Tuesday, 18 June 2013

just beneath the surface: the hidden secrets in melbourne for those who are curious

city graf h sponsored by nuffnang

On Saturday I headed into the city to take a look at some street art. Melbourne prides itself on its colourful artworks, especially in the city’s laneways. I love it – it’s beautiful and colourful and adds an extra layer of life to the buildings. I love it on the old, nobly crumbling buildings and even more on the new, shiny and often ugly ones!

city graf i city graf j city roses g city roses e And I was chuffed as I got to see some being created live. The Age (one of our city’s two major newspapers) (known for being the cultured one) (yeah, harsh but it’s true) launched a campaign back at the start of this year, called Forever Curious. It is about the interesting stories that lie just beneath the surface, and how they can be discovered if you are curious enough to look a little closer. The Age hides clues within its pages and online, and readers are rewarded if they find them and dig a little deeper. For example, there was a special sentence, a bit like a password, in the food section, and readers were encouraged to visit a certain cafe and repeat it to someone who would be seated outside. Those who did were rewarded with a free lunch. I love things like this – it’s like a treasure hunt! Melbourne also prides itself on its underground, hidden gems, so I think this campaign matches that perfectly.

city graf k The Age worked with two highly regarded street artists, Rone and Phibs, to collaborate on a mural in one of our well-known street art laneways, Hosier Lane. The Age had featured their work in a “Just Graffiti” ad for the Forever Curious campaign earlier, and they were keen to continue that connection with the artists. Their work is really familiar to us here, and is an iconic part of our city. I love the idea of something that I always think of as being so competitive actually working together.

city graf n In the lead up to the day, The Age had asked its readers what their favourite graffiti spots in the city were, and their answers were incorporated into the artwork along with their twitter or Instagram handles. They also ran an article about Rone on the day, letting people know it was on so they could check it out.

city graf l I got there in the mid afternoon to have a look at its progress – I think it’s fascinating seeing these things happen. It was a lovely warm winter’s afternoon, but very cold in the lane – no sunshine gets down in there!

city graf m city graf o It was great to see the two styles combined to make this striking piece.

city graf p I was also interviewed for a video being made of the event – I didn’t make the final cut (wait, is that right? I mean be in it!) but it was definitely an experience – a fun, if strange and slightly scary one! – to have a quick chat with a fancy camera and one of those big furry microphone things inches from my face OH and in public!!! You can see the video here if you like. You can also read The Age’s article about the day here.

And now I am really pleased to tell you about a prize I have to give to one of you! In fact I have to do it quickly as I want to keep it but I can’t, so boo for me and yay for you. 

I have 1 x FRAMED PRINT of one of Rone’s Melbourne pieces (taken by an Age photographer) – worth $180.

For your chance to win, please tell me: what is your favourite piece of street art in your city and why do you like it? And when do you get to see it?

Personally I’ve always liked seeing it from trains, when you get to see things from such a different view. I love seeing all that colour in really awkward, hard-to-get-to spots, and then getting to see it change over the weeks and months as it is added to, painted over etc.

Tell me in the comments here, and, as always, please leave an email address so I can contact you. Full terms and conditions are here.

Good luck! city graf q


Charmaine said...

Looks a lot like the streets of Toronto! Heaps of graffiti and street art.

Missy Piggy said...

I just left a HUGE comment on your blog...but I think the internet ate it?

Missy Piggy said...

I just left a HUGE comment on your blog...but I think the internet ate it?

MarieBayArea said...

Really cool! I wish there was a way to enlarge your photos on my iPhone.

Anna.Pants said...

That's awesome! I live in Canberra, and although it's no Melbourne, there is actually some awesome street art popping up around the place in the conservative capital, too! My favourite area to find it is near a local youth justice centre, where they often have arts projects for street kids. The walls around the centre are always changing, and I love the thought that a creative outlet can help people get on the right track. It can be messy in a way, but I think it's really quite beautiful.


Crinoline Dame said...

This makes me miss Melbourne so much! I love the fact that every time I went out walking, I'd come across something new or different that I hadn't seen before.

Copes Curiosities said...
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Copes Curiosities said...

There's a house off Napier St in Fitzroy that I stumbled across. It's got a blue wall with a red haired child painted entirely out of little coloured dots. A magical find when cutting down the back streets!!


- eco bird by danii - said...

Wow so much colour! Next time I head down to Melbourne I have to go there! xx


Anonymous said...

I love this! Such a wonderful idea... There are so many hidden parts of the cities I've lived in that I'm yet to discover and something like this would really make me hunt!

My favourite place for street art has to be London! But since I don't live there anymore I'll stick to Wollongong. We have two sides of the youth centre opposite one another and it's a legal wall! (http://legal-walls.net/walls/794)

It's forever changing and I do really appreciate that - it's never the same every time you view it and that's one of the things I love about this wall in particular. People often visit from Sydney and leave a piece of art and I know tourists do too, which is really lovely as I think it helps them leave their mark (legally and without damaging property).

We get a lot of wedding photos and formal photos taken there as it's quite central and makes a stunning background, it's really quite a big part of the community.

As for my favourite piece it's this one!

The actual building! Makes it so welcoming and really represents our vibrant city :)

- Victoria


Miss Emmi said...

I live in Melbourne, and I really like this stencil piece on a building in Melbourne uni. It has the Darwinian evolution line, but after the fully upright human there is a gundam (transformer-robot like thing). It made me laugh the first time I saw it. Sadly I think it has been painted over now :(

Kristina said...

I can't believe that I didnt know about this!! You know how much I love the streetart around Melbourne!! Too bad!

My favorite artist is Be Free and her paste ups in the abondend house in Carlton. I heard its open for public now, I have to go and have a look!!

Also, Fitzroy is the best:

My email is kristinablogs(at)gmail(dot)com

Fingers crossed :)

Rusty Hoe said...

I love Hosier Lane. There's also a patch at the back of Bourke Street, can't recall the number, but it's groovy insects. Love that spot. So much to choose from really. We are leaving Melbourne for the country (argh!) at the end of the year and I'll miss the street art and the city in general. I love that we have embraced, and can see the value, in street art. (fingers and toes will now be crossed ;))

My email is: rustyhoe(at)livingwithbob(dot)com

psychocandy said...

Nice spots and great photos!!!

My favourite place for street art in Spain it's Granada (!) The whole city is decorated by El NiƱo. Check this out, he's a huge artist! http://www.elninodelaspinturas.es/



Danielle Valenzuela said...

Australia looks gorgeous!!!


Momentarily Go said...

I always see my favourite piece from the bus on my way to uni in Wollongong. It makes my day to see such a beautiful artwork in an unexpected location.
It's a gorgeous, huge, portrait of a woman on a towering brick wall (I was reminded of it by the one you featured - turns out it's by the same artist!)

Minnie said...

I seen that street art when I went to Melbourne two years ago!
It's so nice to take a walk through memory lane by reading your post,
I'm actually going to flip through my photos now and reminisce~

Theresa said...

My fave piece is in Somerset Lane in the CBD of Melbourne, which I get to see whenever I'm teaching a Laneway Learning class (www.lanewaylearning.com / https://www.facebook.com/BraidingWithTheresa). It's of a woman pouring water, and is a b&w pasteup with color. Gorgeous!

steph chen said...

argh, so beautiful, Its so nice to see someone appreciate this lovely city, Im so grateful to live here! Its such a haven!

rudegurl32 said...

Love your blog!!
Melbourne looks amazing. I'm heading to Sydney in December to study at the University of Sydney. I definitely hope to check out Melbourne if I get the chance :)

Thanks for sharing.

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