Friday, 5 July 2013

pastel hair – questions and answers

lilac dye e Over on my facebook page – which I am LOVING having, btw, it's so, so good to have somewhere for the things that don't, for one reason or another, fit here – I recently asked what info you would like re. my hair stuff. I get asked lots of questions here and there and wanted to have a nice list to work from. And now I do! It's good!

Here are my answers to the questions of how to dye lilac hair, white hair, pastel hair, caring for bleached hair, and so on.

lilac dye a lilac dye b What dye I use to dye my hair lilac
I use Paint Box in Blueberry Hill, and to dye my platinum hair lilac I use a little blob of it quite a lot of conditioner. I use Tresemme Salon Silk conditioner for this, and have found it to be the best one of the, erm, three I tried. So, not exactly a broad range to chose from, but the massive bottle is really cheap and it makes my hair feel a thousand times better than if I use nothing at all. The reason I found it better for doing the pastel colours is that the colours seem to mix better, and stay mixed, in this conditioner, but in others I'd mix them together and then the colour would separate again. I have no idea what sorcery this is and I won't ask any questions of it!

For all of my hair, I almost fill the black plastic tub up, and then put that dot of colour in. Sorry these are blurry, I couldn't tell when I took them – I don't have the best eyesight! When I realised they were all fuzzy, I took some more the next time I did my hair, using the flash. It blew out the colour, and I forgot to put the lilac colour tube in the pic – whoopsie! – and I personally find a visual of products helps me find them later, so I thought it would be helpful to see. This stuff does stain things, including the sink, so be careful! lilac hair colour conditioner dot lilac hair colour conditioner mix The second time I did this, the photos with the flash, I was just doing the ends of my hair. The pastel colours fade fastest here, and my ends are the hardest to colour, too.

I then smooth this mixture into my hair before I wash it, leave it for a minute or two (while the shower heats up) and then shampoo it out like normal. I don't use conditioner again after the shampoo as I find I don't have to. One warning: this conditioner makes my shower so slippery! Take care!

Stopping pastel colours from fading so quickly
I'm afraid I've no idea! Mine fade almost straight away, even without washing. I don't know where the colour goes. It's not on my face or on my pillow so that's something, but it fades super fast. I think this is a good thing, to be honest – at least I don't get stuck with a colour for too long!

Hair care for bleached hair
I do very little. I've got really tough hair. Bleaching is terrible for your hair and there is no getting past that.The payoff is purdy white hairs so I think it is worth it. I didn't use conditioner before I went white-blonde, but always use it now (to put the colour in) and it makes a huuuuge difference. Also, always use a toner when you bleach your hair, as bleached hair pre-toner feels like crunchy straw. Tone tone tone!

How I get it white blonde / very light
Bleaching is the first part (obviously!) and get this done by a professional. Something I learned is that it's not just the bleach that makes the hair white, it's the toning. The hair needs to be a pale yellow colour from bleaching, and then toned white. So don't try and bleach your hair that super pale white colour, it won't work! But your hair might fall out. It's horrible stuff, bleach, really, and not to be messed with! Once I got my hair light, I used violet toners and then the lilac/purple to help counter the yellow tones. It took a couple of goes to get my hair light eneough – all that red had to come out! – so be prepared for it not to be a one stop job!

How I deal with crunchy ends
I am terrible at going to get my hair cut and haven't been since August (!) which is a ridiculously long time, even for me. I do find that using conditioner, and sometimes a serum (Paul Mitchel has one that smells really nice, like jelly beans – I can't remember what it's called but it's in a clear bottle with a birght green lid) really helps, and I use a smoothing creamy thingy (I just checked, it's called Smooth Operator) by Taft when making rolls, if the ends are really misbehaving. But crunchy ends really just need to be chopped off. I'd had my hair cut quite short before I bleached it, so that helped, but now I really need a cut (I'm booked in! I did it!) because the crunchy ends, while not too crunchy to touch, won't curl properly and everything looks pretty fuzzy. Time to chop!

I hope this helps! If you've got any more questions, just ask, of course. And this is the colour my hair was after using the above coloured conditioner – a pinky-ish lilac. Now my hair is a lovely silvery grey shade and I must enjoy it while it lasts – which is about three days! Ha! lilac dye d


Esz said...

You know what is fading your colour? The SUN - so evil!

Joanna said...

I absolutely love your hair colour, you're so pretty and you have a lovely style, keep it up xx

Amia said...

I love the last picture of you, you look gorgeous!

Emma Cherry said...

You use almost exactly the same method as me - mines baby pink right now, but I have bought an apricot colour which I think it might be better used straight from the tub......I'm worried about it being too wishy washy if not - not to mention looking badly bleached! Xx

Mabel said...

Ok, I've been blonde for a little while now and my ultimate goal is the white/platinum shade. My hair is currently a normal looking yellowy blonde shade. Are you saying since it's this light, I can just use toner to get it to white? No more bleach? (except for roots).

I'm dying to know now!!! Thanks :)

Life of Mabel

esme and the laneway said...

Esz : we really need to get this sun under control..! :D

Joanna : thanks, it's all paint though, don't forget ;)

Amia : hehe thanks, I was having a bad day and ended up pouty!

Emma Cherry: but if it works well it'll be great!

Mabel : I think it's best to ask a professional colourist for this one, especially as you have long hair. It can be a loooong process so good luck! x

Catherine said...

I really like this idea! Putting a little bit of colour in the conditioner. So clever.
I have bleached white hair as well. I use a purple shampoo by CPR to keep it silver/purple. Its only $20 for a small bottle. The pigment builds up over 2 washes so if you mixed it with your current technique, maybe it will last longer?

Jessica Cangiano said...

This was thoroughly fascinating to read. I've done a lot of different hair colours over the years, but always stuck with the basic blonde, red, brunette spectrum. It's really interesting to learn more about what's involved with sporting the glorious confectionary hues that you make look so endlessly lovely.

♥ Jessica

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