Friday, 21 June 2013

cold winter, blue skies

blue-white-vintage winter c
Do you remember ages ago when I went on the Op Shop Crawl with a group of great Melbourne bloggers, and – surprisingly – found a vintage dress? Well, here it is, at long last!
blue-white-vintage winter f
It's more of a Spring dress of course, but I have worn it a couple of times now, and think it is good for our clear blue winter days, too.
blue-white-vintage winter h
I wore it with a vintage top-jacket-thingy, a gift from Leeyong. I love it – I love wearing blue.
And I love wearing stockings with my closed toe shoes. I have to say, I was wearing my winter coat with this – it was pretty crisp! I am LOVING this early winter weather so much! I think Melbourne looks so beautiful at this time of year. I'm really looking forward to the months ahead.
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Churrts said...

The shirt matches crisp blue of the sky! Wish it was heading towards winter here in Boston. Autumn is my favorite time of year!

MarieBayArea said...

That jacket has such a gorgeous print and color.

Brianna said...

That is a lovely cover-up. Do you have any tips for stopping the inside-shoe-slipping-around that happens with heels and stockings?

bespokehome said...

Great jacket! It would suit you as a redhead. Are you going to get it cropped a bit? (the jacket, not the hair).

Hannah said...

you look exquisite! x

Elyce Sandri said...

Your dress looks like a water colour painting! Beautiful.

esme and the laneway said...

Anonymous Churrts : isn't it the best! I was so enjoying seeing the wintery stuff when we had our looooong summer here :D

MarieBayArea : it does!

Brianna : I don't really have it happening very often, I think my shoes insides are quite grippy – and I put those sticky shoe fillers in the back of these ones as they were a touch too big, but the next size down was too small, and they're also grippy which might help.

bespokehome : haha I should get my hair chopped a bit too! I won't crop the jacket any more, it is a little long for my torso (curse of my life!) but the tie-up waistband bit can fold up, and I like it worn causally so that's ok. I can only dream of a world when waist length things always actually stop at my waist! :D

Hannah : thanks! X

Erica Louise said...

Hey Marianne, great to see your lovely dress made its first outing on such a lovely wintery sunny day! Love the stockings

TheGirlinOslo said...

Nice photos sweety :)
Have a great day from a rainy Oslo

Jessica Cangiano said...

I think this dress channels a great winter vibe - blue and white are so redolent of the season, calling to mind everything from snowbanks to frozen lakes, and embodying the chilly elegance of the season. Wonderfully pretty frock and outfit from head-to-toe, honey.

♥ Jessica

Kate Chilley said...

Oh, how I love following your blog! A big fan of vintage (alas my equally big frame stops me from enjoying truly vintage clothes, but one learns to adapt modern!) but also I've really appreciated seeing your snaps of Melbourne in Winter!
I'm an Autumn/Winter gal and I've been quite anxious about the Australian heat as my partner and I emigrate to Melbourne on Tuesday from the UK! He loves the sun, so I've been sharing your photos to give him hope that Melbourne does enjoy bright days even in Winter, while I have been secretly gleeful that I'm flying into another Winter and a wonderful excuse to wear pencil skirts and tights :)
Ah, just realised this is meant to be a comment, not an opus so will sign off! Thank you for he inspiration!

Kate Chilley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mabel said...

What a beautiful day! I miss winter now. Lovely outfit :)

Life of Mabel

Teresa said...

That dress is such a great find and I love how you've paired it with the beautiful blue jacket. So crisp and wintery!

esme and the laneway said...

‪Erica Louise‬ : thanks! :D

‪TheGirlinOslo‬ : you too!

‪Jessica Cangiano‬ : thank you! x

‪Kate Chilley‬ : thanks for the lovely comment – and I am glad I can share some Melbourne with you :) definitely plenty of sun here – but we do get a decent winter too, so I think you both will have plenty to like :)

‪Mabel‬ : thanks! Our winter has been splendid lately :)

‪Teresa‬ : thanks T!

Cheray Natalie said...

you look stunning <3
absolutely loving Melbourne's weather right now
Cheray x

ModernVintageStyle said...

This s a gorgeous combination.
One of the joys of the blogging world is that we see southern hemisphere bloggers making the best of their autumn and winter wardrobes just as we in the north lighten up for summer. I personally prefer the cooler weather looks, and frankly the weather in the UK means, thankfully, there are still plenty of reasons for stockings and tights. By the way I love the photo with just the glimpse of seam! K x

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