Monday, 3 June 2013

my kitchen makeover, vintage style – before

kitchen-makeover-before a I have decided that my kitchen decoration needs a bit of an overhaul. I love the wall colour (palest green) and my vintage kitchen bits and pieces and now I want to make some improvements. We don't have a kitchen window, which is terrible. It means it is always quite dark, especially in winter. Oh, how I dream of having a window and sunlight streaming in! kitchen-makeover-before c It has a sky light, and then big windows up on the other side, so that's where the natural light comes in from. kitchen-makeover-before b One of the two things I am going to change first are the green shelves. They are ugly-but-practial cheapo white shelves on metal brackets. I painted them a pale pink when I was having a kitch phase, and then dark green when I was having my I-don't-like-pastel-fey-stuff phase. I then painted the back door to match. kitchen-makeover-before d So my jars and things look nice but I think the dark green just swallows up way too much light. Too gloomy! Oh, and all my herbs died in the summer, and I haven't had the heart to replace them yet. kitchen-makeover-before e This is the back door open, which is nice for letting in more light, but I can't keep that open all day in winter! kitchen-makeover-before f And this is what it looks like closed. See how dark that corner is? I love dark green, and heavy, rich interior colours in general, but they work in grand older buildings with higher ceilings (and windows, gnarrrrr I want a window) (oh, so much, ha!) but in my 1960's modern place, it's not ideal. kitchen-makeover-before g See? This is my hard working skylight (well it just sits there, but I'm grateful) and you can see the light pouring in on the left, from above – that's from those four windows. See how dark the shelf corner is, though!

So: I have decided to make some changes! First, I will do some painting. I definitely need some paler colour in here, with a shiny finish. I will paint the door and the shelves asap – I can't wait to get them done, and then I can show you! Do you have somewhere at home that you know needs changing? kitchen-makeover-before h


Esz said...

You need some lamps! Or those stick on lights from Ikea that can go on the bottom of shelves. I hate dark spaces too! And our house is full of annoying downlights which means you can't replace them all without one blowing within five minutes.
My sewing space particularly has a light that likes to switch itself on and off. Annoying.
Its not ghosts! Hehe.
My house is a work in progress - downstairs and the lounge on the first floor look good. We have a whole library of 5 Billy bookcases that need filling with treasure though. And the bedroom needs the most work. Need to clear it out and move the sewing stuff and computer to the spare room. Then focus on PLUSH for the bedroom. So much work to do!

Debs said...

Just about every room in my house :-)

Taygan said...

Wow, what a difference it makes not having those herbs spilling out of their little pots! I think greenery definitely livens up a room/corner almost as well as paler colours would.
If I wasn't renting there would be SO much I would do to this big ol' 1970's place I'm living in.. number one would be to rip out the silly carpet in the kitchen and toilet!! aargh!
Can't wait to see what you do with it :)

Selina said...

Mint! Paint it mint!

Toni-Louise said...

What a wonderfully beautiful kitchen! Love the little hanging pots, gorgeous! x

Missy Piggy said...

How strange that your kitchen doesn't have a window??? It's like bathrooms without windows. WHY? I wonder if you could put in a "stable door" in place of your current back half open half of the time.

Jessica Cangiano said...

How exciting, can't wait to see the changes you'll be unrolling in this charming kitchen.

Our past two kitchens were windowless, too. Our current one is as well, but it's part of an open floor plan, with the little dining room touching one side, and it has windows, which if you open lets some more light into the (open) kitchen.

Have a blast decorating, honey!
♥ Jessica

Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

me like it! really cool! :) well done you!

Vickie said...

exciting, looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

CoriLynn said...

It is quite difficult making home decisions! I have to finish my front room; it's the very first thing you see when you walk in my front door and it's...empty. My husband and I finally agreed on a paint color at least, so that's progress!! Hehe! I think your kitchen is adorable! I have a pink/pastel obsession so I love your pale green walls!!
~xoxo, CoriLynn

Sammi said...

Very pretty. I love the dark green color, but I agree that it swallows up too much light. Maybe a pale yellow or blue would be pretty! Excited to see what you do with it!

xox Sammi

Foxburrow Vintage said...

Good luck! Can't wait to see the new look when you're done :)

The Black Opal said...

Paint the shelves red!!! It will have a great contrast with your green walls and will match your red teapot and other red things you already have, such as those lids on the jars that are on the shelves. I think the kitchen is great, it just needs some pretty contrast and to tie things together. They were all about contrast in those vintage days.

esme and the laneway said...

Esz : lamps... and mirrors! We have the opposite prob with bookshelves though; too many book and things for the space we have! Good luck with your rooms :)

Debs : hehe so you are starting at the beginning! Fun, but a bit overwhelming, right? :)

Taygan : yes, plants make a huge difference!

Selina : I am all minted out. Plenty of pale greens already :)

Toni-Louise : even better when they have plan ts in them..!

Missy Piggy : well it's one big space with living and dining, it just doesn't have a window near the sink – which I think is a great building idea..!

Jessica Cangiano : thank you! Oh, that sounds like ours – except our floorplan was altered so that the living room has a study, and that's where the huge window is. But it'll be fun to work with!

Just Dont Tell Anyone : only half done..!

Vickie : yes! Thank you :)

CoriLynn : it is! You have a blank canvas to start with, and that's fun :)

Sammi : thank you! Pale blue is the plan! :)

Foxburrow Vintage : thanks :)

The Black Opal : hehe they had some strong colours going on! Too strong for me, and the space doesn't suit much red, so I'll be going with more subtle colours :)

Lucy In The Sky said...

I know how you feel. The kitchen in my unit is constructed very similar to yours with no window. You are lucky that you have the skylight! I cannot wait to see the changes that you are going to make.

Piia said...

Have you thought about the possibility of getting a door with with a window (maybe even with double glass to prevent the draft)? Then you would have light coming in always.

Ryann Hoyer said...

If you need more shelf space, maybe you can extend that shelf into that whole corner, like an L-shaped piece so that it has a part that’s not so dark. You can keep the things you usually reach for there, and maybe keep the not-so-priority jars and kitchen stuff on the slightly dark part of the shelf. While a lamp would probably solve that problem, it seems excessive to put a lamp just for that particular corner. Just my two cents.


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