Tuesday, 25 June 2013

getting outdoors, getting in hot springs, plenty of cakes and pizza on a perfect full day

felix courtyard b
My goodness, how has it taken me so long to talk about this? It was such a wonderful weekend!

I’m talking about the weekend I spent in Dromana with fellow bloggers Iolanthe, Leeyong, Cecylia, Candice and Stasia. I shared our first day and night here, but then stopped... because the weekend was something of an eye opener. And writing about those is not always easy!

It was a good eye opener – a great one – and it happened on the Saturday. It wasn’t one particular event but a series of them. The first was our outdoor yoga, at 8am in the lush grounds of the Peninsula hot springs. To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to it at first – early! yoga! ouch! – plus I’d done some yoga years ago and found it really boring (I know, it's cool thing and I shouldn't say that, but it was just so dull) – but decided that this could be different and to give it a good try. I got a colourful, comfortable yoga outfit together (a tracksuit!) and, stumbled, squinting, across the dewy grass to our spot.

And I loved it.

The yoga itself was very gentle. I just loved being outdoors, in the wild Victorian countryside, on a clear sunny morning. A duck waddled over to see what we were up to. The magpies were also curious and sang their familiar warbly song at us, which I now know is the bird noise between the scenes on Neighbours. It’s gentle and nice and I realised how much I missed being outside, and just how indoors-y I’d become. It felt so good to feel the tough grass under my bare feet and the warm sun on my back as I tried to follow the instructor and turn in the right direction at the right speed. I was reminded of how different the trees here are to home – home home, England – and how beautiful they are in the early Autumn.

And then it was time for something I’d wanted to do for aaaaaages – the hot springs! The Peninsula Hot Springs are a series of, well, yep, hot springs, on the hills. So they’re outside! You walk up the hills along the paths and can try all the different spas, which are all different temperatures. It really is lovely up there, and the views are spectacular, especially in the ones near the top of the hill. Of course, I didn’t take my camera along for this, and while it is hard to share something without photos, as I usually do, it was soooo good to just enjoy being there and switch off, and take it all in. The paths are really cold, so I know for next time to take thongs, and I loved how the air was quite cold but it was toasty warm in the waters. We were only there for about an hour, so I can’t wait to go back – maybe at night. Imagine sitting under the stars, with the little lights twinkling through the leaves... yes please!

felix courtyard a felix courtyard c chair book cardboard sheep display felix vase little wagon
But we had a brunch date at The Alley and we were ready for it. SO HUNGRY! The Alley – and it is down an ally, lined with a perfect jumble of plants – is a really cute cafe on the main street in Dromana, and shares its space with Felix, a vintage store. We were all really hungry at this point, and while we waited for our food we had a look around. How cute is this little wooden wagon?!

cakes tomato sandwich bircher muesli yellow roses chai latte
The food was really good, and that wasn’t just our hunger talking. Sandwiches, muesli, cakes, coffee and tea... we were soon very happy chooks. Oh, the relief of having something to eat when you’ve been going for several hours on nothing but coffee..!

strawberry tart
We then had the afternoon to ourselves, and just relaxed at the apartments, internetting and generally pootling about. This is one of my favourite things on holiday. And then another eye opening moment. I wanted to get some snacks and things, some milk for tea and so on, and so I decided to walk to the shops. But when I found out they were a 15 minute walk away, I made a sad face and was immediately offered a lift... hooray! And then as I put my shoes on it hit me – driving along the coast, in the glorious sunshine, to the shops? What? I’d become completely suburbanised and car-reliant and this had to change. I said thank you for the offer but that I would walk. And I did. And it was lovely. It felt so good, and so strange, to be outside, walking, and I decided that I was going to get outside way more often. The huge dark green trees – some kind of pine? – look so stark against the blue sky and the pale yellow sand, and it reminded me how different, and exotic, it was for me. And how I really should enjoy it! And there and then I decided I was taking up running.

yellow outfit
Dinner time! This time we went to Itali.co, a local pizza restaurant. I wore my vintage dress with the yellow roses and my vintage mustard cardigan and struggled to take photos with my camera, which resulted in grumpy face. Note to self: try harder with the frustrated smiling!

iolanthe leeyong leeyong iolanthe
Leeyong and Iolanthe. I tried with and without the flash, and think the flash is actually ok.

me and skm
Me and Candice.

skm cecylia
Candice and Cecylia.


tomatoes yum
We were treated to yummy thin based pizzas, buffalo mozzarella (my favourite) and the prettiest fairy floss, and talked very loudly while passing plates around and enjoying ourselves. Such a lively, fun and wonderful way to end our perfect day!
tiny yummy things pizza tabl buffalo mozarella fairy floss


MarieBayArea said...

This getaway looks absolutely dreamy

Elrese Voges said...

You have such beautiful photos plus I seem to have a bit of hair envy :) have a fab day lovely xoxo


esme and the laneway said...

MarieBayArea : it was wonderful!

Elrese Voges: thanks – you too! :)

Mabel said...

I've never had much luck with yoga. I just cannot embrace it, I'd rather go for a run. Glad you've found your calling for it!

Your weekend adventures and epiphanies sound lovely :)

Life of Mabel

Retro Chick said...

It looks like such a wonderful weekend, even yoga at 8am (could they not have made it 9am and had a lie in?)

Kristel Klear said...

Love how well the cardigan and the dress are matching. You look stunning.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Thank you for sharing the intimate, important "ah-ha!" moment that lead to your decision to take up running with us, honey. There are certain moments like that - which strike with such force - that linger with us for life, often changing said existence for the better, and I'm sure this has already proven to be one of those for you.

♥ Jessica

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