mins and mroe! :D

‪Melanie‬ : it makes things feel so much better doesn't it?! And thanks very much :)

‪Fiona‬ : yay! Haha that's funny :D Isn't it good? I'm so pleased to see I am not doing this alone! x Yay runners!

‪Sarah‬ thanks so much! It was SO SO hard to start but now I have it gets easier and easier. I will definitely keep you posted on how it is going! 20 minutes tonight, non stop – eek! – excited! x

Vanessa said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying running. I used to adore going for runs, but I hurt my ankle at the beginning of the year and I can't anymore. Boo. It is so much fun though, and it feels amazing when you start to make progress and run further and longer. Keep it up!

Bea W. said...

I am so excited to hear that you enjoy running too much and that you're making great progress. It is such a great activity. You will be running those 5k non stop in no time. I've been running for almost six years now and couldn't live without it. I've never been as fit in younger years as I am now at 31. I hope you will enjoy this new hobby/habit/activity...for a long time and reach whatever goals you set yourself along the way.

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