Monday, 24 June 2013

dreams, taking stock and the week to come

dreaming of my future house-b (all pictures from my pinterest, and the sources are all there too x)

Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend.

Did you enjoy your summer/winter solstice? I love both the longest and shortest days of the year. So dramatic and change-y. I’ve been thinking about things and taking stock – halfway through the year seems to be a good time to do this!

Small steps first, right? I can look at the good and the bad of the last week, and what I hope for this week. That’s a good place to start.

Last week I didn’t run enough (my ankle is a bit sore and won’t get better even with lots of rest) and burnt my wrist when cooking – so that’s the bad.

I went for a run with a friend and found that going at a slower pace than usual let me run (24mins) without making my ankle worse, although I really want to be doing 28mins at a pace that really pushes me. Still, I want a good ankle even more! So this is a good compromise. I also cooked lamb shanks based on this recipe for the first time (and they were delicious), found a great independent fruit and veg market that is a millions times better (and cheaper!) than the supermarket, and stated thinking seriously about getting a house – and even went to look at one! So all of that is very good.

I’ve been feeling extra nesty lately and really want to have a house. I am dreaming about having an old house wih high ceilings, and floorboards, and a fireplace, and a garden that’s big enough for me to grow some vegetables. Maybe rocket and tomatoes and zucchinis. I could even have chickens! I could decorate my vintage house in pale blues and greens, hang some more deco mirrors up and have plants on the windowsills. I am so, so ready to have windows and direct sunlight coming in, and a shed for the bikes. This week I will be thinking about this seriously. This would be very, very good!

And you? What was your week like, and how’s the coming week shaping up? I hope the good out-weighed the bad!


rubyslypprz said...

There's something about the crisp winter air that lends itself quite naturally to nesting tendencies. Hope you are able to progress your house dreams v. soon, complete with heritage breed chickens. Maybe you would like some dove-grey Araucanas, which lay the pale blue or green eggs? Or perhaps a few sweet Bantams, perfect for cuddling. But Babycat might protest about these feathered invaders!

Melanie Freeman said...

Love the green tongue and groove picture at the end, we painted ours the same colour and I love it, its nice and mellow against the white. I must get some more pot plants to put with my mirrors.


MarieBayArea said...

I hope you get your dream home.

Debs said...

You need to be careful about phrases like "feeling nesty". People may get ideas ;)

Melanie D said...

Gorgeous photos from Pinterest! I often find myself trawling through all of the beautiful vintage / country-inspired homes dreaming of one day owning one. Hopefully you'll have some good home buying news to tell us all in the near future :)

Editor of Whim Online Magazine

Ila said...

While I was reading the description of your dream house I could totally pictured you in it..hope it will happens very soon :)
Love the pics on pinterest!

Ila x

Helen Le Caplain said...

What gorgeous inspiration pics! I'm still trying to achieve getting my own place, then I'll work on it being my dream home.

Hey - a girl can dream!

Cheray Natalie said...

it must be Melbourne's freezing weather, because this past week has had me dreaming about my own house too (wooden floorboards, a garden, nice big windows & a fireplace would be nice..! ;) hehe)
hope your house dreams come true
& have a happy week
Cheray x

elke said...

lovely pics! great style! take care of your ankle. it's so much more rewarding if you take care of yourself while doing sports... in the long run, anyway... :-)

Miss Maple said...

Love all the pictures you've chosen. I'd like to live in each of thiese places. And yes, there comes a time in your life when you want a house for your own and a garden and maybe even chickens.

Jessica Cangiano said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your ankle and recent burn, honey - sending tons of healing wishes your way.

♥ Jessica

*PS* That's so exciting about thinking about get a house!

Teresa said...

I hope your ankle is getting better and how exciting about house plans! I'd love a little vintage house to fill with all my vintage too.

esme and the laneway said...

‪rubyslypprz‬ : oh I didn't know they could lay blue or green eggs, how good would that be! :D x

‪Melanie Freeman‬ that green is so gorgeous! Our living room is that colour too. I'll definitely use it again!

‪MarieBayArea‬ thank you! Fingers crossed... if not dream house, a good compromise :)

‪Debs‬ : hahaha well I can live with that! :D But not just yet, hehe

‪Melanie D‬ : I hope so too! Would be wonderful! I SO want to reno something now :)

‪Ila‬ : thank you! Fingers crossed..!

‪Helen Le Caplain‬ : dreams are the best! Good luck – wouldn't it be nice if we could just get there instead of all the years of the process?! <3

‪Cheray Natalie‬ : thanks :) yes, this weather basically demands it. Mmmm fireplace!

‪elke‬ : thanks :) I'll try to rest it, and will just have to get to a comfortable 5km slower... you're right, it is worth it in the end!

‪Miss Maple‬ : it's funny how it just sneaks up adn then BAM the time for it is now! ;D

‪Jessica Cangiano‬ : aww thanks they're totally fine :) x

Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

such a great post! and lovely photos of yours! :)

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