Friday, 7 June 2013

beautiful victorian buildings on the victorian coast

vue-grand-queenscliff f Wow, this week has gone quickly! Well, time flies when etc etc. It kind of feels like last weekend, and then much longer ago, too, that I was down on the Bellarine Peninsula with fellow Melbourne bloggers Iolanthe, Leeyong, Sarah K and Sarah W. Almost two weeks ago! Woah, that went fast!

After a glorious day of driving down to the coast, a wine tour and a long lunch, we had a moment to settle in to our accommodation (cute little wooden chalets at the Big4Bellarine Holiday Park) (but not long enough to have a go on one of the go kart buggy things, or the big bouncy thing – a giant pillow that you jump on, like a trampoline – if you're a child, that is – although several of us were VERY tempted!) and were soon off for dinner at the Vue Grand Hotel in Queenscliff. vue-grand-queenscliff a Iolanthe and I were sharing one of the chalets and so we got ready together. I loved her dress, and her big hair bun. I call these Mega Buns – so simple and yet dramatic. I wish I'd got better pictures of it! vue-grand-queenscliff b vue-grand-queenscliff c I love love loooooooove my glimmering, copper coloured quilted skirt. Won't it look good with red hair? Ahem! Actually, speaking of hair, it's funny seeing how pinky lilac it was. I like it this colour. vue-grand-queenscliff d The Vue Grand really is, well, grand. It's beautiful, one of the most beautiful Victorian buildings I've been in over here. I am so, so thrilled when I see these historic buildings have kept their interiors. Look how beautiful these floor tiles are – I'm always excited to see these. vue-grand-queenscliff e It's a massive building and I'd love to stay there overnight. It really is spectacular, and not at all modern – which is a HUGE compliment. It really is a treat here to see these things kept intact and looked after.

We went to the big dining room for their fine dining dinner, and it was stunning. It felt like something out of Foyles War, all high ceilings, chandeliers and bronze statues and even grand pianos. I ended up at the head of the 4 seater table which, to be honest, made me feel quite awkward, like I was just tacked on to the night. Boo. We would have been much happier if we had been put on a table for six. But, worse things happen at sea, and here are my fellow grumpy cats Iolanthe and Leeyong on my right... vue-grand-queenscliff h ... and the darling Sarahs on my left. vue-grand-queenscliff i I had the 5 course taster menu, which definitely spoke to my carnivorous side. vue-grand-queenscliff j vue-grand-queenscliff l vue-grand-queenscliff m And I am always happy to eat flowers. In fact I want a flower salad. I might have to make that happen. Our long, leisurely meal had a substantial sweet to round it off that I was looking forward to: gingerbread. I was not hungry by the end of it! And this is what we ate underneath... so, so gorgeous. I love the blue of the walls, too... hmmm, more to convince me that I'd like some pale blues at home..! vue-grand-queenscliff g


MarieBayArea said...

What a glamorous place

Stacey said...

How amazing is the Vue Grand! I attended a wedding there earlier this year, held in the dining room and the little chapel/stained glass room just before the dining room. It is such a beautiful building and made for an excellent wedding. The food is delicious and I was also lucky enough to stay there overnight, it really was a treat.
It is a beautiful building in such a wonderful area, you should take the time out to stay there some time!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Such a timelessly gorgeous building - those mile-high ceilings are strikingly elegant.

I love edible flowers, too! Roses are my very favourite, but I've yet to munch on a bloom yet that I wouldn't happily bite into again.

♥ Jessica

Vickie said...

what a gorgeous building!

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