Thursday, 6 June 2013

I am on facebook! At last!

esme-laneway-facebook At last. It's happened! I am now on facebook! Come and say hello!

I am really actually enjoying it. It'll be great for posting all the things that might not make it to the blog, and for sharing videos and so on. Oh, and possibly sharing the occasional cat video. You know. I mean, how could I not, right?!

And, speaking of facebook, check this out – some fun with Sharp, the company I did my video with. I'm actually wearing the same vintage dress I filmed that in today! Although with tights and a cardigan and I'm next to a heater. It is amazing just how different the weather is here now – not just in the seasonal sense, as of course it's much colder in winter. It actually feels like another country to me, now. It's that different.

And thanks so much for your entries into the hair colour giveaway. I love hearing about your hair ideas. And I will do that post on pin curling shorter hair – although my hair is a bit long for it now, obviously! Then again, I am about to get it cut... so we;ll see how it turns out! x


Natalie_vintage_girl said...

I just hopped onto your facebook page and wrote a little exciting !

Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

wow! I saw the video just now! and it's so great! seems that you're not only looking very vintage, but you're even living back in 50's ! that is so cool! well done you! :)
and congrats on facebook! that is definitely a great idea to have one for your blog as well. Might do it myself very soon! :)

Helen Le Caplain said...

Excellent stuff!

Saperlotte said...

Oh, this could be a reason for me to get back to Facebook again :-)

Melanie D said...

Glad to hear you're now on Facebook Marianne! We love following your beautiful blog posts :)

Editor of Whim Online Magazine

Jessica Cangiano said...

How exciting! Warmest welcome from another fairly newcomer to the FB world (I just joined for the first time last December).

♥ Jessica

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