Tuesday, 11 June 2013

mocktails, cocktails, Babycat and a giveaway!

champagne-pomegranate-raspberries b sponsored by nuffnang

It is pomegranate season at the moment in Melbourne. I love pomegranates – have done ever since Nigella explained how to get the little squishy jewels out with a few firm whacks with a wooden spoon – and have been enjoying them sprucing up dinners with those shiny red studs.

I’ve also seen them scattered on the ground at the feet of trees in several of my neighbours’ gardens, but they’re never quite close enough to, you know, share. At least the birds can enjoy them!

And what about drinking it? I like it – not too sweet and not too sharp – and I like that pomegranate is good for you. And you know I have recently been on a health drink kick.

But you can’t be so good ALL the time! Bickford’s asked me to make a vintage-inspired cocktail, and, of course, of their six premium juices, I went with pomegranate. With 100% juice, it’s perfect for it!

And it’s really easy too. No faffing about with a zillion ingredients, although I hope you are better prepared, glassware wise, than me, and have champagne glasses... which leads us to the ingredients!

champagne-pomegranate-raspberries c Champagne, pomegranate juice, raspberries/strawberries.

And that’s it! Pour a nice glass of bubbly, top with pomegranate juice, and drop in a berry or two. It’s pink and it’s tasty – both are good!

champagne-pomegranate-raspberries d champagne-pomegranate-raspberries a But I couldn’t just leave it at that. I saw that there is a prune juice in the Bickford’s range and I LOVE prunes! I know, I know, they’re not very fashionable to like – people always ask if you’re, you know, feeling ok if you mention you eat them, and yes, I am quite fine, thank you! I just really like that intense, sticky sweet flavour, along with figs and dates. It’s just so syrupy good!

prune-coconut-rum a So I tried the prune juice neat and I liked it.

prune-coconut-juice a I then mixed it with the coconut juice and it was really good – it made a nice, lighter kind of mocktail. Babycat is convinced and wants to try it too.

prune-coconut-juice b It got me thinking... of another potential cocktail.

prune-coconut-juice c While I wasn’t asked to do this, I like a challenge – and making prune juice palatable in a cocktail is definitely a challenge, in my books! – and it was actually quite easy. Just prune juice, coconut juice and rum. I wanted to add an umbrella but my supermarket didn’t have any – don’t they know the importance of a tiny paper umbrella?! – so you’ll have to go with me on this. I dare you to try it, I think you might like it! I’m serious!


I have: 1 x Bickford’s prize pack (worth $150 RSP) to give away:

• 6 Bottles of Bickford’s Premium Super fruit Juices (one of each flavour)
• A Crystal Set of 6 Cocktail Glasses from Wheel & Barrow
• ICE BUCKET Double Wall S/S 1.3L Black/Silver from Wheel & Barrow
• Ice Tongs from Wheel & Barrow
• Straw Spoon from Wheel & Barrow

Cocktail glasses! I could do with some of those, too.

SO. To enter, I want you to tell me:
what cocktail would you create using one of the following Bickford’s juices:

Coconut Juice
Pomegranate Juice
Prune Juice
Cranberry Juice
Blueberry Juice
Superberry Antioxidant Juice

and where would it take us? I like to think my prune-coconut-rum concoction is rather tropical, and yet good for winter.

To enter you must be 18 or over and an Australian resident. Please leave me your email address! Full terms and conditions here. Good luck – and have fun with it!

Also, let me know – I have to ask – what do you think of prunes, and prune juice? Are we ready to help them drop their dark image?! prune-coconut-juice d


Me... said...

I love prunes. :D Here, where I'm from, we make something like marmelade out of plums. But prums we use for some sort of a homemade compot. It's great for winter. You slice up some aplles, some figs, put in some raisins, prums, add water, half of lemon and some sugar (by your taste). You cook it until all fruit is softened and when done you add a little bit of rum. You can use any kind of fruit actually.

Btw, I adore your blog. <3

Jacquie said...

Your prune juice cocktail sounds quite intriguing. Would like to give it a whirl!

With all those different choices it would be fun to experiment. I'd like to try cranberry juice, coconut juice and gin. I think it'd make a fine concoction!


Natalie said...

It's terrible when neighbour's fruit isn't quite close enough to "share" ... I've found myself in front of my neighbour's passionfruit vine, willing a strong wind to come by and roll the fallen fruit a leeetle bit closer!

I would probably make a concoction from gin, coconut juice and jasmine essence ... I fancy it'd be lovely once the weather turns warm again!


Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

hah! they all actually look great! can't pick my favourite. definitely need to try! shame, that I'm not an Australian residence... Anyways! your cat is so cool! (:

Alice Hunt said...

I agree, prunes are completely under-rated by the under 60 crowd. But are delicious!! I agree with above comment - they are amazing mixed with rum (or brandy) to make drunken fruit - perfect with ice-cream.

On another note....cocktail: I'd make a warm blueberry muffin cocktail by turning the blueberry juice into a syrup, mix with irish cream and cinnamon and drizzle a tiny bit of melted butter into it, delish!

foxyroxy said...

super berry juice
sparkling mineral water
squeeze of lemon juice
drop in fresh raspberries

Ms A said...

I'd make a pomegranate and cranberry cocktail with a twist. I'd mix the juices with a nice vodka (42 Below as a nod to New Zealand) then top with liquid merangue and a little passionfruit to balance the tartness of the cranberry/pomegranate juices.

Ms A said...

I'd mix the cranberry and pomegranate with a good vodka, and a little ice. I'd top it with some liquid merangue and perhaps a little passionfruit, to balance out the tartness. Actually, I think I will do this!

Vickie said...

I do enjoy prunes & they are great in baking - my grandmother's cheesecake (a family tradition) involves port (or marsala) soaked prunes - yum!

Medea said...

I actually love using prunes in moroccan-style tajines!

I would use pomegranate juice with a light spiced rum (like Sailor Jerry), fresh lime juice, mint, simple syrup and top with soda water. It would probably also work with the cranberry juice as well.

Or I would go really simple with cranberry, vodka, cherry bitters and soda.

As for where, I keep thinking of a summer backyard picnic. Although, I have drunk summery cocktails in front of a wood fire in winter before, and it is very lovely in a juxta-position-y kind of way!

Margarita Bloom said...

Prunes are yummy! I love to nibble on them...I don't know why they get such a weird rap...they're just dried plums! lol... This sounds delicious and Babycat is adorable! heehee...wish I could enter, but not in Australia so I'll have to drool over your pretty pics. Have a sweet day you too. xoxo


Katy said...

Babycat is so sweet!

the cocktails look delicious


lauren guilbeau said...

I would make a sangria with the blueberry juice!

CoriLynn said...

Well, I'm not an Australia resident ;), but I still wanted to say thank you for the recipes! I love mixing up cocktails, and especially trying new ones!
Babycat looks adorable as always!!
~xoxo, CoriLynn

Kat said...

I love prunes!! I remember a lady at a place in Adelaide telling me that their 'prune tart' sold much quicker when they renamed it 'dried plum tart'. haha.

I'm loving pimms right now, goes in everything, so maybe I would go, Bickfords coconut juice, orange juice, strawberries, pimms. And maybe a little sugar if it needs sweetening.

Though I'm somewhat tempted to give the blueberry juice a try too....blueberry orange and pimms? we'll see :)

kat_degraaf@ hotmail . com

Anonymous said...

I'd make a Pomegranate and ginger cocktail using the pomegranate juice, dry ginger ale and vermouth.
I'm not sure where it would take me but I'm sure it would help me to wind down after a long week at work.
I love prunes! They are so under rated.

Cheers Sharon

email: sharon 7999 at yahoo dot com

ella said...

I adore prunes as well, sitting in the bottom of a baked custard tart, soaked in booze or coated in dark chocolate and taken with coffee!

I would take inspiration from prune desserts and add cognac and a dash of amaretto to the prune juice, with a spritz of fresh lime and soda. I think this is a wintry drink, hopefully it would transport us to a hearty dinner (baked rabbit, bitter greens, lots of cheeses) eaten by an open fire in a French country house.

For something to sip in early spring I'd take blueberry juice, basil syrup, gin & a splash of cointreau, topped with a chiffonade of basil leaves, poured in a tall glass over lots of ice. An afternoon drink to celebrate it being warm enough to have bare legs and the appearance of blossoms on the naked branches of plum trees and magnolias.

Ānnī said...

Looks very good !

Haha, and your cat is so funny ❤

Kim maxwell said...

I would make a pome-berry cocktail, with Bickford's pomegranate and bluebaerry juices, with sold top quality vodka. I would have to add a fancy little umbrella so I could dream of an Island paradise somewhere!


Bethany M said...

That sounds amazing! :0

GracefullyVintage said...

I don't drink but I love mocktails! I think they taste wonderful and look so pretty! I would like to practice making pretty mocktails for spring and summer... I would love to use the blueberry juice and add heaps of fresh berries! It is my ideal mocktail! <3

GracefullyVintage said...

Oh my email is: gracefullyvintagekayla@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

the last picture is really cute ^_^

Vanessa said...

Oooh, cocktails! I'd take the blueberry juice and make a Violet Beauregarde:
- 1 shot vodka
- 1/2 shot blue curacao
- 1 cup blueberry juice.
Shake and serve over ice. Delicious!

With it's sweet, blueberry bubblegum flavour it would take me back to my childhood of chomping gumballs and reading Charlie and The Chocolate factory.


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