Tuesday, 2 July 2013

back to black -- dyeing hair and doing vintage hair styles

darkest-brown-vintage-hair z
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Back in this post I talked about my own hair colouring history, and plans on trying something new – with Trish!

And, one cold, gloomy Melbourne day, I went round to Trish’s house and we got a-colouring! We were testing the Garnier Olia home hair dye. Fun!

Trish colours her long hair a dark brown, almost black shade, and chose the Darkest Brown from the range to refresh her colour and do that regrowth. Having freshly done hair colour makes all the difference, even when the regrowth is subtle! I used to love re-blacking my hair. It made the way my face and colouring looked so much better when newly done.

darkest-brown-vintage-hair y heater horse
So, with the heater cranked and the lights glowing in the middle of the afternoon, we got started! I took the time to admire Trish’s vintage figurines. Look, bambis! And animal friends gathered around the heater, the sensible creatures. I promise, Melbourne’s winter really does have plenty of cold, grey days..! I swear, too, that I was absolutely helpful during the dyeing, even essential; I put the second bottle together as it is hard to do with product-y, gloved hands. See? Right! We had two boxes to make sure we had plenty to cover Trish’s very long hair and didn’t want to mix them at the same time.
Trish then went to the shower and afterwards reported back to me on the experience. Both being well versed in the often messy task of hair colouring, we knew exactly what details would make all the difference, and what we’d be looking for!

Trish found that the product smelled very nice – it didn’t have the usual chemical smell. She smoothed some moisturiser around her hairline and the dye cleaned off really easily – and, as everyone who has dyed their hair darker knows, this is so important! The tell-tale semi-permanent tattoos around our faces (and on our arms, ears, shoulders, side of the neck... you get me!) are not a good look, so it’s great to have something that doesn’t stain the skin. She did need to use half of the second bottle as one wasn’t enough. The gloves were long – brilliant, protecting the wrists and mid arms! – but weren’t the nice, fitted ones, which do tend to be easier to use and feel more luxurious. The bottle had a round base, but it was easy to keep it stable in the big box – which was a bonus as it protected the sink. However the bottle didn’t have any grips so it was a bit slippery to use. The dye itself had a nice, foamy consistency, was easy to lather, and then, the best bit – her hair stayed wrapped up around her head for processing! Anyone who has wrapped their hair around their head whilst waiting for colour to do its thing knows that THIS IS SO GOOD – we’ve all had the cold, wet slap from hair that, with no warning, unwinds at speed and delivers a nice dose of dye to the face. It’s not good. So to find this didn’t happen is a super bonus!

I also found it had no chemical smell – although I maybe have got used to hardcore ammonia action! I headed home and Trish dried and styled her hair as usual. I then went back to see the final result – and Trish’s amazing vintage hair style!

darkest-brown-vintage-hair c darkest-brown-vintage-hair b darkest-brown-vintage-hair e darkest-brown-vintage-hair a darkest-brown-vintage-hair d
And now: giveaway time! Thanks for the great response to the last Garnier giveaway. I loved reading your ideas! And now we can do it again!

Last time, I asked you to please tell me what is your dream hair colour in the Garnier Olia range and how you would style it. This time: what Garnier Olia colour do you think would most suit me???!!!

Please, please LEAVE AN EMAIL in your comment so I can contact you. Full terms and conditions here.

Good luck!


Study Mommy said...

I think Intense Red would look amazing on you. A red flame to warm up winter :-)


Study Mommy said...

I think Intense Red would look amazing. You'll be a red flame warming up winter ;-)


Charmed Life said...

Love your look! And the little horse by the heater.

Helen Le Caplain said...

Trish's hair looks fabulous! Both the colour and style look great :)

My hair's pretty dark naturally, can you believe I've never actually coloured it?!


Johanna Retrolover said...

I really think you're one of those people who can wear any color. But I would love love love to see you in a kick-ass vibrant red! The 660 to be precise.

Clairegeit said...

I would say try going dark for winter with Deep purple.


sapna said...

Frosty chestnut would look very nice on you...

Kristina Uriegas-Reyes said...

The dark purple!


Mabel said...

I like you as a blonde!

I recently went blonde, but I had been dying my hair black since 2001 and I dearly remember the mess I made every 4 weeks :)

I love your friend's home!

Life of Mabel

Danielle Hinton said...

Beautiful! And what a lovely home :) I've used Olia and I really like it. My hair feels wonderful afterwards (and I also used the black ;)

abigailalicex said...

These styles are absolutely stunning! You make me want to dye my hair dark again!

RetroGran said...

I loved your hair when it was darker (not that I don't love it now as well) but I think 5.25 Frosty Chestnut would be nice.


Amy said...

Mermaidy blue!

amy.kreitals@gmail.com x

Ivy Black said...

The deep purple definitely!x

Siri_Magdalena said...

I love your hair the way it is now.

How do you color your hair now? Do you bleach it? Which products do you use?I couldn´t find a post about it. I have to do my roots now and am look for some tips :)

Jo said...

you have such lovely style!

Theresa said...

Deep violet!

desdrata at hotmail dot com

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