Sunday, 30 June 2013

two new beauties for my vintage wardrobe, babycat tested and approved

cream bead + sequin vintage cardigan c
I recently got some absolute essentials for my vintage wardribe – vintgae cardigans! Isn't it funny how it can be so easy – or maybe just more fun – to collect, no matter how slowly, vintage dresses, but the other things you need to wear with them just doesn't happen? I finally learned to get dedicated – to cardigan shopping!

And here are two that I now call mine. This first one is a lovely soft cream one with sequins and pearls. It's the right length, fitted at the waist and perfect to wear with full skirts and dresses. Erm, yes, I have a cream sequin cardigan, but I realised I wore it so much, because it was such a good, neutral colour and went with everything, that it was at risk of being worn out too soon and anyway, variety is the spice of life and all that. And I do also have a cream beaded rhinestone cardi and it's wonderful but it seems more dressed up than these ones. So, having two casual, cream sequin-y cardigans to chose from is a very good thing in my books!

cream bead + sequin vintage cardigan a cream bead + sequin vintage cardigan b cream bead + sequin vintage cardigan d cream bead + sequin vintage cardigan f
Babycat gave it the softness test.
cream bead + sequin vintage cardigan e
It passed!
tan cashmere vintage cardigan a tan cashmere vintage cardigan b tan cashmere vintage cardigan c
Speaking of neautral colours that go with everything, the second cardi is this tan, cashmere one. It is so soft! How I can go back to anything other than cashmere I just don't know... sequins will help, though! Ha! I've only had this one for a couple of weeks but have worn it so much with everything. It is just right for so many things..! I love the label, too. And Babycat is only just softer than the cashmere. Just barely! Of course, now I feel the need to add one or two more cashmere cardis to my cupboard. It just feels so amazing! And it's so, so warm... dedication to find more? Check!
tan cashmere vintage cardigan d


Melanie D said...

Your lovely cat looks so much like my cat :) That sequinned cardigan is one of the nicest cardigans I have ever seen!

Editor of Whim Online Magazine

Cheray Natalie... said...

they're so beautiful! love all those sequins and pearls! <3
i have far too many vintage dresses, but up until recently, no vintage cardigans! it's like the cardi-gods have been out & about, as i've just managed to nab 2 for myself also!
happy cardigan hunting
Cheray x

Johanna Retrolover said...

But where do you find these lovely cardigans? I live in Sweden and it's practically impossible. And I find myself not wanting to try Etsy for this occasion since it's so hard to find the perfectly snug cardigan with the exact right length online... Any suggestions?
Lovely cardigans!!! And Babycat's gorgeous as always.

- eco bird by danii - said...

The first one looks like it's in such great quality for a vintage piece with all the detail! I need some cute lil cardies like that for winter! xx Danii

Jessica Cangiano said...

Excellent cardigan finds - both are timeless, beautiful and bound to go with a million and one different outfits, which is one of the most important factors when buying a cardi, if you ask me.

Cutest garment tester ever, BTW! :)

♥ Jessica

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

such a cheeky cat :)and gorgeous cardigans !

ZoSews said...

Oh my goodness, where are you getting these delicious cardigans!?! I'll race you there ;)

Laura said...

i love the cream sequin one, so beautiful! and how cute is wee babycat:-) x

Mabel said...

Beautiful cardigans! I don't think you can ever too many good cardigans. As for Babycat, she's beautiful as well :)

Life of Mabel

Nancy Wilde said...

Damn! You always find the loveliest cardigans!

esme and the laneway said...

Melanie D : fluffy cats for the win! :D

Cheray Natalie: oh good! It's so nice to have them, it seems so obvious but they're hard to find! x

Johanna Retrolover : just online cardigan stalking! They don't come up that often and aren't super cheap but they last a lifetime, so they're worth it. Good luck with the search!

eco bird by danii : it's strangely good! Almost unworn!

Jessica Cangiano : absolutely! And hehe she needs to keep busy, right?!

Natalie_vintage_girl : she is! And a cutey too :)

ZoSews : haha online, these two from etsy. I'm a stickler for familiar when it comes to shopping and spend all my time searching there but should cast my net wider, I think! x

Laura: thanks! :D She is too too darling x

Mabel : she is, she's too cute :)

Nancy Wilde : it's a goal, I've been literally working at it, haha

Teresa said...

I'm a little precious about my vintage cardis so I usually wear my 80s+ ones regularly but I do so love a gorgeous beaded 50s cardi and… cashmere ones! So lovely.

Yours are perfect. Great finds!

Danielle Valenzuela said...

Those sweaters are so absolutely gorgeous. Can you send some of that nice fall weather to me please? It got to 120 degrees here in the arizona desert.


vintagevisions27 said...

That sequinned cardigan is beautiful! Lucky girl!

daria said...

the sequin cardie is amazing! so precious and pretty.

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